When we pray, we pray to have our needs met. That’s great! It indicated our dependence on God. Yet if your prayer stops at asking only for your personal needs, you have not prayed. At least not the way Christ thought us to pray.

I have had the privilege of praying as Christ thought us and the more I did that the more I learnt about the ways and heart of God. 

Prayer is a time of communion with our heavenly father. Communion indicates that in our prayer time we come to oneness with the father in heart and will and desire. Praying just for your needs would not get you there.

I have also had the privilege to see my heart become one in mind and will with Christ and I tell you it benefits you to just let prayer truly unit you with God. It is that place of intimacy and satisfaction, where you truly unit with the one that you so love to serve.

What kind of prayer am I talking about? Intercession!

When Christ laid the pattern for prayer, he did it in an order that for us to truly become united with God we must follow.

He started with worship and then he did something we often never do, he prayed for God’s kingdom to come and his will to be done as it is in heaven. He was at this point seeking for the manifestation of the heart and mind of God. He was uniting his will with God. He was giving God his will to stand with him on earth as he wills in heaven. He was coming into actual common union with God.

Prayer is not something we do, as though God is up there, we are down here and we only come together when it requires our needs being met. In praying we must come to understand, God has a heart that is burdened and he want to share that burden with us. He desires our support to be able to fulfill that burden and intercession is the greatest way we can give God our support.

Our prayer in this manner invites God to fulfill his greatest desires on earth, which glorifies God and benefits us. The more we engage in intercession, the more we know God’s heart and are equipped to fulfill his purpose on earth. Having in mind that God’s purpose for every believer is beyond working to meeting your needs, it is more about fulfilling a heavenly mandate for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

This understanding is key so you can bear with Christ, heaven’s burden for the nations. Heaven is continually seeking men who would stand in intercession, for every moment heaven has a desire to fulfill on earth and heaven only needs you to call out in invitation.

I have often wondered why I have to sometimes let go of my personal needs and stand with Christ to travail for a nation or a soul or someone else’s problem. Yet for me to truly bear the burden of Christ for the world, I must first agree with him in intercession, only by this am I truly one with him who forgot himself to meet my needs.

Note that this does not stop you from praying to God for your needs, you must because it delights God when you do so. Yet there is so much more to prayer that you can access, so much power in prayer that you can release and that only is manifest through the prayer of intercession.

Why intercession, because intercession is a prayer that transcends beyond the limits of your individual needs and gives God the opportunity to show forth his glory here on earth in such magnificent ways that over reaches your imagination.

Intercession is a response to God’s demand to ‘invite me, and watch what I do’!

This my friends is the actual purpose for prayer. God coming down to fellowship, interfere and move in the lives of peoples and nations.

Sometimes our needs so burden us that we forget even to worship God or seek his will. We are so overwhelmed by the situation and just want to get out of it that we just pour it out and leave.

Yet there is more, and God invites you to that more. He invites you to be that man who he can trust with his heart. Yes that man he can depend upon to open the way for him to manifest his will here on earth. That man whose sole desire is to see his kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

That man is you, would you be that man?

Watch out for Part 2. God bless!


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