Years ago when the Lord gave me the mandate to subdue the media using my writing skills via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, many of the responses I got from people was that it was not possible for me to make a tangible difference due to kind of stuffs we get to see often online. 

They asked me;
What do you know about writing?

Who has time to be reading articles momentarily?

What do you have to write that people can’t read from books of renowned authors?

Who knows you and trust you with their time to read your stuffs?

Who are you to inspire or motivate others?

The questions goes on and on from different people I shared my plans with. I sat down one day weighed the questions with my determination and inner drive, I concluded that the answer to these questions is based on my disposition about the reality of my vision. 

I said to myself no man can see the reality of my vision better than I do. I started confessing it loud to myself, “By the help of God;

I will touch the whole world through my write ups?

Nations, families, organizations, sectors and individuals will impacted by my writings?

I will create an online global community for writers and all the nations shall visit it and be blessed by the wisdom of God at work in men?

I will give men the right approaches and mind sets for a life of fulfilment in Christ Jesus?

No man’s criticism or negative opinions will stop me from doing what God has given me the power to do?”

Where there challenges?
Yes! They were coming in volumes as I proceeded on this course. I knew nothing about blogging and online publishing at first but I developed myself. 

I remember those days when I read my own articles and say to myself, “this is rubbish, who will read this”. I developed myself by reading and following other authors that came my way.

I remember when I started, some folks told me, “do you think people are reading all these your daily posts” but I told them”that you don’t read it does not mean others are not reading it or will not read it”. Smiles, My response is weird.

I have seen many lives transformed, many getting bearing for their lives, yokes of addictions broken, people revived and getting very serious with their spirit growth, writers, bloggers, publishers arising from a direct or indirect contact with Masterpiece Publishing House, I have trained many writers online and on ground and so on to the glory of God.

If you desire to know!

Against all odds and different challenges I experience momentarily, By His grace, Masterpiece Punishing House is reaching out to over 3,000 souls in over 80 countries momentarily. Over 400 life transforming articles and tens of e-books have been published yet we are still very far from our expectations but no regrets, we are still grateful to God.

We have trained hundreds of writers, bloggers, editors and publishers yet we are still training ourselves daily to improve our writing skills and get more knowledge about what we do and what we are yet to do.

Why am I saying all these?

May be you are reading this post and you are saying in your heart he is boasting, I have these words for you;

All have said is true without any iota of exaggeration, you can make your finding or ask me for the proofs.

If my present progress is giving any one headache, the headache might aggravate to something more chronic soon because am still far from my dreams. What you see now is just a preparation phase of what lies ahead.

May be you are reading this post and you are saying in your heart this guy has done wonderful stuffs or you are applauding me, I have these words for you;

What have I done that God does not have an hand in it?, without Him I can do nothing.

Any man can do beyond what I have done if God gives him the grace and strength.

I still have volumes of things to do and am still far from what lies ahead.


I am saying these to let you know that you can achieve virtually almost everything for which you have unlimited enthusiasm for if you are conscious of God’s grace at work in you.

Don’t allow anyone deceive you that what you are doing or planning to do is not worth it, many of them desire they could conceive the idea or take some of the steps you have taken.

Many of the things people criticize and try to talk down about your headways are pointers to areas of your life that you took responsibility for.

When you see any man criticize your positive progress, know that such man desires to have the opportunities you have at heart.

I am concern about your progress, future and exploits. Together we would herald this generation positively with notable results.

Keep your head up high, continue to response to the promptings of the spirit and silence every voices that make you feel you don’t know what you are doing after having a clue of your positive progress over time.

Everyday is a plus, I believe in you. Much love. 


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