One of the things that made me restless in my pursuit to discover purpose as a growing up child was the understanding I had that I could succeed and prosper in almost anything I could be enthusiastic about. 

I knew if I even gave my time and thought to frivolity, I would appear on the stage of popularity. This made me more careful. After trying to be responsible as a secondary school lad with track records of excellence, I tried the other way round of being a street boy. Guess what! People also celebrated my strange acts and I could see a greenlight and meeting people of similar mentality was not a problem.

I grew up loving many things and wanting to be many things. If you didn’t experience wanting to be many things, let me ask you this question, while you were going up, how many professions did you imagine or made your response when you were asked “who do you want to become in the future?”. I believe your answers were always changing on different accounts and consider who you are today.

As I lover of many things back then, I perceived a strong potency of succeeding in different things and acts which made me more conscious and led me in search of purpose.

I imagined myself as a medical doctor, as an electrical engineer, as a footballer and so on. I tried all I could but they never became reality not because I couldn’t prosper doing any of these things but I made a choice which made me who I am at the moment.

If I had continued with all zeal and passion for over two decades to be a medical doctor, one day, God would give me a greenlight, men would have celebrated my success while heaven would be mourning over my failure. 

Maybe I would have been playing football for Real Madrid now (Lol), if I had no divine interruption and my enthusiasm was strong enough. May be I would a been a famous fraudster with cars and buoyant account and even Christians would have been at my mercies as they believe God has a hand in it.


The greatest havoc God could permit is not death of the saints as we may believe. The greatest havoc God could permit is the prospering of believers out of His will. We may categorize a man’s plan in God as permissive will and perfect will of God but one thing I know is; “only one will of God is the ultimate that inerts fulfilment for the called and the caller”.

“You will hear behind you a voice saying, this is the way, walk therein”.

There are ways to prosper out of the will of God but there is only one way to fulfill God’s plan for your life. 

Jesus after fasting forty days and nights heard the devil’s counsel first. The devil offer Him a short cut to fulfilling His mission on earth. Receiving the kingdoms of the world and the glory was an offer to Jesus from the devil, Jesus didn’t deny the fact that the devil could offer this and that was one of His reasons for coming to earth.

Please don’t be deceived with the mentality that the devil can’t bless a man. Don’t be deceived that if you are not in God’s plan for your life, you won’t prosper. Get over the idea that you can’t be famous if you neglect God’s counsel for your life. Erase it from your thought that a man needs to be saved before he could make ends meet.

Though being in God’s will makes these things accompany one’s life but it is not the litmus test to determine whether a man is in alignment with God’s intent for a man’s life.

We have been deceived enough, we see those prospering on wicked basis and we say that would be God’s plan for their lives. 

“Just because God is not unjust, the unjust can’t be justified by their works”.

Moses would have continued as a prosperous herd man in Jethro’s house with thousands of cattles but God’s plan for his life was more than that. Many people around him would have applauded him for being a herd man instead of a head man to deliver the people of Israel.

Paul was already famous and prospered as a persecutor than even Peter the greatest preacher of the early church before God encountered him.

Peter was successful fisher man who could afford more than one boats before he pursued God’s ultimate plan to be fishers of men.

Elisha was a mechanized farmer having hectares of lands cultivated. He was a famous and wealthy man in his days but his true identity and wealth was in being a prophet to the nations.

Daniel had understanding in all science as a lad even if he didn’t have the opportunity to be in Babylon to spearhead a transformation, his dream to be a lecturer in his own country would have come to past and he would have been known in that juristinction. 


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