Who you often fight with determines who you are. Who they see you dragging things with, shows your class. Stop exchanging words with anointed touts on Facebook. You are reducing your value among men.

Some people are so plagued with complex and insecurity that they think anything you say online is targeted to them. They are often monitor people’s wall. Anything they read there, they assume the people are talking against them. 

If they make 30 posts in a month, 28 are dedicated to fighting their online enemies. If someone is not criticizing them today, another person is envying them tomorrow. Go to their walls and see crass childishness. And you wonder what such people will be teaching their members when they lack the leadership virtues.

Anointing has ‘deceived’ this generation enough. Anointing told us to open churches because we can conduct deliverances. Anointing told us to start churches because we can shout with microphone. Anointing told us to start talking to people anyhow because our churches are bigger than theirs. Anointing told us that we are better than others. Anointing didn’t allow us to see that we need to be more broken.

It didn’t let us see that Christianity is not a matter of what we talk, but also how we talk it. When you listen to a broken man you will know. He might have the world against him, yet, it won’t show in his Facebook posts.

We can disagree in love, sir. If you don’t like what I do or what I say, inbox me or feel free to say it on my wall. I will not call you enemy. If we disagree today, we might agree tomorrow and still do great things for God together.

Let’s die to the flesh. Let’s not be deceived by amount of likes and comments we get here. Carnality has more friends. Deep things are not often praised

If I respond to the names and lies and attacks people make against me, online, inbox etc, I will be making 3 different posts online everyday against them. But what a childishness that will be!

I was not trained that way. To the glory of God, I was trained by a man that will allow you to use his name and do whatever you like, later, the truth about who he is will come out. And you will be the one to be ashamed.

I was trained by a man that will never fight back or try to start following people about, to tell them his own side of the story. But inside, he will be mobilizing angels to go and speak for him. Later, all those you turned against him will see who he really is.

How can I be leading people and I will still be on Facebook and be fighting and insulting others because they don’t preach what I preach? What will I teach them?

We have seen ‘anointed’ men. But we are waiting for ‘broken’ men. Perhaps, the massive revival we are anticipating will no more be delayed. Character and conducts will have a lot to add to whatever God is set to do in our time.

As you are praying for anointing, sir, ask God for character. Tell him to help you to stop talking like a tout. Even if touting is in your bloodline, the Blood of Jesus can wash it away.

Enough of coming online to fight enemies that are too busy to notice you. Ask God to season your utterances with grace. So that when people listen to you or read your posts, they will not think you are a drunkard.

I love all my Facebook friends. That we don’t agree on everything makes me love them the more. We might not have been perfect. But we are growing. And I know that the best of us will keep coming out.

In a way to express my point or view, if I have talked down on anyone, please, I apologise. It is not international. I might still make another mistake tomorrow. Please, forgive me in advance.

Facebook brought us as friends. We cannot end up as enemies. We have started well. We shall also end well. God bless you!

Happy Sunday!


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