When the attention of a man if fixed towards himself alone, he has shut the door of greatness and limit his space for expansion.

Anyone that want to teach always and not ready to be taught often, is already at the peak of his manifestation. Because from all walks of life; when someone is always giving instruction and no one instructs him (than advise and suggest to him), he has already reached the peak of such a career.

But wisdom shows how honourable it is for men to appreciate being among those doing better, those that understand more, those with greater proofs, those with wider influence and those with larger territories than just sitting down over a static territory complacently and be doing champion, with no future in view.

You are a music director sir, but stop feeling too big to go and back up else where when duties demand that, it does not reduce you if you understand the way to the top.

As a preacher Sir, count it all joy to be on camera when another Snr person is on, ministering. To natural men, it is humiliation but in our kingdom, it is an honour.

I remembered how Masterpiece David Olawade and Showore Samuelson Bigsam who have proves confirming their elections, were holding the suit of Pastor Pelumi Joshua in a program, when such need arose (not just doing spiritual area boys).

Privileged to witness from a viewing centre how Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche was given opportunity to take offering (even as a renowned GO) in Shiloh 2016 of Living faith Church. That has never reduced him from being the highly placed director of Dunamis international.

I saw how prophet Femi Falade, being a director of mission of Holistic healing crusaders and president of a ministry, moderated a program completely and was on camera even with prophetic grace fully intact.

Hear me Sir, enough of this your sophistication, your desire to always be the one leading everywhere. It will soon end your influence or influence your end.

I have seen young men, who because of simple access to a measure of grace, have become rebellious and unteachable for those who raised them. This is the beginning of their end, except they have a rethink Sir.

Fresh in my memory was an international conference (as they called it) that held in my school during my undergraduate days which I attended.

It will interest you to know that some high rated lecturers in the main campus were just mere participants in that program, though it held within their own place of work.

I perceive, that a man can learn better from the audience and improve on the flaws of those on stage, so as not to duplicate mistake and multiply errors when his own time comes.

I have gladly given out leadership privileges, conference slots, ministration opportunities and so on (all with benefits attached), deliberately to others and they have all turned to my flourishing time and again.

I will still gladly carry camera the more while others stand to do what they know how to do. There are many congregational sits to feel my buttocks’ heat, many programs and events to attend with financial implications all to be a participant, many board meetings where I will be jotting and raising hand for observation.

But it shall be clear shortly, that we are not wasting our time, as some opined.

For those who are already made (learneth), and cannot be led by others, pls come and lead me o (a learner), and God will reward you for my sake.


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