I was taught never to leave a place without everybody there feeling a vacuum, but this assertion wasn’t understood often as it’s intended.

Maybe you left an office and the one who took over after you was a mess. Sir, just believe you had no legacy.

Having relinquished power to your successor, if you’re still the one acting in duty capacity, it’s conspicuous that you can’t build an empire that will abide.

My heart bled looking back to ‘one’ of the places I left behind in furtherance of life vision and pressing for the high calling, as I still have to be in charge of affairs from a far distance.

Some said to me, your departure was looking like extinction of this course. In admiration they said I’ve stood the ground that history cannot forget.

But little do they know that there cannot be any positive history if there is no continuity.

Excuse Sir, stop rejoicing that they are saying your kind is rare simply because you left no replica. It is a simple way of describing you a failure.

Success without successors is a FAILURE!

If we leave any office and we are unable to have better, brighter and stronger successors in numbers, we are just like a serpent crossing a rocky ground without any mark.

They may celebrate us, they may even give us awards, but the euphoria cannot last long, because the platform is on voyage to extinction.

They may even call us the game changer, but we are only visionless game players in action.

Am not writing for comments or likes, am sharing a burden that’s paining me right away.

Of what use is our labours, self denial and sacrifices if it won’t be passed to another generation? Ending with us alone, then we’ve existed for ourselves without a memorial.

Jesus Christ raised twelve rugged crux men (special squads) among the multitudes. Today billions are adherents to the same faith planted over 2000 years ago.

Checking all the pioneers of various school of thoughts, many of them lived briefly in the 18th century or after. We quote them till date, even after several reformations.

Little wonder why medieval philosophy is still relevant hitherto.

Any vision that cannot outlive the visioneer is an illusion, misapprehension or at best an ambition.

If you have failed like myself along this line, pls resolve like me never to repeat such a mistake again.

Temporal impacts is viewed as an accidental accomplishment by grandeurs. Only long live is a test of deliberate accomplishment.

In a nutshell, as we contribute our quotas to any course of action at all, we should take it so seriously to build those who can carry on beyond where we’d stop.

We need to look back and thank God for the better ones coming behind us who by recognition will herald aloud that; “they are who they are because of those who came before them”.

In this shall your joy be multiplied!

The platform on which you’re standing now is another chance to either rewrite your own history with proper editing or you allow indifference to write it for you later on.

To all all leaders in various levels and categories:

Union Leaders,

Fellowship leaders,

Association leaders,

Business leaders,

Consortium leaders,

Political leaders,

Conglomerates leaders,

Social group leaders,

Career officers,

Legal Luminaries,





May we not die even while living, and may we not labour in vain.

Ajisafe Olawale M.


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