I believe in process. I am a product of process. If there is any little thing I am becoming today, it is process that is making me.

The address of God is not just up there in the sky. God hides inside time. And reveals Himself through process.

The pulpit did not make me. It was the pew that made me. Microphone didn’t bring me this far. It was megaphone that did it. Posters and billboard did not help me to this little level we are in now. It was not 5000 capacity church that gave us something to tell our generation. Rather, it was tarry nights that taught us how to pray. It was early morning cries that us how to preach.

Thank God for process. The only thing that can make a man to start having sex with a marine goddess, as part of sacrifice to have crowd and wealth in ministry is because he is afraid of the process.

God believes in process. If not, He would have created the whole world in one day. Any man that hates process hates God. You can not preach the God you don’t know.

When I see men that believes in process, I feel like telling the whole world about them. It is wonderful to celebrate men who have paid price and are all over the world today, by the help of God.

But Iyke Oriaku, I also enjoy celebrating unknown and unsung guys who are paying some prices in some unknown places, representing Jesus in their spheres of influence.

Nobody might know how much they have lost for God’s sake. Nobody might understand their days of loneliness and hunger. If they bow to Baal, they will be on every billboards. After all others have done it. But they chose to look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of their faiths.

They have lost many friends in the process. They have been called names and labelled rebels. But something is shut up inside their bones that no grammar can explain…

Show me a man that has sold out to God and I will show you a man God is not ashamed to be called his God. Man of God, you will fulfil destiny. This fire you are carrying will not quench half way.

This generation will trace God to your life. We are tired of reading about revivals. Now that we are ready to pay the price. I am sure that God will give it to us again.


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