Gaining relevance is cheap but staying relevant carries a cost. The prices are enthusiasm, hard work, diligence and excellence.

These prices are not more than what we can afford daily if our determination and faith in God is genuine enough.

We won’t give up. Our eyes are on the goals. We know it when we attain it and we are conscious of it when we are far from it.

There are attainments and achievements God told us about that is yet to manifest in our lives but we are conscious of our daily progress and efforts. We won’t run ahead of God. One step at a time. Lines upon lines, precepts upon precepts.

If we think all we have achieved at the moment is the peak of what God has in stock for us then we are of all men most miserable. ‘Deep calleth unto deep’, ‘come up higher’ is what we hear in our spirit.

If you think we are too ambitious by your definition of how we live our lives, don’t blame us that’s how we roll. Let’s see how far these ambitions can take us and how long we can sustain it.

The supernatural must find full expression in our lives. We are pressing daily, we would not be tired. Though we fall, fail and feel like giving up on some things but we have dipped our hands in the plough of global impact, we can’t look back. If we fail and remain at the spot then our strength is weak.

Thanks to those who wrote us off because very soon they would read in volumes what others would write about us. Thanks to God for the disappointments and challenges because they are becoming proves to us that something big is coming ahead us soon.

We shed secret tears of disappointments but we are now rejoicing, we are no more moved by any circumstance around us.  We have been stagnant but we are moving forward now. It might appear that we are on the slow lane in the road of life, don’t blame us, what we carry is heavy that we can’t afford to be on the fast lane otherwise we would lose it by sudden speed.

We were then at the bottom of the ladder but we are gaining ascendency now. Everyday is becoming a plus for us. No guilt in life, this is the power of Christ in us.

Discovering purpose, fulfilling destiny, excelling in all ramifications and staying relevant, that is how we roll.

We are formidable, we are pacesetters, we are trailblazers,  we are frontliners, we are forces to reckon with, we are kingdom influencers, we are history makers, we are God’s masterpieces and we are on a mission.


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