Staying joyful when the situation or circumstances is not looking good can be quite difficult for a believer but when you have the revelation of the importance of Joy in the fight of faith, you will never loose hold of it no matter what.

Apostle Paul exhorts the Philippian church saying “No matter what happen dear friends, be glad in Lord”.Phil 3:1. The contextual meaning of this exhortation is that even when the worse happen and it seem as if all hope is lost, remain joyous. Now, a natural man cannot fathom this because intellect only concur to the idea of circumstantial reaction. That is, when it doesn’t look good, I should be sad and when my expectations are met I should be happy. 

A natural man can not go beyond the level of happiness which is dependent on external forces, joy is at a higher level that he cannot reach with his intellect. Joy is one of the Spiritual blessings that is bestowed on every believer which money or gold cannot buy. It’s an indispensable gift that comes with salvation. 

Every child of God receives joy like a fountain of river as the Holyghost have His dwelling in him or her as a seal of our redemption. So, joy is not for just anybody, it is not common. It can only be found in the spirit of the sons of God and its source is deeply rooted in the Holyghost! Joy is a language of the beloved in  Zion!

If you remember the words of King David, a prosperous and famous king of Isreal, He cried unto God for the restoration of the Joy of His salvation.Though he was under the dispensation of the law, he was only opportuned to partake of the Spirit of God as the Chosen King for God’s people but yet he knew the value of the Joy that comes with the presence of the Holyghost that his whole wealth cannot give. “Take not your HolySpirit from me and restore the Joy of my salvation”, he prayed (Psalms 51:11b,12).

He sinned against God and the presence of God left him. He was aware that only in the presence of God is where the fullness of joy resides (Psalms16:11). How much more now. What an indescribable joy to be God’s own heir!

Our joy is an endowment that nothing or nobody should be  able to tamper with or decide how you rejoice in the Lord except by your own permission of course. We may decide to intentionally block the flow of Joy in us with with our load of worry, depression and fear. This is the enemy’s desire anyway. 

His main mission on you is simple; to kill, steal and destroy your joy because he knows once you keep rejoicing in the Lord and his finished redemptive works for you, you will always proclaim your victory in this fight of faith. He knows that just as a fish cannot live outside water, you can never enjoy the abundance of life that is yours in Christ when he keeps you joyless. For it is only with joy that you draw water from the well of salvation (Isaiah 12:3). 

Dearly beloved, I put it to you today that once you keep your eyes off God’s word, your eyes becomes automatically fixed on your problems. I do not argue the fact that you have some hurdles in life, for the scriptures even says many are the affliction of the righteous but God promise to deliver them from it all (Psalms 34:19). 

You cannot walk with your carnal mind and expect to see the hand of God in your situation. Living by faith is a principle in the kingdom for every son that wants to live a victorious life that Jesus paid for, there is no other way.  Stop looking at the circumstances and start looking at your possessions in the word of God, the substance of what you desire and act with it. That is faith!

 Keep your joy steady, don’t go in and out of it. That will not make you soar. Remain deep and full of  joy. The Joy in your heart will surely put songs of praise on your lips and God dwells in the praises of His people. When God shows up in a situation, he comforts you and give you  double honour for your shames. The praises that goes up will surely make the earth to yield increase for you.

But remember you cannot praise in sorrow. You do it with joy and honour. No matter what happens beloved, be glad in the Lord, rejoice ever more! You can not make the war fare of your faith in sorrow and except an outturn of joy.. Look forward for the second session of this series. Remain full of Joy!



  1. Glory to God! The believers’ lack of this knowledge and reality in Christ allows devil to put sorrow on them; Little wonder some ‘Christians’ erroneously believe joylessness is tantamount to sanctification or righteousness. So unfortunate!

    Thank you Miss Yomi for this enlightenment. More grace and power!!


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