Exam mode activated again. After leaving the college few days ago after writing an exam, had to travel to grace some meetings that warrant my attention. I’m back to the reading table again as I prepare to continue with other exams.

Though my statements and conversations sounds comic to many of my course mates because they don’t really understand the depths I speak from. I remember creating a scene after I told them “can lectures and materials of epidemiology teach me how to raise the dead and birth revival?”, “can my knowledge from learning diseases and disease outbreaks teach me how to cast out demons?”, “can medical statistics teach me global evangelism?”.

As an intending public health professional, the most intriguing case scenario was the outbreak of diseases in south africa between 1908-1918. No one can remember the public heath professional that visited south Africa for health intervention but the testimony of John G. Lake speaks volumes till date. 

John G. Lake literally made contact with the virus of the outbreak and they died on his hands. Within the space of five years, over 100,000 cases of healing was confirmed without any technology and innovation. The only tool he brought was the power of God. No public health intervention can achieve that.

I have repeatedly told myself I don’t want to be like JOHN SNOW (The father of Epidemiology), I want to be like John G. Lake (the father of the healing ministry). I don’t just want to be an health professional, I want to be an apostle of healing.

The diagnosis and intervention I need is Acts 1:8 and Acts 10:38, it is the Holy Ghost therapy. No disease, power and territory can withstand it.

I must say am proud to be a public health professional but there are deeper things I desire. Like my beloved course rep. Shalom would say, “iye deep gan”. As one of my lecturer would say; I don’t want to be a racist, I don’t want to be eating chocolate and tantalizer”, there are better things I need to experience.

I know am here for a purpose, the knowledge of pubic health has a place in my ministry. Thanks be to God for sending me here but am focus on what lies ahead and am seeing the manifestations everywhere I go.


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