Am afraid of these brand of envious generation, this kind has never been before.

Because you were enrolled into the choir one day, and now she holds the microphone often than you do, you have lost your peace.

You started praying in tongues same time and now his name is on posters and so you’re becoming agitated.

You ministered before him and no one fell down, at his own scream of fire, many are on the ground and hence you’re wanting to have the stage one more time so as to do gymnastic and make a needless point.

You served in the same year and now he’s through with second degree and about to marry.

You’ve started avoiding him because of fear of what you can’t even tell.

You were acclaimed to be brighter in college days, but now she’s studying Medicine, even on scholarship and you struggled to be admitted to college of Education; now you feel she’s proud just for no reason and you are instigating your mates against her.

One of your childhood contemporaries has gotten a nice ride, the kind you think only promo can afford you any soonest, (lol).

The last time he wanted to carry you from a wedding to the reception; you suddenly did not feel like going again and you said you needed to brach somewhere.

Because many people are following him on social media and with encomium that does not even move him; now you feel like to unfriend him will save you of the heart attack.

After he published the second book, you have started suspecting that you won’t give him audience again because you feel you know more, what an error!

He’s into business and making headway, hence you’re wishing that armed robbers should visit him, oh what a devilish man you are sir!


Sir, that person moving on was not the reason for your stagnation in any way, so stop wishing him bad luck.

Ma, that woman’s business growth is not limiting your own expansion in anyway. So, stop your enchantments or else you pay with something dearly.

That friend of yours who is enjoying the supernatural as a lifestyle now, is only telling you that mortal men are granted access to the power of the world to come.

As he’s not the first to enter there and will not be the last, you too can press in!

#Though there is no man who don’t want to be great o, none sir! Not even one.

In fact, the religious people who are claiming to be heavenly conscious alone are the most highly ambitious but coded men I’ve ever seen.

As a matter of fact, some of the people who are looking so calm but non appreciative are products of circumstances, who have tried, failed and accepted fate.

Many of them even in Sunday school will try to make people believe they can’t succeed and still be godly.

The only people who are free from this terrible poison of envy, are those who have accepted that they only have business with God and themselves alone to make things work; not with any man!

Instead of killing yourself silently and dying unnoticed, you should please go and find a way of improving yourself and I bet you; your results shall witness a huge shift.

For if you despise a deliberate step of advancement in your own little corner; the flourishing of others may kill you before your time and you may end up in hell while they enjoy here and rest with God later.

Also, instead of backstabbing, slandering and even overtly opposing other innocent but privileged individuals, try to be humble enough to learn their ways and pay the price. I know you may not become exactly like them because you’re not the same; I can assure you, your story will change for better.

And when few people can observe your blossoming, they will start celebrating you, with time those you envied before would now see you as associates or budding colleagues as the case maybe.

For the down is overcrowded and there are more than enough space at the upper echelon.

Will you rise up and be identified as history maker or you will keep perusing the valley of mediocrity with other reactionaries?

Majority are always in the audience as spectators while few play the game.

But it’s an error to be spectator in every sector of the society and not be a player in any; nothing saps enthusiasm and vitality than the feeling of adding no value.

Proverbs 14:30

A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.

James 3:16

For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

Galatians 5:26

Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.

Grace be multiplied unto you!


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