That man was preacher of political righteousness. The only problem he had was that he was a slave to his desires. But I respect many of his political views.

Sir, I want to ask you: What you are teaching me..

Will it save me from hell fire? No

Will it make me to heal the sick? No

Will it help me to raise the dead? No

Will it destroy ancient embergoes fighting my father’s house? No

Will it help my prayer life? No

If whatever you are teaching me will only make me to start having critical spirit, then, I don’t need it.

If it will only help me to start suspecting my pastor, as if he is trying to steal my money, I don’t need your revelational lessons.

A man that has stood for me all these years.

Sir, do you know the battles God has used my pastor to help me win?

If you know my history you will know that no amount of tithe and seed I paid to my church that is too much. If all you are teaching me is how to start taking him for granted, that is not for me.

I want to grow in Christ, but not to the level that I won’t appreciate those that have started handling the fire before I rose up.

It is not bad if God decides to make me a voice tomorrow. But I don’t need to silence another man’s voice, so that I will be heard.

If you want to teach me , sir, teach me how to become a ‘fool’ for God’s sake. Teach me how to obey God even if it doesn’t make sense to men.

Don’t teach me how to argue scriptures. It has never taken anyone to anywhere.

Oh! I want to grow in power. There are many sick people that must benefit from my healing anointing.

Arguments has never set the hearts of men of fire. Please, teach me how to pray more than I can pray now so that I can burn for God the more.

Teach me how to walk on waters. I want bread to multiply in my hands.

If my pastor is lying to me or deceiving me, pray for God to open my eyes. And let God be the one to judge him. Someday, I might appreciate. But for now, please, teach me how to obey God the way I understand Him.

No generation has ever used arguments to bring revival. If why you have bought all the translations of the Bible is for you to come out and be doing argument, sir, watch it. The wind of God will soon blow you into oblivion.

We don’t want to serve God with our senses. Men who are still with their senses cannot handle the waves of the coming move of God’s power.

We might not know all the scriptures in the bible. But we have made a vow, that the little we know, we will never use it for arguments online and onland.

We have already lost out everywhere else. If we lose out in this coming revival, Satan will laugh at us. We are not interested in who wins the argument . All we are interested in is power.

But how can we carry power when we are not broken yet? Sir, we don’t want to know God so that we will be known in the streets where we grew up. We are not interested in all these ephemeral glory and glamour that ends on earth.

Our eyes are in eternity. We want to know God so that we will be known in hell. We want our shadows to raise the dead. We want dead businesses and dead wombs to hear our voices and jerk back to life.

We don’t want to control money. We want to control power. When power comes, we will control money.

If what you are teaching us is not leading us to the place of brokenness and power. Then, like Fela said: “Teacher, don’t teach me nonsense “


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