Grace is not a message. Grace is a Person

Some are preaching the message of grace when they have not encountered GRACE Himself. When they encounter Grace, sir, we will know.

We might not have arrived, but God has helped us to overgrow that kindargeatten spirit. You preach grace, while we live grace. You talk about the Cross, while we carry The Cross. You do the talking, while to His glory alone, we do the walking.

Grace message goes beyong reading the book of Joseph Prince, the Singapore preacher and coming on Facebook to look for who to insult. You don’t preach grace on pulpit Grace is seen on your daily interaction with people. Grace starts showing in you when you drop the microphone.

If that message of grace you are preaching has not ‘broken’ you into pieces, sir, please, go back to Sunday school and let God work on you. If you are still full of who you are and all your achievements and knowledge of the Word of God, sir, you are still yet to understand grace.

Must everybody accept your rhema?…

And why calling people names because they frowned at your new found revelation?

If I dissagree with you today, I might defend you with my life tomorrow…

Why will you make me your enemy because I disagreed with you today?…

The grace Jesus came with robbed Him of Who he was and made him a mere man and people killed Him like a common criminal.

The Grace Peter preached humbled him, and made him to beg them not kill him the same way they killed His Master. They turned his cross upside down and killed him.

The Grace Paul preached made him to throw away whoever he was inside dustbin. His degrees and achievements. He was messed up by people who were not supposed to even talk to him all his life. And he swallowed it.

That is what I call grace, sir…

This grace you are preaching that is making you feel very proud of all you have gotten is not grace. It is noise.

If we don’t agree on a particular thing, are there no other things we can agree on and still fight the cause of the Cross together as one?

Who is sponsoring this ‘grace movement’ that is turning sworn brothers against one another if not Satan himself?

Who told you you might not be wrong somewhere?

And who art thou oh grace preacher that you think you have the monoply of revelation?

The Cross is heavy, You can’t carry the Cross and still be looking about for who slapped you. The weight of the Cross is heavier than the weight of side talks.

You can’t understand grace and be dragging reputation with people. Grace robs you of your reputation and yet, you will not think anything is wrong somewhere. Because you are dead to flesh.

Oh friends, I declare that this wind of childishness that is blowing online and onland among ministers, let it blow no further.

How can we face the arsenal of hell in a time like this, when we are insulting ourselves, over nothing of little?

No matter how many books we have written to our credit, there might still be one or two things we said that we will grow up someday to know we wrote them out of childishness or over zeal. The ability to understand that we are all human beings, filled with carnalities is what maturity is all about.

Stop reading Bible so that you will climb the pulpit or come online so that you start having knowledge to do arguments. Men are looking for power to convict the world. More sicknesses and diseases are coming out. People need healing.

New sins and new sinners are coming out everyday, going to hell from newly designed ways. Friends, let us cry for power to halt them from their journey to eternal nothingness.

Sister, this is between you and God. Kneel down and ask God for mercy. Ask Him to let you encounter GRACE as a person, not as a sermon.

We cannot win this our generation in this grand display of carnality. Trying to defend our denominational doctrines and dictums will cost us more harm. No matter your revelation, sir, please, die to flesh. For the flesh profiteth nothing.

You must not sound different to be VOICE in our time. It is not controversy that can make you a VOICE.

You can still be preaching only John 3:16 in all simplicity and God will make you a voice in the land. Why digging into too many ‘revelations’, to arm yourself with scriptures you will use to fight those that oppose your revelation.

Stop looking for the UNKNOWN GOD when God is too simple for everyone to know. Climb down from that mountain of argument and look for the power of God sir. The time you use to search all the translations of the Bible to get scriptures to defend your revelation, if you use it to look for the Power of God, it will pay the Kingdom.

When Cancer dies by your hands, you will draw more people to Christ than you would have done with argument over grace. Now I understand why Paul threw away all the mundane things and was pressing for more. He said: “That I may know him…” But unfortunately, today, we want to know more ‘about’ Him. That is the difference.

If we ‘know’ God we will die to pride and vain glory. Your lecturers in school can teach you about God. Yet, some of them are atheists. 

We don’t need to know about grace, what we need is to KNOW GRACE HIMSELF. How can a breed that does not know God talk about God and not cause problems? 

Friend, we know ourselves. If there is anywhere we need to make amends, let us go ahead and do it. The time is far spent. Night cometh when no man shall walk.

Oh! May we not spend our day times fighting those who we should be fighting with! May Satan not use the same scriptures we have been reading since we were born to cause distraction to us, that will cause great harm on our journey. But the remnants are praying.

We will never be divided. Any voice of Babylon, wearing the face of ‘revelation’, we quench it now…

In Jesus Name…

Friends, let us pray!



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