I had a prompting in my spirit to do my post graduates studies(masters) immediately after my N.Y.S.C. After I applied and wrote the first screening entrance exams, some folks asked me; “is it God that asked you to do your masters”. I smiled within as I considered having had a prompting, “do I still have to do marathon fasting for days so as to be sure God would have me do it”. 

There are better things to wait upon God for. My hours and days of waiting upon Him shouldn’t always be to ask or confirm what He has not asked me not to do but a time out to enjoy His presence.

Months after I passed the first stage of the exams, I was at a 3-days marathon fasting and prayer conference all through the weekend. As we rounded up the conference Sunday morning in Akure, Ondo state, Nigeria, I got to my Aunt’s place to relax and put myself together that afternoon. I enabled my internet connection on my phone, I checked my e-mail and discovered I had the departmental exam the next day by 9 a.m.

Thoughts like “it’s a late notification, how can I make it to Ibadan, Oyo State that evening?, my credentials are in Lagos and so on”. As I journeyed that evening, the vehicle I boarded was attacked by robbers in Osun state. God delivered us from the robbers as they shot sporadically to the air asking us to stop but thanks to God because our driver had the opportunity to show us real “fast and furious” display as he turned back dramatically at the front of the robbers that night.

We waited in a near by village for like an hour and later continued the journey as the robbers vacated the scene having attacked other vehicles. I got to Ibadan late that night, my credentials were scanned and sent to me. I wrote the exams, passed it and was shortlisted for the interview. To the glory of God, I was admitted.


If I had discussed these events with some folks, they would had told me; 

“God does not want you do your masters that’s why the notification came late after the conference.”

“The armed robbers’ attack was a sign that God does not want you to do the exam”.

I have realised over time that this question has been one of the major reasons why many believers remain mediocres and irresponsible to taking steps that would make them fulfill purpose maximally.

Sometimes, when you are about to take a positive step on a particular area of your life and something tells you “Is it God that asks me to do it?”, tell the voice also, “is God telling me not to do it?”. If these questions can be well considered, you will get to know what you really need to do per time. 

Maybe am sounding carnal? Let me ask you these questions;

When you took your bath this morning, did you wait for the Holy Spirit to show you a revelation in your dreams that you had your bath before you did?

When you took your breakfast and probably had lunch today, was it an angel that ministered to you before you considered doing so?

When you proceeded to the university after finishing at the secondary school, did you hear an audible voice saying “my son, you can now go to the university”.

When you gave your life to Christ, did you wait to see the heaven open and Jesus to you before you begin to proclaim and believe your inheritance in Christ?

When you started speaking in tongues, was it an angel that told you; “it’s time to speak in tongues” before you believed that the spirit of the Lord was upon?

Why am I saying these?

I believe in hearing and waiting upon God to get instructions for a conquest, I do that too sir.

I believe that “out of the mouth of two or more witnesses, the truth is established”, I also tell people to pray along with me after I received promptings in my spirit to take some steps.

Often times, we have stereotyped our mind to act based on the answer to one part of the questions “is God asking me to take a particular step” and we spend our whole life wanting to get the answer. Sometimes we won’t get the answer until we ask ourself the question; “is God asking me not to take the step”.

After God called Abraham out of his kindren, he moved in faith and progress positively. As he continued his journey God continued revealing what he needed to do. If it was our this day christian, they would have stayed behind praying and fasting in anticipation of God telling them all about the journey before they take a step. 

Many would say they will still wait to hear God speak to them again on when exactly they need to move. Some would say, they need a confirmation from someone before they proceed. 

God still desire our prompt obedience and our faith as we proceed positively with issues of our life. Stop waiting to see the clear picture of your dreams before taking a step. Martin Luther King Jr. said “faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the full stair case”.

Stop waiting and wasting away. Nations are waiting for your manifestations. Sectors of this generation are still desolate because men are still waiting to see the clear picture of what they need to do. As you are crying to God; “Lord am waiting on you”, God is also saying; “son, daughter, am also waiting for you to take a step”.

Sometimes, the reason why it seems as if God is not saying anything as regards your visions is because He is expecting you to take a step of faith. Arise and stop sitting down. You have retired enough, it’s time to get serious and act.


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