We owe the world a spirit filled life and an encounter with God. Without us yielding to the fullness of the Holy Spirit in and upon us, we do not give God a surrendered vessel to flow through.

World changers are not men who reside in Heaven. They are men who are in the world yet standing for Heaven and bringing the will of God to past here on earth.

We don’t focus on heaven while we neglect our sole responsibility on earth, seeking the best place (heaven) is making our present place (earth) better.

We are conscious of the processes and our responsibilities. We don’t wish to sleep and wake up then become successful because we can as well in the blink of an eye sleep and wake up to become failures again. We know success comes with a price and demands our responsibilities.

No one can stop a man who is conscious of his convictions. We know our believe and convictions would be tested but compromising is not an option. Our eyes are on the goal, minds made up and heads up high.

Though our personalities seems strange to many, thank God we are at least bringing people to the awareness that some folks are “crazy” for God and they owe no one an apology for who they are.

We are not ignorant of the chaos and decadence here and there, it only reminds us of how humanity could be helpless without us. Only time would tell, the dailies would caption it in volumes.

Tell our generation we are here, for this course were we born. We are called, chosen, sent, anointed, charged and discharged to invade, possess, transform, take over and herald our world. Nations would feel the heat of our impacts, every spheres of life is our target.

This global revolution and social transformation is real friends. We would fix the issues of our nations, bring healings to the ills of our society and lift the banner of righteousness across the globe. It begins with you, a formidable team are we.


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