Gen 11:6 …, and now nothing they have imagined they can do will be impossible for them”.

Lots of young ladies have taken the purity covenant, yet find themselves being lured,  young men who want to abstain find themselves falling into the act and some married people do not seem to be able to gain control over their  sexual escapades.

 I’ve come across articles, attended seminars, read books, listened to tapes, yet this menace doesn’t seem to leave the society. The quest for a sexually pure world don’t seem to leave the lips of so many in the society, yet, we hear of more perverts by the day.

 The messages couldn’t have been wrong but more emphasis has been placed on the action to resist rather than the *SOURCE* of the action. 

Behind every action is a cause in the mind. No one acts without thinking, not even an insane person.  

Impurity as a state does not just come upon people, it stars from seemingly unharmful little thought in the mind which is retained and processed till it multiplies and the actual act is carried out.

Many a times, we are too quick to mention how Joseph in the scripture ” _fled_ ” from Potiphar’s wife without considering the thought procession in his mind. 

His ability to flee was not because Potiphar’s wife wasn’t beautiful nor rich, of course, a rich man’s wife is expected to be. Joseph’s ability to flee wasn’t magic, neither was he already programmed like a robot, Uncle Joseph had flesh and blood running in his veins.

He had been pressurised several times before she finally grabbed him yet, he found it difficult to do because he had not retained it in his mind. He said, ” _how could I do such an immoral thing and sin against the Lord”._ It was unimaginable.  Amnon, Tamar’s brother was able to rape his sister because he had imagined it immediately his friend advised him to. 

You are only able to consume a meal offered to you because you’ve initially imagined the satisfaction and pleasure you’d derive from it. A house would never be built without an already laid foundation.

The human mind is constantly a battlefield. the battle for purity is a never ending one hence, the need to *DILIGENTLY* guard it (placing all care and attention to it).

The only reliable and consistent way to control your actions is to control your thoughts. 

One could Wonder, how would I guard my heart? 

By being Productive.

A difference exists between being productive and being busy. A busy person could only be occupied with a lot of activities but not result but for productivity, every of your effort is geared towards yielding results. Do not stay idle, an idle mind is a play ground for licentious thoughts.

Also, avoid things or people that propel such thought. This includes staying away from romance novels, music videos/audios and pictures, keeping off from friends that discuss only immoral discussions and REPLACE  them with books and programs that edify and likewise keeping a company that think aright. An inch of  thought might surface but keep a sieve handy to sift out any unholy thought that is not in conformation to God’s will and your destiny.

Sexual impurity(Masturbation, formication, homosexuality and adultery) beclouds one’s sense of judgement and thinking pattern. 

The fight for purity is a fight for wholesomeness, you can stay pure AGAIN!

you’re too dignified and special to fall back into it.

 *You are the change the world is waiting for, let the change begin with you.*



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