Sometime back, a very “holy brother” wrote me a disturbing message. Disturbing not because it affected me in anyway but because it exposed the level of ignorance this brother was living in. It is not as though this was the first time I was getting this kind of message, but the kind of passion and zeal without knowledge this one came with was what made it disturbing to me.

I got to discover that this brother was actually sending this message with all seriousness thinking he was trying to save me from hell. I decided not to respond to him because I knew he didn’t know any better. But when I didn’t respond, he got offended and decided to come back at me stronger with a recorded voice message.

In the recorded message he sent, he said “you are a disappointment to God, you are a disgrace, you preach sexual purity and keeping virginity till marriage but you are a prostitute. You cannot tell me you are still a virgin when you wear trousers, makeup and jewelry. Your hair-do is like those of the world and you are heading straight to hell if you don’t repent”.

Now this happened over two years ago, then I was still single. But I am writing about it today because of a write up written by someone else who claimed all those wearing trousers are going to hell. I will not mention anybody’s name, but I want to clear the air of ignorance I can see so many people are still living in today, especially in Africa.

Firstly, there is nowhere in the bible that said those who wear trousers, make up and jewelries are going to hell. Stop taking scriptures out of proportion to back up your ignorance. Rather “study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” 2 Timothy 2:15.

I do not have any problem with those who do not want to wear trousers, make up and jewelries. It is totally your choice. Just because you choose to live that way, it does not mean every other person should follow suit. You have no right to condemn another person just because they have different choices from yours.

Christianity is a personal race. It is a relationship and not some bundles of “dos and don’ts”. Enough of the ignorance already! Before you open your mouth to disprove someone or condemn anything, make sure you have done your due diligence in studying about the subject and knowing the truth for yourself not just what someone told you.

This “holy brother” took to calling me names because he claims he was trying to save me from hell. Wow! Isn’t that very interesting coming from a holy person on his way to heaven? Hahahahaha let me laugh before I forget. What a high level of ignorance! Ignorance indeed is a disease.

He said I was a prostitute, but I married my husband a virgin. Why am I talking about this, I know there are so many other ladies out there that might be having this same stigmatization especially in Africa my motherland, because of their dress code preferences.

What I believe in, however, is modesty. Dress decently and neatly. Christianity is not synonymous with dirtiness, untidiness or being unkempt. Stop putting unnecessary weights on people like the Pharisees and Sadducees because of your lack of knowledge.

Dear ladies, do not let the ignorance of others weigh you down. When people tell you things like this, don’t let it bother you. Instead pity the person living and speaking ignorantly. You do not even need to respond to them. Allow them to swim in their ocean of ignorance.

It is high time we encouraged people to build a strong personal relationship with God and stop handing them religion. Some bundles of “dos and don’ts”. Let God work in the life of people and stop being a dictator. Don’t wear this, wear that. Please sirs and madams, is that part of the ministry God gave you too?

On the last day we will know who is going to hell indeed. If it is you who has no personal relationship with God, no fruit of the spirit, no love, full of judgmental attitude or is the person that wears trousers, make ups and jewelries.

Run your race and leave others to run theirs. IT IS A PERSONAL RACE!!! I love you all whether you wear trousers, make ups and jewelries or not.



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