Many people have never bowed to the god of immorality ever in their entire lives.

Some have never stolen in their offices or defrauded any man in their businesses and services hitherto.

That majority are doing evil doesn’t imply that everybody is doing it.

I can boldly say, God is pleased with those lives because their knees are not bowed to Baal and they will enter heaven.

But all these morality without impacts is not sound enough Sir.

Seven thousands (7,000) people (excluding the prophets that were killed already) were reserved for God in Israel in the days of Elijah, yet idolatry, immorality and profanity prevailed all through that land.

Only Elijah with his attendant were known outside their homes standing for God. Others were in their homes, farmland and cattle fields bearing no burden for the kingdom.

No wonder Elijah locked heaven of rain over all of them alongside the unbelievers.

None of them had registered voice in heaven to change what Elijah proclaimed over the land for good three and half years.

Because of indifference to national affairs,

No identification with the generals of God,

No undertaking nor influence even in their little corners; Elijah concluded that only him was left serving God in the entire Israel.

Because others were not bold (not that they were humble), they made that prophet of God to press and became pressed to frustration to an extent of preferring death to life.

Many of these unrecognized, indifferent and spiritual reactionaries were undergoing servitude to the kings of the land with his princes in order to survive.

Yet they were never a threat to the kingdom of darkness, but the prophets of Baal waxed fat.


That you’re very moral as a Christian shouldn’t be overrated in any sense because grace is teaching us godliness sufficiently.

However, I wish to say our impacts have not been felt in the land as much as expected.

Even though we are recognized by God, as His own; should we leave only the few combating overtly the coven of darkness to the task alone?

How pleasant would it have been for the 7000 to have been on fire? Considering the number of people @ the upper room who latter turned the world upside down.

I opined that the land would have been covered without anybody being worn out.

This religious affiliation coupled with fruitlessness must just stop.

This Churchy activities with passive or negligible contribution to societal, national and humanitarian development is not helping sir.

In that industry, all you are known for is to take opening prayer even after serving there for 15 years.

Sir, when you lack the technical and intellectual know how to stand among the governing board, how many of those that came after you have you influenced ahead of time?

Enough of complaints Sir, your voice is not heard even when you use microphone.

If we continue like this, there can’t be any change anywhere. We must be the change we clamour to have, or else we die in silence!

Let everyone rejoicing in chastity without identity and morality without value change for better.

Pursue after knowledge, add values to yourself, we need your brands (of sound characters) in the elms of affairs.

But we don’t want to be ashamed later by your promotion due to lack of substance.


Let those that have not bowed to Baal, rejoice for the leading champions are at the brink of relinquishing power and mantles.

Press to be anointed like Elisha for that’s the difference maker.

I want to assure you, that anyone that escape the sword of Elisha shall Jehu slay and anyone that escape the sword of Jehu shall Hazael slay. No escape for the enemy for the rising armies are on rampage.


Ajisafe Olawale M.


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