ACROSS THE BORDER By Nurudeen Oluwasegun Saliu

ACROSS THE BORDER By Nurudeen Oluwasegun Saliu

I learnt a very sacrosanct lesson across Nigeria border. I was sited in a place thirsty when my pastor was not with me, I had money on me, I see people selling sachet water but I couldn’t buy. Why?

The money on me was Naira, my naira is more valuable than their own currency but I couldn’t buy anything. Uhm!!! What am I driving at???

I have come to understand something called “Divine Location”. What you’re carrying has a particular place where it’s needed, no matter how great your anointing, if you’re not in your location, you might be wasting your time. 

“You’ll have dominion only in your domain”. Where is your domain???

Before John was born, he was called ” A voice speaking in the wilderness” Matt. 3:3, the only day recorded that he tried speaking in the city, he lost his life for it. Mark 6:15-30(18).

Adeboye was led to a wilderness in Mowe, Ogun state.

Oyedepo to Ota……

A lot of ministries around redemption camp you’ve never heard of. If Sunday Adelaja after knowing he was called stayed in Nigeria, today we might never hear of his name but he’s as at today one of the greatest personality in Ukrain even as a Yoruba man. 

If Dangote has chosen to start his business in USA, his name might never leave the gloom but today he is the richest Blackman on earth even in the “so called” poor Nigeria.

Matthew Ashimolowo is a father of many nations today because he discovered his location. We never knew him when he was in Nigeria but today he runs one of the most influential ministries in United Kingdom.

Ogun state is proposing naming a street after Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua (WBO) (Radio news), Nigeria and Britain are both trying to claim him. Why??? It’s simply because he found his location. We never knew him when he was in Nigeria…..

Naomi left the land because of famine all to come back with a changed name “Mara” Ruth 1:20. But Isaac sowed in the land even in the time of famine and reaped an hundred fold Gen. 26:12.

A lot of people have traveled to United State all to come back empty handed and even worse off and some are still there in pain, hungry and famishing. A lot of people are still in Lagos today only because they can’t stand the shame of going back to their village the way they are.

Looking closely at Jesus’ ministry you will notice the place of times and locations in his ministry. When he was even going he told the Disciples not to leave Jerusalem until they receive power Act. 1:4, he knew the Spiritual location for the receiving of power for them as at then.

Sometimes, you only need to know where to initiate it ( Ministry, business, ideas…………)as much as you want it all over the world, if you don’t get to know the location to initiate it from, I don’t care how great it is it might not see the light of the day. Even Jesus wants the gospel all over the world but he instructed them to start from Jerusalem Act. 1:8.You don’t belong everywhere but I assure you, your belongings are right where you belong. 

Friends, either in ministry, business, or any endeavor of life. You must tenaciously seek to know where your land is. “Your provision is in your location, know it”. Your anointing, gifts, business, intellect….. in a wrong location no matter how great it is or what it’s value is is as useless as naira across Nigeria border… 

Nurudeen Oluwasegun Saliu


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