Be a man of the SPIRIT.

Refuse to be a man of the Flesh

Led and controlled by Sensory Perceptions

Oh.. it sounded nice, so it’s nice

Oh… it tasted nice, so it’s nice

Oh… it looked good, so it’s good

NOO… those are the ways of Fallen men.

Be a man of the SPIRIT

The Cordinated by the force that comes from heaven

Born in your human spirit, by the Holy Spirit

Pay attention to his Vibrations and Movements

Soaked your mind in his revealed word

And your Spirit in his ever unfolding reality

Then you will know what the path of life is.

Be a man of the SPIRIT

Listen it’s the high way for the tough minded

People who have refused to be caged and caved by their world systems, and styles

Men who “claim” to love God with you will term you Weird, strange and different

People may mock you, people may reject you

You may not be the most popular or most accepted.

It’s fine, soon you will find out that you’re not alone There are Men who share the same burden with you.

It could be painful, heart rendering and serious

But keep your focus and remain a man of the Spirit

In due time, your distinction will be known to all

Read Hebrews 11, and see the life of Spiritual men.

Don’t play the game of sentiments and politics

Or try to stoop low to competition, that’s all Flesh!!

Reject the Praise of Men that shuts U from the Spirit Remain in the High way of the Spirit

Keep soaring with men of like Passion

Join the flight of the eagles,

Be like Enoch and be translated

Be like Jesus and be transfigured.

Keep steady in the word

Keep your kneels riveted to Prayer

Keep your hands dutiful in excellence

Don’t be discouraged, don’t be distracted

Don’t be under pressure to impress men

Keep your Focus on the Spirit

Remain a Man of Spirit.

Much love.

Your Brother.


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