We don’t read the bible often neither do we go to church often,

But we know when our pastor makes mistakes while sharing a message,

Even when we don’t remember the topic of the sermon,

We proclaimed that we are called into the “correction ministry”,

We say it does not matter,

The Lord know those that are His.

We led the choir for the special ministration on Sunday,

We also long to lead the boys and girls to club on Friday,

We tell ourselves that; “our Christianity have to be balanced”,

We say it does not matter,

Salvation is from the heart, between us and God.

We sang Victoria Orenze “Oh Lord set my heart on fire” with the brethren,

But we returned home and Rihanna “good girl turn bad” tops our playlist,

We love Frank Edwards and also love Wizkid at the same time,

We say it does not matter,

It is what goes into a man that defiles him not what comes out of a man.

We watched tapes of Bishop David Oyedepo,

We have 30 tetrabytes of Apostle Joshua Selman’s message on our laptop,

Now it’s time for big brother naija (the modern day pornography), we are glued to the screen,

We say it does not matter,

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God.

We read spiritual and motivational books daily,

We carry our bible and still carry girlfriends all about,

We attend different conferences in different part of the nation,

But people still see us in motels as we tell them; “we are just chilling”,

We say it does not matter,

God understands the peculiarity our time and generation.

We listened to Gbile Akani’s message and weep in conviction,

We cry in earnest expectation to seek God all the days of our lives,

But when we remember that our girlfriends are about to leave us,

Because they heard that we are now believers,

We cry as well because we know the pleasures they gave us when we were with them,

We say it does not matter,

Grace is always available to cover our mess.

We were under different ministration and impartations,

Hands were laid on us, we fell under the anointing times without number,

And breaking of chairs during meetings was part of our service,

On our way back home, when see sisters exposing sensitive parts of their bodies,

We also fall under seduction repeatedly,

And breaking up of tens of relationships is part of our courtship process,

We say it does not matter,

Love covereth multitudes of sin.

I yearn for a generation of pure breed,

Men who have made up their minds to seek God in right earnest,

Youths that are vibrant but not vulnerable to the deception of this world,

Such that would be a template of godliness and a blueprint of spirit-filled living,

I say it really matter,

Being a believer carries a cost, we won’t give up.


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