This was the experience I had that made me have a different approach to life since I was a lad. It was on our sport day as we called it in my primary school. Thanks to mama David for making me look good that day in my red house sport wear and for the powder on my face as if she knew what was going to happen.

Even though I knew I wasn’t the best athlete to represent my house for a relay race but I had a great intention to take up the challenge as others yelled “Anty, me I cannot run oo”. I was to be the last leg for the race as the performance of the house was at my mercy.

As I scooped low waiting to hear “on your mark, set go” and have the Barton handed over to me after the other athletes would have covered their own distance. Thousands of thoughts flooded my mind, thoughts like;

“can I do this, 

will our house perform woefully again this time, and so on”.

Yellings of the students sounded so loud in the sport arena as I wondered, “is it a do or die affair”. After some minutes, the anticipated moment came. I saw my fellow runner closing on me and I stood up to receive the Barton.

Getting the Barton came with new thoughts and challenges. I began to lose in my mind at first as I imagined;

“Other athletes from other sport houses are ahead of me,

They are taller than I do, I looked at their long legs and heights,

Those ahead of me have covered very long distance.”

The more I considered that, the more I was decelerating. I couldn’t help myself as I was considering myself and the whole house as a loser. 

In a short moment, the tide changed as I looked above to see what was ahead of me. I saw our sport house coordinator with  biscuit waving it at me, our house students were resounding my name “David, David”.

My concerned changed from who was ahead of me to what was ahead of me. I began to imagine having the biscuit as a reward for winning the race, the applaud that awaits me for winning the race and the joy I would give to the whole house for winning the race.

I continued to set my intention on what lies ahead of me, an unusual strength propelled me to accelerate beyond what I could imagine and I passed those that were ahead of me without taking cognisance of it. The only thing I was concerned about was getting what was ahead which made me inadvertently got to the finish line first and won the race.

This experience changed my focus forever, marked the bringing of breakthroughs in my journey in life and I’m still responsible to that insight. 

I continued to apply the principle in other areas of my life. I discovered I was able to catch up with others and overtook some, academic excellence started following me like a shadow that would not leave me, never felt inferior anywhere, anytime and anyday and other areas of life became a walk over for me.

Maybe you are reading this article and you have remained on a spot because the feeling and imagination of other progressing ahead of you have overwhelmed me. You say to yourself;

“My friends or mates are married,

My then class mates are now on their second degrees while I’m yet to start to even start a degree,

My friends in the fellowship have their own ministry now while I’m not even recognized as an executive in the fellowship,

My colleague have cars while I sometimes find it difficult to even afford transport fare for the shortest distance with automobile”.

These thoughts will cripple your goal and keep you on a spot after retarding your pace. Please, disengage those mindsets and focus on what lies ahead of you. Remember those great visions you had and plans you strategized years ago to herald your world. 

Less you forget, those you are looking ahead that made you worried never had you on mind as regards their progress. They also considered what was ahead of them. If they were considering where those ahead of them were, they won’t also be able to get to where they are.

There is something in you that the world doesn’t have an idea of. I will continue to tell you until you believe in the reality that I am so concerned about your future and fulfilment in life, I won’t stop to tell you this until I see you at the peak of your achievement.

When you also get ahead of others and people begin to look at you ahead of them more than they consider what lies ahead, please teach them this principle.

I love you from the depth of my life, we are on a journey. No one should be left behind and I’m not happy seeing others behind. We would make sure we help as many as we can get to the top as we all aim at the top.

One way to show me that we are on the same page is to share this article with at least one other person as we on continue in making progress and transforming our generation.


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