I am tired of coming online and seeing every one saying: ‘Pray for Nigeria’. As if all these years, we have been cursing Nigeria.

Where was all our prayers when armoured cars rolled into Abia State and entered private residents?

Where was our prayers when armed military men intercepted armless youths and forced them to drink mud?

Where was our prayers when the military opened fire on boys who were not with any knive and their dead bodies littered the streets of their mother land?

As if that was not enough, we were still kneeling down, praying, few hours after, they invaded a home and shot and killed many people and allegedly took their dead bodies away.

Were we not praying when harmless boys who went to pray in Ngwa High School Aba, for the success of their course were shot and killed?

Were we not praying when some herdsmen invaded communities, and slaughtered everyone insight at night? Razed down buildings and till today none of them were arrested. We were still praying, and recently, they invaded another place in Plateau State and killed scores of people, cold blooded.

And we are still kneeling down praying?

Some of the people behind boko haram bombings and killings and mass destructions were pardoned. But some of the boys who are just gathering, with no razor blade on them were shot with live bullets and killed. Many of them, their bodies were taken away. Some, were lucky to be given mass burials.

What did they do?

Because they say they want to leave Nigeria and be on their own.

Because thy say they are tired of injustice and tribalism.

Because they said they want to be left to go and kill themselves by themselves.

It is better for them to kill themselves by themselves than for a foreigner to be killing them in the name of One Nigerian. They say they want a referendum. For the whole world to see the result and judge if they are interested in Nigeria or not.

Was that too much to ask for?

Did they shoot any gun?

All the while they have been going from city to city, in their millions, have we ever heard that one bottle of coca cola was broken?

But they were cornered and slaughtered in the most heartbreaking ways. And you are still kneeling down praying for Nigeria? 

We sure need to wake up from this religious slumber. If we are praying when we should be talking, we are joking. If we run inside the church, holding a prayer program for Nigeria when we should meet our leaders in their offices and talk sense into them, we are joking.

Have we not prayed enough?…

Is Nigeria the only country with many ethnic groups seeking for secession?…

Is Nigeria the only country with many religions?…

Why will it be only Nigeria that we will be praying for every time?…

When are we going to talk to Nigeria?

Will America or Britain or France give live bullets to their military to start shooting at unarmed civilians?

Yet. These countries don’t pray half of the way we pray. But there is order and value to human lives. So, you want me to start praying for our military to know that they use rubber bullets to combat insurrections and civil defiances in other countries?…

You want me to pray so that God will go and remind our leaders that those Fulani herdsmen that has killed and are still killing people need to be arrested?

You want me to pray so that they will remember that it is constitutional all over the world for a people to peacefully seek for separation from their host States when they feel alienated?

Should we call a prayer for our leaders to know that there was no civil unrest in Umuahia, Abia State, for all these years, until few days ago when the military invaded that town?

What will be our prayer topic?

Is it for our leaders to know that human lives are more important than cattles and cows?…

How long shall we keep praying for a nation that values the lives of animals than the lives of the human being they are leading?…

A nation where children are beaten and are also beaten for crying?

This is not Nigeria against IPOB. It is a between conscience against callousness. It is a war between facts and brutality. A war between this generation and the stories they will tell the coming generation.

Have we not seen tribal chaevenism enough in this country?…

Have we not felt the heat of religious rancour enough?

What I am seeing coming to Nigeria, sitting in church and ‘praying’ for Nigeria will not be enough to save us all from it. Thousands of those that have been killed and displaced by Boko Haram insurgents were not there the day Mohammed Yusuf was killed extra judiciously by Nigeria government. But that single ‘successful operation’ has cost many families their bread winners.

We have prayed enough in Nigeria. It is time to talk to Nigeria. This is not about Nigerian Army and IPOB agitators. This is between wisdom and error. Between intellectualism and mental retardation.

The muslim religious leaders were kneeling down praying for Nigeria the way we are doing now when the government invaded Mohammed Yusuf and killed him. Since then, how many innocent Nigerians have paid for that social injustice with their lives?

Have the people that ordered the killing of that young man been affected by Boko Haram?

Have they died?…

Perhaps, none. But directly and indirectly, it has affected all the tribes of this country.

How can we kill people that we have not tried and found guilty?

May Christians not kneel down and be praying and watch this government repeat the error they did in Adamawa, in the house of Mohammed Yusuf, the founder of Boko Haram. If not, the consequences will affect everybody. Remember that Nigeria also boasted with their army with Boko Haram. They also threatened with their armoured tankers and plane fighters. But how many military men have being lost since that error was made?

And has there military capacity been enough to quench that fire we ignited and fanned by our restiveness and power drunkenness?

Friends, we have ‘prayed’ enough. Let’s look for ways to talk to our leaders. Because Nigerian Army might not have the capacity to withstand what I am seeing in the spirit.


We don’t want another war. And we don’t need it. Because we already have enough tribal and religious cold wars going on here.

I want to talk to IPOB members now. Brother, hate speech can only get you attention. But it will not give you the freedom. I might not tell you to drop the cause. But violence will bring a curse to the cause.

Don’t ever think about it! There is no need dying young for a cause you should be living long for? If you die, the cause might die. If you use wisdom your journey out from ‘serfdom’ might be faster.

Friends, I have spoken to IPOB. Can someone else help me speak to Nigeria?

IF they can be ready to dialogue with terrorists that have killed thousands of men and women. Why is it hard to use dialogue with these people that have not shot one bullet since they started? When machine guns replaces the use of dialogue, we are only inviting anarchy and postponing the end of rebellions.

A group of people that doesn’t deserve to be invited for dialogue has every right to ask for secession from that country.

I say No to war….

I say No to cold war…

God bless you!e


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