“Whatever God has given you is not for you alone, if you are selfish about it, you would waste it!”

This dropped on my mind as I thought about an incident that happened some months ago.

It is very easy for us believers to slip into selfishness if we are not careful. We tend to want to preserve and keep all God has given us to ourselves. We feel we should at least enjoy the fruit of our labor, but we never realize that we are gradually wasting heaven’s resources.

The best way to make proper and highly productive use of the little God has given you is to share it. Until you share it, you would never discover the mighty potential locked in it.

If the widow of Zarephath had failed to share her last meal with the prophet Elijah, she never would have discovered that what she thought was just enough for a meal could take her for many days without running out (1 kings 17:8-16).

When we share what God has given us, we provoke divine multiplication, and what seems so little and inconsequential, becomes great and adds value to many.

You cannot multiply divine gifting, talents, inspiration, ideas, provision until you share it with others. Until you begin to invest that little thing you have received from God in the life of others, it would remain little and consequently wasted.

There is hidden in every little provision God has given us, the potential for greatness, yet ironically, this greatness is untapped until that little thing is shared.

What is it that God has given you? Ideas, intelligence, time, divine insight, special skills, money, food, cloths, connections, etcetera, they remain wasted if all you do with them is to service your needs alone.

God has not given you anything for you alone, he has gifted you with those things so he can use you as a means to reach out to others who need them. 

He is not unable to give them by himself, he only wants you to be part of his divine network for answering human requests.

What are you doing with all the time you have, until you learn to invest it for the benefit of others, it would be wasted.

What are you doing with all the resources you have, until you put it to good use for the benefit of others, it would remain wasted.

There is a call before you to begin to invest your talents in benefiting others so you are not guilty of wasting eternal resources.

Remember, the one servant who failed to invest the talent of his master was cast to hell for his selfishness (Mathew 25:14-30).

God hates selfishness, share with someone today!


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