WHAT IS IN YOUR HANDS? BY Masterpiece David Olawade

WHAT IS IN YOUR HANDS? BY Masterpiece David Olawade

Being a believer doesn’t make us useless when it comes to the issues of life.

Jesus was a carpenter, Apostle Paul was a tent maker, Isaac was a farmer, David plays 16 different string instruments.

Bishop David Oyedepo is an architect and he still draws church building designs for some of their church branches.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja is a journalist (B.A, M.A and PhD), when you read his books, you will know what I am talking about.

Lol, Awe Ayodele a.k.a Engr. Kadosh is a Petroleum Engineer even though I only see him drill in the spirit, rivers of living water.

Oghenerobor David Ufuoma is a mechanical engineer, I have not seen him with spanner once in my life, I only see him on the keyboard. The hands he is supposed to use to lose bolts and nuts, he is using it to strike cords in the spirit that provokes angelic protocols.

When God encountered Moses, he asked him “What is in your hands?”. I am also asking you reader of this post “what is in your hands?”, what’s that unique potential you have? Have you discovered it?

What can you do with your hands apart from using it to eat ad count money?

Some folks are so spiritual and concluded that the only thing they can use their hands to do is to hold microphone. Please sir, we hold microphone too and we have discovered that we can’t hold microphone 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 52 weeks a year that is why we became restless to also discover what God can do through our hands.

Don’t tell me that your hands is only meant for impartations via laying on of hands because I will ask you; “how many times do you lay hands on people in a day?”.

I cry for a rise of a generation of anointed fashion designers, lecturers, photographer, event managers, instrumentalists, architects, contractors, bankers and so on. Not everyone of us will be on the pulpit, make every your pulpit and mission. You can also make your career and potential a microphone to preach the kingdom.

Look within, there is something in you crying for expression.


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