THE CONVICTIONS BY Ezenwammadu Tochukwu Catherine

THE CONVICTIONS BY Ezenwammadu Tochukwu Catherine

I was having dessert with my husband at the dining table when he reminded me of a mistake we made while courting.

By the way, we had dropped our children at school today for the commencement of a new session. We watched as other children arrived too, some seemed excited, others looked indifferent, pairs of the opposite sex were at a distant yet open corner feeling quite intimate and exuberant and we guessed they are the ones in relationships. All these reminded us of our youthful days…

“I hope they don’t make the mistake we made babe”, my husband said while taking the last pineapple on his plate.

“What mistake?”, I said.

“The mistake of impure physical intimacy”, he replied.

This was the mistake that almost cost us our relationship and most importantly, our destiny…

During the early days of our relationship we were naive but willing to learn, we kept God at the center but that was only when we felt like…

On one of our anniversaries we decided to acknowledge God, spend time in prayers and sow seeds of thanksgiving to show how grateful we are for our relationship.

In the heat of the prayer James (my husband) and I began to cry, we didn’t know why but we knew we had to ask God for mercy for the sins we’ve committed.

“Nothing kills a relationship faster than physical intimacy”, I said this while tears rolled from my eyes, not knowing how those words left my lips.

“We’ve focused on the flesh and we’ve done nothing but compromise, Catherine we must totally surrender to God”, James spoke out suddenly.

The room became silent. All we knew was WE WERE BEING CONVICTED.

Our relationship was driven by Lust, Lack of understanding and Selfishness. There was no life in it, I mean the LIFE OF CHRIST.

Let me tell you how we ended arguments,

If I ever did anything wrong, it’s just a matter of a kiss and everything will be put aside.

We never had to fight, not when a simple cuddle can fix it.

We were so dependent on the flesh that we covered up our mistakes and shortcomings by sexual intimacy, we were indeed LOST!

I was rude but James couldn’t correct me, we could easily get carried away by a single act of an intimate touch.

James had issues with greed but i couldn’t correct him, I didn’t want him to be angry and not give me a peck before he dropped me off, yes! I was that selfish.

We were blinded by lust and we called it love, forgetting that love rejoiceth not in iniquity 1 Corinthians 13:6.

The conviction was over and now it was time for instructions from the HolySpirit. As we knelt down we knew exactly what He wanted, nothing but;




RRR- We can never forget this.

“Lord”, James prayed, “We rededicate our lives and relationship into your hands, we choose to surrender to your will, we choose your word and we choose your principles. From today, this relationship of ours is a Jesus relationship and it is empty without you, we ask for grace to do your will and abstain from sin, Thank you Jesus for your endless love upon our lives, Thank You”.

What an amazing anniversary that was!, I hope you learn from our experience.


Just before I end this post, I have some questions for you;

– Is the HolySpirit convicting you on any aspect of your life?

-Are you being corrected and instructed without you responding with obedience?

My dear, yield today and you will NEVER regret it,

May God bless every godly relationship and orchestrate the end to every ungodly relationship for His glory.


I am nothing but a blessed writer, no qualifications, no practice, no experience, just inspired by the most High God. Yes, I am blessed!


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