WHO TOLD YOU? By Nurudeen Oluwasegun Saliu

WHO TOLD YOU? By Nurudeen Oluwasegun Saliu

Text: Acts  2:31 He seeing this before spake of the resurrection of Christ, that his soul was not left in hell, neither his flesh did see corruption.

Jesus delivered us from the power of hell and grave Rev. 1:18 but he once was a captive of both.

Moses delivered the Israelites from Egypt but he once also was in their bonds. Exo. 2.

Ezekiel was also amongst the captives Eze 1:1, but he was later the one sent to the Israelites Eze. 2:3.

Daniel was amongst the Babylonia captives, yet it is believed he prayed out the deliverance of the whole Israelites after knowing by book. Dan. 9:2, Jer. 25:12 , Jer. 29:10.

For how long will you allow depression and the devil’s ministrstion that you’ll die in that addiction, sin, bad habit, unfavorable conditions, barrenness…. 

Stand up and tell the devil you’ll be free and even free others. You were not born to be a captive, you were born to deliver the captivated Luke 4:18.

If Saul (Paul) could still become the greatest of the Apostles, who told you your time is over?

If Naomi could still laugh again, who told you you will cry forever?

If Rahab (The proclaimed harlot) Josh. 2:1 could appear among the giants of faith Heb. 11:31, who told you you can not break away from immorality?

If the woman delivered of seven demonic Spirit became the first to see Jesus, who said your present condition is your position?

If the disdained Nazareth could produce the messiah, who told you your life can never produce great things again?

I need you to see yourself where you believe it’s your place in life and receive grace to work towards it. Your present condition might be directly opposite your actual position. Don’t give up!!! 


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