Leaving the NYSC scheme, everyone wanted me to go for a job, start making money and building up my career. Good advice, yet deadly, why? Life is beyond all these.

When we let the needs and the wants in our life and that of others determine the course of our destiny, we would miss our destiny.

It is not enough to work, earn a living and put smile on faces. The purpose of our lives reaches far beyond that and until we let that purpose determine our course, we would live without living.

When you consider why you do all you do, what comes to you? “Man must fend for himself, man must move forward, man must change levels, and man must make money!” Are these your reasons? You are destroying your destiny.

Man was not created to live just to make ends meet. You were not created to live just so you can be comfortable tomorrow. You were created for a purpose far above all these and it is your responsibility to find it and let it guide you.

When purpose guides your steps, you would discover that you would not have to labor for ends to meet, they would meet because that is the promise of God’s word.

Your purpose is that God given assignment to you as his child for the advancement of his kingdom here on earth. Following this path early enables you to work in the right direction and it eliminates the stress and regrets that would come upon you if you fail to follow this path.

What is most important to your living is, discovering, understanding and walking the path of God’s purpose for your life. It fulfills God’s agenda for your life and his entire kingdom agenda.

When you came to receive Christ as your Lord and savior, God immediately grafted you into his kingdom army. Upon you was laid a mandate, and by you God purposed to fulfill a kingdom agenda that would affect his eternal kingdom. 

You are not ordinary, you are a kingdom material, a lively stone for the building of God’s eternal spiritual temple and his agenda for your life shapes you to fit in properly to your place in his temple.1 Peter 2:5

Many have lost out on fulfilling heavens agenda for their lives because they were more concerned about making it in life and started out without first seeking God’s kingdom agenda for their lives. This has placed a vacuum in the place they are to occupy in the kingdom and has affected negatively the advancement of the kingdom.

God’s call for us as Christians is to seek his kingdom first. To focus first on his plan concerning any and every area of our life. It is only by this that we truly please God and live out the full potential of our lives.

Seeking God first does not cripple your progress, neither does it prevent your advancement. Rather, seeking God’s kingdom first places you on a path certain with progress and destiny fulfilment. 

Most importantly, seeking God’s kingdom first places you in the path that fulfills the reason why you were created and redeemed by the blood of Christ.

You would work, you would earn money, and even get married!

 Yet, these as important as they are, should not be the reason to wake up and toil all the days of your life. You are worth more than these and a lot more is placed on the breath you take every minute. That more is God’s kingdom purpose for your life, it should bind and drive you to wake up, get out, work, earn money, and get married.

You may say, I will do what God has for me after I have made the money. You will never come back unless mercy prevails because no one can serve two masters at the same time. Your choice of money first would lead you down the route of destiny destruction. Mathew 6: 25-34

Christ knew that it would be easy for us to miss it in this world if we set our hearts to toil to provide for our basic needs and so he tells us not to worry about them. Note that he has not said you should be lazy, but he is saying, seek me and I would guide you in everything. Focus on me, and these other things would fall into place. Mathew 6:33, Proverbs 3: 5-6.

Are you struggling with life? Has the money and the fame brought more harm than good? Has the needs become endlessly insatiable? Has your success in career still left you with the feeling of emptiness? Is your marriage still unhappy even if you married your dream spouse? Check your motives!

Seeking God’s kingdom first helps us to lay a solid foundation for our lives that nothing can destroy. Anything that is built outside this foundation is bound to fail. Mathew 7:24-27

Yet there is hope, Christ can restore all areas of your life once you make him the focus of your living. You can still fulfill that God given destiny, just surrender it all to him. It does not matter how far gone and lost you are, you can begin anew by deciding to start putting God first.

God’s design for your life is far greater and much more beautiful than you can imagine. Decide to put him first today, and by his spirit you would fulfill destiny.

Pray with me, Lord Jesus, I am sorry for living my own way, forgive me and restore me. I come to you today and I surrender my life to you. Help me put you first always and may your kingdom purpose for me be fulfilled in me. In Jesus name. Amen


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