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Exam mode activated again. After leaving the college few days ago after writing an exam, had to travel to grace some meetings that warrant my attention. I’m back to the reading table again as I prepare to continue with other exams.

Though my statements and conversations sounds comic to many of my course mates because they don’t really understand the depths I speak from. I remember creating a scene after I told them “can lectures and materials of epidemiology teach me how to raise the dead and birth revival?”, “can my knowledge from learning diseases and disease outbreaks teach me how to cast out demons?”, “can medical statistics teach me global evangelism?”.

As an intending public health professional, the most intriguing case scenario was the outbreak of diseases in south africa between 1908-1918. No one can remember the public heath professional that visited south Africa for health intervention but the testimony of John G. Lake speaks volumes till date. 

John G. Lake literally made contact with the virus of the outbreak and they died on his hands. Within the space of five years, over 100,000 cases of healing was confirmed without any technology and innovation. The only tool he brought was the power of God. No public health intervention can achieve that.

I have repeatedly told myself I don’t want to be like JOHN SNOW (The father of Epidemiology), I want to be like John G. Lake (the father of the healing ministry). I don’t just want to be an health professional, I want to be an apostle of healing.

The diagnosis and intervention I need is Acts 1:8 and Acts 10:38, it is the Holy Ghost therapy. No disease, power and territory can withstand it.

I must say am proud to be a public health professional but there are deeper things I desire. Like my beloved course rep. Shalom would say, “iye deep gan”. As one of my lecturer would say; I don’t want to be a racist, I don’t want to be eating chocolate and tantalizer”, there are better things I need to experience.

I know am here for a purpose, the knowledge of pubic health has a place in my ministry. Thanks be to God for sending me here but am focus on what lies ahead and am seeing the manifestations everywhere I go.




That man was preacher of political righteousness. The only problem he had was that he was a slave to his desires. But I respect many of his political views.

Sir, I want to ask you: What you are teaching me..

Will it save me from hell fire? No

Will it make me to heal the sick? No

Will it help me to raise the dead? No

Will it destroy ancient embergoes fighting my father’s house? No

Will it help my prayer life? No

If whatever you are teaching me will only make me to start having critical spirit, then, I don’t need it.

If it will only help me to start suspecting my pastor, as if he is trying to steal my money, I don’t need your revelational lessons.

A man that has stood for me all these years.

Sir, do you know the battles God has used my pastor to help me win?

If you know my history you will know that no amount of tithe and seed I paid to my church that is too much. If all you are teaching me is how to start taking him for granted, that is not for me.

I want to grow in Christ, but not to the level that I won’t appreciate those that have started handling the fire before I rose up.

It is not bad if God decides to make me a voice tomorrow. But I don’t need to silence another man’s voice, so that I will be heard.

If you want to teach me , sir, teach me how to become a ‘fool’ for God’s sake. Teach me how to obey God even if it doesn’t make sense to men.

Don’t teach me how to argue scriptures. It has never taken anyone to anywhere.

Oh! I want to grow in power. There are many sick people that must benefit from my healing anointing.

Arguments has never set the hearts of men of fire. Please, teach me how to pray more than I can pray now so that I can burn for God the more.

Teach me how to walk on waters. I want bread to multiply in my hands.

If my pastor is lying to me or deceiving me, pray for God to open my eyes. And let God be the one to judge him. Someday, I might appreciate. But for now, please, teach me how to obey God the way I understand Him.

No generation has ever used arguments to bring revival. If why you have bought all the translations of the Bible is for you to come out and be doing argument, sir, watch it. The wind of God will soon blow you into oblivion.

We don’t want to serve God with our senses. Men who are still with their senses cannot handle the waves of the coming move of God’s power.

We might not know all the scriptures in the bible. But we have made a vow, that the little we know, we will never use it for arguments online and onland.

We have already lost out everywhere else. If we lose out in this coming revival, Satan will laugh at us. We are not interested in who wins the argument . All we are interested in is power.

But how can we carry power when we are not broken yet? Sir, we don’t want to know God so that we will be known in the streets where we grew up. We are not interested in all these ephemeral glory and glamour that ends on earth.

Our eyes are in eternity. We want to know God so that we will be known in hell. We want our shadows to raise the dead. We want dead businesses and dead wombs to hear our voices and jerk back to life.

We don’t want to control money. We want to control power. When power comes, we will control money.

If what you are teaching us is not leading us to the place of brokenness and power. Then, like Fela said: “Teacher, don’t teach me nonsense “




We are not more holy than the God that has kept Papa E.A Adeboye…

We are not more wise than the God that has kept Bishop David Oyedepo…

We are not more perfect than the God that had kept Pa Wale Oke …

It is God that has kept pa Anselem Madubuko …

It is the same God that is keeping Rev Dr Una Ukpai.

They might not be perfect, but God has kept them till now. We are less than 50years and have not pastored a church for 20years.

We have not held a leadership position with thousands and million of people under us. The only thing we have are Facebook friends and fans and followers and few members or branches of our churches.

We have not conquered the beasts of Ephesus. No matter how righteous we have become or how zealous we are to see revival or see sanity in our time, it is dangerous not to see the grace of God on our fathers of faith.

If we see the kind of money they have seen, we might not still be carrying The Bible today. If we see the kind of anointing and power they have seen.

If we control the presidents and governors the way they do, we might not even talk to our mates again, out of pride.

Let’s leave these men alone and face our own ministries. When they were suffering and going under the rain, we were not there. We were not there when some of them abandoned their businesses and certificates and followed Jesus.

We were not there when they starved their children just to use the money they had to organize crusades. We don’t know how many mountains they have climbed up and down, just to see God.

Handling church members is different from having Twitter ot instangram folllwership. If you fight great men, you will never see greatness. If you use their weaknesses against them, someday, a generation will rise that will use your weaknesses against you. If you scorn them, the God they have represented will allow men to scorn you.

The journey is still too far friends. All of us are depending on grace. Without grace, we have done a lot of things that would have made us see shame. But its only by His grace.

No man takes this honor unto himself. God is the only one that honours men and he said we should give honour to whom honour is due. They might not be perfect, but let’s honour them.

Negative scriptures are already playing out in our time. They are not the ones that told false prophets to start stealing people’s money. Jesus saw it coming and He warned us against it. But let’s mind how we mess with the father’s of faith, because we think we are tired of the fraud going on.

Most of these people cry more than us when you meet them one on one. These criminality playing out here and there on pulpits makes them cry. And God sees their anger. I don’t think its necessary to start messing with their names, when God is still not ashamed to be called their God.

I am saying this because I saw a post where the names of great men of God were flying here and there. They said in the post that Pa Adeboye needs revival. That Pa Oyedepo needs to repent. That pa Wale Oke and Matthew Ashimolowo has disappointed God.

Chaii. I know anyone call fall. But thou preacher, please, let’s take it easy. There is a lot facing us .There are many mountains to climb friends. That God that helped them get to this level is not a fool. That God that handed the destinies of millions of people under them into their care is not our mates.

Millions are trooping to heaven through the vehicle of the revelation of deliverance, championed by Dr Olukoya.

Millions are entering heaven through the vehicle provided by the message of holiness being spear headed by Pastor Kumuyi.

Others are trooping into heaven through the platform created by the revelation of Faith, which Dr Oyedepo is preaching.

How can we wake up one day and start calling them names because we don’t believe in what they are doing?

How can we see private jets with them and start coming online to curse them?

Where is Christ in all these arrogance?

If we have a revelation, let’s start bringing it on and let’s see if it’s easy to come how far they have come. I have nothing to gain defending any great man. Personally, I have my reservations about certain things concerning them. If I see any mistake in them, I can correct it in my own ministry.

Not to start shouting it, as if all that they have stood for Christ has been in vain. If the wind that has blown them and they survived it blow some of us, we will be back to our papa house.

David did not mess with Saul even when he had every right. People were saying that he was a coward. That he wants King Saul to call him good name. But he was a broken man that understands the code of greatness. 

Many years after, when the brothers of Goliath cornered him and wanted to kill him.. He was tired and weak, old and feeble. He couldn’t fight Again. No more catapult to fight back with. He could no more do Facebook or twit the way he used to when he was young.

God remembered how he preserved the man that was ahead of him and raised men that came to preserve him… 2Samuel 21:17. God said: “I can’t watch you fall because you were never a part of any man’s fall…”

Let’s read Bible to learn not just for arguments. As we are trusting God for expansion, both in ministry and businesses. A time is coming when we will grow too big to start explaining ourselves to people. And some people will start misinterpreting the things we say or do and blowing it to a larger scale.All to discredit us.Then, we will need the Abushais to come to our rescue.

The revival we are praying for is not the revival of fault finding. It is not the revival of arrogance or division. It is the revival of Light.

Moses came with the revival of law, and it didn’t help the people. Elijah came with the revival of ‘insults’ and ‘arrogance’. But it didn’t last. When he left, nobody else could carry the knives to behead people. That revival died.

What we need is the revival of LIGHT. That was what Jesus came with and till today, generations unborn are spreading this light.

Let’s not make the mistakes Moses and Elijah made. That was why they came to the mountain of transfiguration and submit their shortcomings to Jesus.

Friends, let’s keep preaching the truth with love.No generation has seen revival by too much talk and less intercession. What we need now is praying and praying and praying.

There is a kind of intercession that will go on in a city, and false prophets will close down and run away.. We can interced and the spirit of truth will envelop churches where men use to be deceived. We can pray and people who are being held by false preachers will see deliverance.

The little we say here can mean a lot and set men on fire. Our knees are too important in this era we are in. If we pray the way we should, we will be broken. And we will not be too quick too fight people who don’t believe in what we believe in.

Let’s pray that God will keep us as He has kept these men who have handled power even before we were born.

Unless we don’t have individual issues that we need God alone to help us with. Unless we are telling the whole world that we are perfect. Unless we are not depending on grace.

Together, we can birth another mighty move of God in our time. Together, we make things hard for false prophets in the land. But with this spirit of fault finding with high level of arrogance we cannot deliver.

Anyone that told us that we can achieve a revival without the spirit of unity is a liar. No wonder Satan is trying so hard to turn us against ourselves. Daily, people are online insulting themselves. Over grace and law.

People that used to preach the same thing now hates them selves. And they say this is not Babylonian invasion, trying to interrupt what God is set to do in our time.

I am sure that this wind that brought this distraction will still blow it away…

Let us pray!



Please, sir, am done with this powerlessness. A generation that goes to church with pen to underline the mistakes from the pulpit.

A generation that are more sensitive to hear errors in songs than to flow in God’s Presence will never carry the power of God.

Our fathers sang whatever they could. But God saw their foolishness and out of the mouth of babes, He ordained praise. He used the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

Since we started this correction ministry, where is the power of God?

If we are not ashamed that the generation we say did not get it did more for God than we that think we know all, then, we are in trouble.

People that don’t use to open their bibles before are all studying the Bible now. Not because they want to grow in Christ. But just to jump into Facebook to start arguments.

Its not fair ooo.. Lol. Nawa oo. Shrines are increasing in our communities. Cobras and pythons are singing in our choirs. The things that our father’s drove away are now regaining their powers…

Is this a time when we should start this division? Is Satan not using then scriptures to achieve what he could not achieve with Jesus.

I am going to upgrade. Demons don’t want to hear empty revelations. All they want to obey is power.

If they bring a dead person to me tomorrow, I will not take them to my study room and start reading Hebrew and Greek Bible to a corpse.

There is a demand on this head. We are tired of seeing men. We want to go and see God. This generation of sinners can preach more than some of the pastors preaching to them. What they need to see is the finger of God. 

We don’t want to be known. But let Jesus be known. That Lord whom we seek shall suddenly appear.



“Hell begins on the day when God grants us a clear vision of all that we might have achieved, of all the gifts which we might have wasted, of all that we might have done which we did not do” -Gian-Catlo-Menotli

Speaking with young Tracy, a growing up teenager who is tired of living a life she does not desire. With tears in her eyes as she gives different accounts of her wrong doings. She gazed at me in anticipation to hear comforting words or a scolding for her wrong doings that she shared with me.

To her amazement, using my personal experiences, I told her so many things I did wrong that I’m no more bothered about. She exclaimed “how on earth were you able to be who you are today with these experiences?”.

Hmmm, I replied; “I had a great turning point when I became more concerned about the things I needed to do momentarily that are right than the things I did in the past that are wrong”.

Tracy became relieved as she said, “now I know why I got it wrong for so long”. I asked her “can you identity things you think you need to do to live the life you desired?”. At this moment I got Tracy smile as she answered “Yes”.

Often times, we are more concerned with our mistakes and things we did wrong at a particular time in our lives. We pay less attention to the things that we ought to do but neglected. We could be so fast to identify the wrongs we did than the rights we need to do.

We are so bothered about our “mistakes” and neglected our “miss takes”. Our fulfilment lies more in those “miss takes” than in our “mistake”. Let’s go back to the drawing board, the plans and visions we had about a course but fail to be responsible to. Pick that your jotters and diaries again, review them.

The greatest mistake a man can make is to pay less attention to his “miss takes”. There are giftings and potentials in you to champion a course but you have left them dormant for long. Safe time, you don’t have all the years to do trial by error. Why fail so long in the same course?

Instead of crying over what you are not supposed to do that you did, focus more on those things you needed to do that you haven’t done. It’s time to get up and get it right.

What are those things God told you that you haven’t started?

What are the plans you have for your career that you left unattended to?

When will you stop thinking and start acting?

When will you stop writing and start doing?

So disappointing today that the greatest plan to transform the world ends as thoughts on paper. Many global impact strategies are still remaining as ideas without action in the mind of individuals. Some are written down in jotters and diaries without any move for their exhibitions.

It’s high time you took a move for the reality of your dreams. Stop complaining about the things you did that was wrong and start affirming the rights you need to do. 

Get up and get it right. 



Many times as we move with a passion for Jesus

And his Message to our generarion

A lot of things come up as distractions

From Trap of competition and Approval addiction

To outright rejection, in all We Focus.

Many times, we preach and the Word is well received

People rejoice, excited, set ablaze

Other times people are dosile to the message

You tell them Jesus loves them, they reply you… And so what?

Friends, no matter what We Focus.

This Journey of the Spirit, Is not for the Faint Hearted

You must reject the wiles of the devil

From Discouragement to self Accusation

And even Inferiority complex.

You must shut down those tendencies with the word of God.

Why?? We must remain focused.

Whenever it looks as if the word bounces back against you

You keep your eyes on the one who sent you.

Whenever you miss step with the Spirit

You lift your heart and say Lord I’m sorry and bounce back

We Don’t give the devil space.

For we on a journey, God has sent us

There’s much ground to cover

Much work to be done, and by the Spirit it shall be done

Therefore… we FOCUS.



I believe in process. I am a product of process. If there is any little thing I am becoming today, it is process that is making me.

The address of God is not just up there in the sky. God hides inside time. And reveals Himself through process.

The pulpit did not make me. It was the pew that made me. Microphone didn’t bring me this far. It was megaphone that did it. Posters and billboard did not help me to this little level we are in now. It was not 5000 capacity church that gave us something to tell our generation. Rather, it was tarry nights that taught us how to pray. It was early morning cries that us how to preach.

Thank God for process. The only thing that can make a man to start having sex with a marine goddess, as part of sacrifice to have crowd and wealth in ministry is because he is afraid of the process.

God believes in process. If not, He would have created the whole world in one day. Any man that hates process hates God. You can not preach the God you don’t know.

When I see men that believes in process, I feel like telling the whole world about them. It is wonderful to celebrate men who have paid price and are all over the world today, by the help of God.

But Iyke Oriaku, I also enjoy celebrating unknown and unsung guys who are paying some prices in some unknown places, representing Jesus in their spheres of influence.

Nobody might know how much they have lost for God’s sake. Nobody might understand their days of loneliness and hunger. If they bow to Baal, they will be on every billboards. After all others have done it. But they chose to look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of their faiths.

They have lost many friends in the process. They have been called names and labelled rebels. But something is shut up inside their bones that no grammar can explain…

Show me a man that has sold out to God and I will show you a man God is not ashamed to be called his God. Man of God, you will fulfil destiny. This fire you are carrying will not quench half way.

This generation will trace God to your life. We are tired of reading about revivals. Now that we are ready to pay the price. I am sure that God will give it to us again.