Dear Hephzibah,

I hear your words and see your ways,

You say you know but don’t know enough, 

You started and couldn’t finish,

You act but with no excellence, 

You gave yourself over to half-measure.

To you Half measure is good enough,

But don’t you realise the Master’s desire?

His character and expectations?

To him half measure is no measure,

He gave you life in full measure,

The fullness of His Spirit he made available with pleasure,

That you might finish the race you started,

Finish in full measure, 

Better and stronger each day.

Half truth is no different from a lie,

You know the word of the master only in half measure,

Half measure of truth does not make free,

You need to know enough!

Thank God you speak in other tongues,

A sign that the Holyghost is in you,

But why keep the half measure?

The fullness of His presence is here,

Come drink and drink enough!

‘Be like me’ – the Lord desires,

Hot and not lukewarm,

Excellent and not half measure,

A sign and a wonder you are!

Oh, That your ways might be the full measure 

of the master ;

Full of love and compassion,

And your Acts in His measure.

Bold in power against all darkness,

Taking dominion!

Till I see you in the fullness of His stature,

Peace be with you! 




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