In our last session on this series, we have come to understand that joy is independent of circumstances or situations and its part of the package of the spiritual blessings that we receive during salvation. It is also a fruit of the holy Spirit dwelling within us. Therefore, joy is a heritage of the sons, its the nature of the higher life in us no matter what we come across as we run our race here on earth. 

Apostle Paul exhorted the Philippians to rejoice with emphasis (Phil 4:4) even though he was being brutally persecuted for the gospel yet he admonished the body of Christ not to lose their heritage, joy without measure! Joy is a salient and important weapon in our fight of faith. When you meet up with a challenge whatsoever (financial, marital, heath-wise), there are 2 things the devil is after in order to hold you down;

1. You Joy- The devil doesn’t like to see you joyous because he knows you are still hopeful in the lord your deliverer when you rejoice over that situation and hope does not make ashame or dissapoint. 

2. Your Peace- The enemy knows if your peace can be disturbed, your passion or zeal for God will become  cold because you will not be able to seek the Lord with all your heart. Your lack of peace indicate fear and there is no fear in perfect love.

When you lose your joy, get set to lose your peace. The enemy is already taking the victory that is rightly yours because you allowed him to perpetuate with negative thoughts and depressions to rob you of your joy! Beloved, I believe we are meant to be just like our father. 

The bible says in Psalms 2:4 “He that sits on the throne shall laugh” when the preceding verses actually pointed out that the king of the earth set themselves against God but no situation or principality moves our God nor take joy out of Him. 

Remember Jesus did not also forget to tell his disciples and those who will believe on him afterwards to be of good cheer even though tribulation comes.(John 16:33). Does that send any message to you? He is saying no matter the tribulations you face in life, don’t replace your reality with it by being sorrowful! It is going to wear you out before you receive the promises only if you made it to that time anyways because sorrow wounds your spirit and who can bear a wounded Spirit? Joy strengthens your Spirit man and makes you bear the challenges without falling out. 

The word of God exhorts us to imitate those who through faith and patience receive the promise (Hebrews 6:12). Abraham, the father of faith believed God’s promises to him and waited patiently for the physical manifestation of the promise. He staggered not at God’s promises giving Glory to God. In the period of waiting patiently,it is the wings of joy that will make you soar higher above the winds of doubt and unbelief. Joy will stir you up to give thanks for what you have not seen. Now, how can you keep your joy steady?

1. Turn on the rhythm of praise and worship. Make a decision to praise no matter what either in the good or bad. When you praise your burden is lifeted off you. Your heart receive stillness and joy will flow through you.

2. Keep you tongue from murmurings and  negative talks.Life and death lies in the power of thetongue(Proverbs 18:21). If you want to pray, pray to God making your supplications believing that he hears but don’t murmur. It will only keep you from entering your rest as it did for the Israelites.

3. Keep your ears from the talks  of fear and other negative things. You tend  to believe what you hear often. Rather give your ears to the preaching of the word of faith that can build you up and give you your inheritance among the saints (Act 20:32).

4. Meditate on God’s word, reflect on His promises concerning you.  When you heart is fixed on the word, He keeps you in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3). When your mind is still, joy flows  freely.

5. Speak what you want to see. When you confess God’s word consistently, your doubt dissolves. When doubt is gone, you are able to rejoice in hope.

When you do all these, your river of joy  will overflow its bank. Take off the garment of sorrow, it’s not your property. Your own  heritage is Joy. No matter what has happened, rejoice! Again I say rejoice!  



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