Let us not rush out of the making process sir. This fame we are looking for might land us in great shame in the near future if we don’t wait longer for God to be through with us. A generation of preachers who are on the pulpit because they want to be known by everyone and be talked about must blow it somewhere along the line.

A breed that rushed out of the oven must cause problem in the Body of Christ. It is better to remain in this little level and let God be adding grace, small, small. Than to rush out and in few years into the journey, we will begin to have revelations that will turn people against one another in the Body of Christ.

I rather start late than start early and blow it later. The world says that a fool at 40 is a fool forever. But not in the kingdom. In Christ, it is not how far or how early you started. But how well you will finish?

Abraham started at 75 and till today, we are still talking about him. Moses started at 80 and he still fulfilled his colourful destiny. Anyone hurrying you to start manifesting without God preparing you hates you with passion.

Silence that voice of inpatients speaking to you anywhere it is coming from. Stay behind the backside of the desert, like Moses and pay the price sir. Like Abraham, there might be people God must separate you from.

Family and friends might not understand the new move God is designing for you. If you refuse to let them go, He will stir up whatever that will make you be alone. Don’t wait for better people to come before you end that rapport linking you to everything that God hates.

There is a work He is yet to complete in your life. Forget all these online glory. God might still have a lot more to kill in you before manifesting you fully to this generation. Why He is still hiding you is because he is preserving you from the decadence that is in prevalence in the pulpit today.

Anyone can start rushing to fame. But we are comfortable here. A time will come when God might have been through with us, that He will release us. By then, our words will be seasoned with grace.

We are not rushing God. Let Him take His time and mould us. Even if it will please Him not to showcase our works, may we not hurry out of his hands. Nobody might see what He is making out of us, but let us remain there.

Our ministries might still be shapeless, but let us still remain there sir. The gospel is already balanced. Few of us are the ones thwarting it, just because we want to sound different.

While some others enjoys the popularity controversy brings to them. But I know that heaven is preparing a generation that will present this balanced gospel once again, without fear of who is coming or going.

It doesn’t matter how much you have been falling before now, please, sir, rise again. There are myriad of weaknesses here and there. Challenges that draws you to your vomits.

Please, sir, don’t change message because of your weaknesses. Don’t use grace to excuse your mess. You are keeping yourself locked out from Grace Himself.

Like, Jacob, cry to God today to help you from yourself. That ‘name’ they have called you since you were born might not carry you into the next level of your life.

Some of the family and friends that knows you are calling you a particular ‘name’, because of who they knew you as. Sir, that ‘name’ must change. It must change. 

If God changed Jacob, He will change you. If He does not cast away anyone that runs to Him, in their weaknesses and openness, sister, He will not in any wise cast you away. If He later made that once ‘worm’ Jacob ‘a threshing instrument, having teeth’, He will not leave you this way.

There is a work He began in our lives that must not stop. The grace we need is the type that will bring us revival sir. I don’t know what suspended his works in your life. I don’t know the business or relationship or pursuit you entered that hijacked His works in your life.

Like Jacob, you might need to be left alone. So that, like Habakkuk, you can cry: Revive thy works.. in the midst of the years make known and in your wrath remember mercy.

Brother, where you are is enough to start this cry. As I am writing this now, there are tears in my eyes. Will you please join me…

Let us pray!


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