“Hell begins on the day when God grants us a clear vision of all that we might have achieved, of all the gifts which we might have wasted, of all that we might have done which we did not do” -Gian-Catlo-Menotli

Speaking with young Tracy, a growing up teenager who is tired of living a life she does not desire. With tears in her eyes as she gives different accounts of her wrong doings. She gazed at me in anticipation to hear comforting words or a scolding for her wrong doings that she shared with me.

To her amazement, using my personal experiences, I told her so many things I did wrong that I’m no more bothered about. She exclaimed “how on earth were you able to be who you are today with these experiences?”.

Hmmm, I replied; “I had a great turning point when I became more concerned about the things I needed to do momentarily that are right than the things I did in the past that are wrong”.

Tracy became relieved as she said, “now I know why I got it wrong for so long”. I asked her “can you identity things you think you need to do to live the life you desired?”. At this moment I got Tracy smile as she answered “Yes”.

Often times, we are more concerned with our mistakes and things we did wrong at a particular time in our lives. We pay less attention to the things that we ought to do but neglected. We could be so fast to identify the wrongs we did than the rights we need to do.

We are so bothered about our “mistakes” and neglected our “miss takes”. Our fulfilment lies more in those “miss takes” than in our “mistake”. Let’s go back to the drawing board, the plans and visions we had about a course but fail to be responsible to. Pick that your jotters and diaries again, review them.

The greatest mistake a man can make is to pay less attention to his “miss takes”. There are giftings and potentials in you to champion a course but you have left them dormant for long. Safe time, you don’t have all the years to do trial by error. Why fail so long in the same course?

Instead of crying over what you are not supposed to do that you did, focus more on those things you needed to do that you haven’t done. It’s time to get up and get it right.

What are those things God told you that you haven’t started?

What are the plans you have for your career that you left unattended to?

When will you stop thinking and start acting?

When will you stop writing and start doing?

So disappointing today that the greatest plan to transform the world ends as thoughts on paper. Many global impact strategies are still remaining as ideas without action in the mind of individuals. Some are written down in jotters and diaries without any move for their exhibitions.

It’s high time you took a move for the reality of your dreams. Stop complaining about the things you did that was wrong and start affirming the rights you need to do. 

Get up and get it right. 


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