*I take responsibility for the strife and counter reactions that this post might bring.*

What we had in history is not what we are seeing any more o.

It used to be young men pursuing young girls, but where the downturn comes from I don’t know.

If the focus is only on make up, wigs and wavons, we may not be able to make up for the future generation.

If just 21 days is too much a sexual holiday for a young girl to an extent of inviting a young daft guy for the act inside a regimented environment like NYSC camp, I began to be afraid of where we are going.

When secondary school student submits letters with photographs inside assignment to their teachers, I wonder what has come over such.

When we hardly find ladies in numbers pursuing a clear cut vision for better life for humanity, am afraid if the visionary gentlemen won’t forgo their longings for maximal destiny delivery on getting married to this brands of slay queens.

The fundamental core values may become scarce in homes, due to the breeds we have now as potential mothers.

I know it is not all ladies, but most, I mean MOST are not living for substantive mission.

Insecurity is everywhere, even in the church suspicion is heightened to the highest in human history. All because trust is reduced to mere theory.

I have been of the opinion that; our society is biased by casting virtually all the blames on the female folks when it comes to all this inordinate affections, and without the availability of male partners, the slay baes’ desires would have end up as unhatched egg.

However, I perceive the heart beat of our ladies from their dresses to gesture to movement amongst others, as too suggestive and accentuating.

Unfortunately we have guys without restraint for lustful stimuli.

I see the rat race for equity “what a man can do, a woman can do better”

But looking closely, I see the percentage of young female folks pursuing destiny as a negligible fraction.

On facebook, most post from my female friends are either about fashion, party or pleasure and relationships.
Inside campuses, it’s all of appearance and none of content.

Can’t this trend of Eve making Adam to fall, stop?

Can’t this Delilah attitude stop?

Can’t this Jezebel multiplicity be altered?

Why this number of Mrs portipha?

Where are the Deborahs?

Where are the Esthers?

Where are the Marys?

Where are the Akunyilis?

Who would be the next Salif Johnson?

Who are the ladies that the generation will later stand for and say; “blessed art thou amongst women”

Girlfriends hear this;

Boyfriends are being satisfied emotionally now but they will hate and curse the day they met you later with deep contempt.

NB: Respects to the few ones that have not joined the bandwagon of empty show off.

We love, Cherish and care for you, as we see many of you challenging the status quo.

Some even leading graduating sets from varsities,

Some of you showing outstanding leadership and entrepreneurial abilities.

For this set, may your kinds be many.

For the majority, it’s not over until it’s finally over, read about person like Joyce Meyer and Rehab the biblical harlot.

I love you all, looking forward to seeing better you!

Ajisafe Olawale M.


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