Life is not a bed of roses without its challenges. Everyone you see and admire today had to overcome one challenge or the other. Those who become success do not bow in the face of challenges. They are not quitters but fighters, they fight through it all. They are the ones that will always find a way where there seems to be no way. They do not take no for an answer.

I have made it my life goal and decision to never quit. That is one thing that can give you an edge over others. Stigability! Your ability to stand strong in the face of life Challenges and fight through it till you win its what will decide who you become in life and in the society at large.

If you want to make it a habit to quit at the face of every difficult situation, let it be known to you that you are signing a contract with failure. You are mortgaging your destiny and preparing yourself to be a nobody in the society. It is better to pay the price today for the better life you desire tomorrow.

Nothing good they say comes easily. If that is the case and you are shying away from everything that is not easy, it simply means, you are not going to get anything good. That something is difficult does not mean it cannot be done. Instead of finding one thousand reasons why it cannot be done, find one reason why it can be done.

When you fight your battles without quitting, it helps to mold you to a better person. You develop a stronger personality with strong muscles to face life squarely and win. Do not let the fear of failure cripple you from starting. Get to work on yourself and push through it.

You will win if you do not quit. Quitting should never be an option for you. The moment you do not have it as an option, your mind will get to work to provide you with the necessary ideas you will need to overcome or able you to do the task ahead of you.

When you quit, you let your brain shoot down. But when you continue to push, you open up your brain to tremendous creative ideas that will move you from one level to the other. Those who learn not to give up in difficult situations and circumstances in life are those who we celebrate because they will eventually win.

Don’t say it is impossible when you have not giving it your all. Don’t give up because you think you have done your best without a solution. Sometimes what will call our best is not good enough. If need be, seek for help but don’t give up. Ask for advice, ask for direction, ask for strategy from others but never give up or give in.

Know this, anything that has been done in life before is doable. It definitely might not be easy but if you stay committed to your dream, you will surely bring it to pass. See you on top.


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