Many times as we move with a passion for Jesus

And his Message to our generarion

A lot of things come up as distractions

From Trap of competition and Approval addiction

To outright rejection, in all We Focus.

Many times, we preach and the Word is well received

People rejoice, excited, set ablaze

Other times people are dosile to the message

You tell them Jesus loves them, they reply you… And so what?

Friends, no matter what We Focus.

This Journey of the Spirit, Is not for the Faint Hearted

You must reject the wiles of the devil

From Discouragement to self Accusation

And even Inferiority complex.

You must shut down those tendencies with the word of God.

Why?? We must remain focused.

Whenever it looks as if the word bounces back against you

You keep your eyes on the one who sent you.

Whenever you miss step with the Spirit

You lift your heart and say Lord I’m sorry and bounce back

We Don’t give the devil space.

For we on a journey, God has sent us

There’s much ground to cover

Much work to be done, and by the Spirit it shall be done

Therefore… we FOCUS.


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