We are not more holy than the God that has kept Papa E.A Adeboye…

We are not more wise than the God that has kept Bishop David Oyedepo…

We are not more perfect than the God that had kept Pa Wale Oke …

It is God that has kept pa Anselem Madubuko …

It is the same God that is keeping Rev Dr Una Ukpai.

They might not be perfect, but God has kept them till now. We are less than 50years and have not pastored a church for 20years.

We have not held a leadership position with thousands and million of people under us. The only thing we have are Facebook friends and fans and followers and few members or branches of our churches.

We have not conquered the beasts of Ephesus. No matter how righteous we have become or how zealous we are to see revival or see sanity in our time, it is dangerous not to see the grace of God on our fathers of faith.

If we see the kind of money they have seen, we might not still be carrying The Bible today. If we see the kind of anointing and power they have seen.

If we control the presidents and governors the way they do, we might not even talk to our mates again, out of pride.

Let’s leave these men alone and face our own ministries. When they were suffering and going under the rain, we were not there. We were not there when some of them abandoned their businesses and certificates and followed Jesus.

We were not there when they starved their children just to use the money they had to organize crusades. We don’t know how many mountains they have climbed up and down, just to see God.

Handling church members is different from having Twitter ot instangram folllwership. If you fight great men, you will never see greatness. If you use their weaknesses against them, someday, a generation will rise that will use your weaknesses against you. If you scorn them, the God they have represented will allow men to scorn you.

The journey is still too far friends. All of us are depending on grace. Without grace, we have done a lot of things that would have made us see shame. But its only by His grace.

No man takes this honor unto himself. God is the only one that honours men and he said we should give honour to whom honour is due. They might not be perfect, but let’s honour them.

Negative scriptures are already playing out in our time. They are not the ones that told false prophets to start stealing people’s money. Jesus saw it coming and He warned us against it. But let’s mind how we mess with the father’s of faith, because we think we are tired of the fraud going on.

Most of these people cry more than us when you meet them one on one. These criminality playing out here and there on pulpits makes them cry. And God sees their anger. I don’t think its necessary to start messing with their names, when God is still not ashamed to be called their God.

I am saying this because I saw a post where the names of great men of God were flying here and there. They said in the post that Pa Adeboye needs revival. That Pa Oyedepo needs to repent. That pa Wale Oke and Matthew Ashimolowo has disappointed God.

Chaii. I know anyone call fall. But thou preacher, please, let’s take it easy. There is a lot facing us .There are many mountains to climb friends. That God that helped them get to this level is not a fool. That God that handed the destinies of millions of people under them into their care is not our mates.

Millions are trooping to heaven through the vehicle of the revelation of deliverance, championed by Dr Olukoya.

Millions are entering heaven through the vehicle provided by the message of holiness being spear headed by Pastor Kumuyi.

Others are trooping into heaven through the platform created by the revelation of Faith, which Dr Oyedepo is preaching.

How can we wake up one day and start calling them names because we don’t believe in what they are doing?

How can we see private jets with them and start coming online to curse them?

Where is Christ in all these arrogance?

If we have a revelation, let’s start bringing it on and let’s see if it’s easy to come how far they have come. I have nothing to gain defending any great man. Personally, I have my reservations about certain things concerning them. If I see any mistake in them, I can correct it in my own ministry.

Not to start shouting it, as if all that they have stood for Christ has been in vain. If the wind that has blown them and they survived it blow some of us, we will be back to our papa house.

David did not mess with Saul even when he had every right. People were saying that he was a coward. That he wants King Saul to call him good name. But he was a broken man that understands the code of greatness. 

Many years after, when the brothers of Goliath cornered him and wanted to kill him.. He was tired and weak, old and feeble. He couldn’t fight Again. No more catapult to fight back with. He could no more do Facebook or twit the way he used to when he was young.

God remembered how he preserved the man that was ahead of him and raised men that came to preserve him… 2Samuel 21:17. God said: “I can’t watch you fall because you were never a part of any man’s fall…”

Let’s read Bible to learn not just for arguments. As we are trusting God for expansion, both in ministry and businesses. A time is coming when we will grow too big to start explaining ourselves to people. And some people will start misinterpreting the things we say or do and blowing it to a larger scale.All to discredit us.Then, we will need the Abushais to come to our rescue.

The revival we are praying for is not the revival of fault finding. It is not the revival of arrogance or division. It is the revival of Light.

Moses came with the revival of law, and it didn’t help the people. Elijah came with the revival of ‘insults’ and ‘arrogance’. But it didn’t last. When he left, nobody else could carry the knives to behead people. That revival died.

What we need is the revival of LIGHT. That was what Jesus came with and till today, generations unborn are spreading this light.

Let’s not make the mistakes Moses and Elijah made. That was why they came to the mountain of transfiguration and submit their shortcomings to Jesus.

Friends, let’s keep preaching the truth with love.No generation has seen revival by too much talk and less intercession. What we need now is praying and praying and praying.

There is a kind of intercession that will go on in a city, and false prophets will close down and run away.. We can interced and the spirit of truth will envelop churches where men use to be deceived. We can pray and people who are being held by false preachers will see deliverance.

The little we say here can mean a lot and set men on fire. Our knees are too important in this era we are in. If we pray the way we should, we will be broken. And we will not be too quick too fight people who don’t believe in what we believe in.

Let’s pray that God will keep us as He has kept these men who have handled power even before we were born.

Unless we don’t have individual issues that we need God alone to help us with. Unless we are telling the whole world that we are perfect. Unless we are not depending on grace.

Together, we can birth another mighty move of God in our time. Together, we make things hard for false prophets in the land. But with this spirit of fault finding with high level of arrogance we cannot deliver.

Anyone that told us that we can achieve a revival without the spirit of unity is a liar. No wonder Satan is trying so hard to turn us against ourselves. Daily, people are online insulting themselves. Over grace and law.

People that used to preach the same thing now hates them selves. And they say this is not Babylonian invasion, trying to interrupt what God is set to do in our time.

I am sure that this wind that brought this distraction will still blow it away…

Let us pray!


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