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Many people have never bowed to the god of immorality ever in their entire lives.

Some have never stolen in their offices or defrauded any man in their businesses and services hitherto.

That majority are doing evil doesn’t imply that everybody is doing it.

I can boldly say, God is pleased with those lives because their knees are not bowed to Baal and they will enter heaven.

But all these morality without impacts is not sound enough Sir.

Seven thousands (7,000) people (excluding the prophets that were killed already) were reserved for God in Israel in the days of Elijah, yet idolatry, immorality and profanity prevailed all through that land.

Only Elijah with his attendant were known outside their homes standing for God. Others were in their homes, farmland and cattle fields bearing no burden for the kingdom.

No wonder Elijah locked heaven of rain over all of them alongside the unbelievers.

None of them had registered voice in heaven to change what Elijah proclaimed over the land for good three and half years.

Because of indifference to national affairs,

No identification with the generals of God,

No undertaking nor influence even in their little corners; Elijah concluded that only him was left serving God in the entire Israel.

Because others were not bold (not that they were humble), they made that prophet of God to press and became pressed to frustration to an extent of preferring death to life.

Many of these unrecognized, indifferent and spiritual reactionaries were undergoing servitude to the kings of the land with his princes in order to survive.

Yet they were never a threat to the kingdom of darkness, but the prophets of Baal waxed fat.


That you’re very moral as a Christian shouldn’t be overrated in any sense because grace is teaching us godliness sufficiently.

However, I wish to say our impacts have not been felt in the land as much as expected.

Even though we are recognized by God, as His own; should we leave only the few combating overtly the coven of darkness to the task alone?

How pleasant would it have been for the 7000 to have been on fire? Considering the number of people @ the upper room who latter turned the world upside down.

I opined that the land would have been covered without anybody being worn out.

This religious affiliation coupled with fruitlessness must just stop.

This Churchy activities with passive or negligible contribution to societal, national and humanitarian development is not helping sir.

In that industry, all you are known for is to take opening prayer even after serving there for 15 years.

Sir, when you lack the technical and intellectual know how to stand among the governing board, how many of those that came after you have you influenced ahead of time?

Enough of complaints Sir, your voice is not heard even when you use microphone.

If we continue like this, there can’t be any change anywhere. We must be the change we clamour to have, or else we die in silence!

Let everyone rejoicing in chastity without identity and morality without value change for better.

Pursue after knowledge, add values to yourself, we need your brands (of sound characters) in the elms of affairs.

But we don’t want to be ashamed later by your promotion due to lack of substance.


Let those that have not bowed to Baal, rejoice for the leading champions are at the brink of relinquishing power and mantles.

Press to be anointed like Elisha for that’s the difference maker.

I want to assure you, that anyone that escape the sword of Elisha shall Jehu slay and anyone that escape the sword of Jehu shall Hazael slay. No escape for the enemy for the rising armies are on rampage.


Ajisafe Olawale M.


THE CONVICTIONS BY Ezenwammadu Tochukwu Catherine

THE CONVICTIONS BY Ezenwammadu Tochukwu Catherine

I was having dessert with my husband at the dining table when he reminded me of a mistake we made while courting.

By the way, we had dropped our children at school today for the commencement of a new session. We watched as other children arrived too, some seemed excited, others looked indifferent, pairs of the opposite sex were at a distant yet open corner feeling quite intimate and exuberant and we guessed they are the ones in relationships. All these reminded us of our youthful days…

“I hope they don’t make the mistake we made babe”, my husband said while taking the last pineapple on his plate.

“What mistake?”, I said.

“The mistake of impure physical intimacy”, he replied.

This was the mistake that almost cost us our relationship and most importantly, our destiny…

During the early days of our relationship we were naive but willing to learn, we kept God at the center but that was only when we felt like…

On one of our anniversaries we decided to acknowledge God, spend time in prayers and sow seeds of thanksgiving to show how grateful we are for our relationship.

In the heat of the prayer James (my husband) and I began to cry, we didn’t know why but we knew we had to ask God for mercy for the sins we’ve committed.

“Nothing kills a relationship faster than physical intimacy”, I said this while tears rolled from my eyes, not knowing how those words left my lips.

“We’ve focused on the flesh and we’ve done nothing but compromise, Catherine we must totally surrender to God”, James spoke out suddenly.

The room became silent. All we knew was WE WERE BEING CONVICTED.

Our relationship was driven by Lust, Lack of understanding and Selfishness. There was no life in it, I mean the LIFE OF CHRIST.

Let me tell you how we ended arguments,

If I ever did anything wrong, it’s just a matter of a kiss and everything will be put aside.

We never had to fight, not when a simple cuddle can fix it.

We were so dependent on the flesh that we covered up our mistakes and shortcomings by sexual intimacy, we were indeed LOST!

I was rude but James couldn’t correct me, we could easily get carried away by a single act of an intimate touch.

James had issues with greed but i couldn’t correct him, I didn’t want him to be angry and not give me a peck before he dropped me off, yes! I was that selfish.

We were blinded by lust and we called it love, forgetting that love rejoiceth not in iniquity 1 Corinthians 13:6.

The conviction was over and now it was time for instructions from the HolySpirit. As we knelt down we knew exactly what He wanted, nothing but;




RRR- We can never forget this.

“Lord”, James prayed, “We rededicate our lives and relationship into your hands, we choose to surrender to your will, we choose your word and we choose your principles. From today, this relationship of ours is a Jesus relationship and it is empty without you, we ask for grace to do your will and abstain from sin, Thank you Jesus for your endless love upon our lives, Thank You”.

What an amazing anniversary that was!, I hope you learn from our experience.


Just before I end this post, I have some questions for you;

– Is the HolySpirit convicting you on any aspect of your life?

-Are you being corrected and instructed without you responding with obedience?

My dear, yield today and you will NEVER regret it,

May God bless every godly relationship and orchestrate the end to every ungodly relationship for His glory.


I am nothing but a blessed writer, no qualifications, no practice, no experience, just inspired by the most High God. Yes, I am blessed!



50 years ago, a hero was born in a small city of Ijebu-ode called Idomila, Ogun state, Nigeria. He grew up in wisdom, strength and favour despite the fact that he had to sail through the voyage of challenges. He journeyed from cradle through “THE ROAD OF GREATNESS”.

He was poor but he discovered his riches in Christ and believed “MONEY WON’T MAKE HIM RICH”. He declared “WAR AGAINST POVERTY” in the lives of people around him as he is continually “GROWING WEALTHY WITHOUT TEARS”.

He was naked but discovered his covering in Christ; he had no shoes but now the sole of his shoes is possessing nations for God; he was a corn pap seller now a kingdom carrier as he discovered “LIFE IN GOD’S KINGDOM”. He is continually living a “KINGDOM DRIVEN LIFE” as he overcame the “MOUNTAINS OF IGNORANCE” as a growing believer.

A need arose in heaven on whom will deliver the citizens of the then soviet union (USSR) from communism and God said; “whom shall I send?”, he became “THE MAN THAT GOD WILL USE”. He was 3 months in the Lord after he encountered Jesus while viewing a t.v programme by the renowned Pastor W.F Kumuyi. God saw a communism deliverer in him as God has proposed before he was formed in his mother’s womb. 

He got a scholarship to study in America and U.S.S.R, “Where should I go?” was his heart cry. His passion was to make others partake to the stage of metamorphosis that stated three months ago in his life. “should I go to America or U.S.S.R?” he pondered and God spoke to him through his pastor; “if you survive in the communist society, you can survive anywhere”. He took the challenge; he arrived at the promise land. He saw the giants, “why do you send me here Lord” he cried in desperation. He trusted God for an answer and God spoke to him through a vision to commission him for the harvest of the communist society.

He was “INSULTED BY THE UNGODLINESS” and He said to himself; “NATIONAL GREATNESS BEGINS FROM HERE”. The burden of “SPEARHEADING A NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION” overwhelmed him as he continually heard the Holy Spirit in the college telling him; “THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU”. He pondered as the Holy Spirit asked Him; “COULD YOU BE THE ABRAHAM OF YOUR NATION?”

With an option to go to a renowned bible college, he remained in the wilderness as the Holy Spirit told him, embrace “THE WILDERNESS IN YOUR LIFE”. After the wilderness experience as a student, with distinction in journalism and the call upon him, he went to the media to speak the good news. The result he expected was not forth coming then he trusted God for a direction. The direction came as a definition to what genuine ministry means; Touching Lives With The Love Of Christ which is the “ESSENCE AND VALUE OF LIFE”.

He left his confide, removed his jacket and ties, took away the pulpit and started touching lives. He went to the outcast, the drug addict, the alcoholics to fill the vacuum in their hearts as he was provoked “FOR THE  LOVE OF GOD AND NATION” which is “THE HAPPINESS OF A MAN”. 

He touched people with the love of Christ, the truth of the word and “THE TREASURES OF THE KINGDOM”. “The solution we need is around us” the people yelled. He overcame the persecutions of the government and heralded the orange revolution. He had “VICTORY DESPITE THE DEVIL”.

He is the light the darkness of communism could not comprehend. He is the solution to the waste cities and desolate land. He is a repairer of the breach. His life has given birth to “THE RESTORERS OF THE EARTH” , “KINGS AND JUDGES OF THE EARTH”. Many through him has discoverd that “LIFE IS PREDICTABLE”.

In him was the love the outcast needed. In him was the fullness for their vacuum. He has subdued and still subduing kingdoms with the light of the gospel. He is out with a message to the body of Christ, “CHURCH SHIFT”.

He is the initiator of the communist revival, he is a hero of faith, a walking gospel, a kingdom imposer, an impact maker, a trailblazer and a world changer. He is “PASTORING WITHOUT TEARS”. He is heralding his world and still fully active in subduing the whole earth for God as an harvest.

He is returning to Nigeria soon as he believes “ONLY GOD CAN SAVE NIGERIA”. He has an answer to the question, “IS LEADERSHIP THE MAIN PROBLEMS OF NIGERIA?”.

He is 50 today, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, the initiator of Communist Revival.

You are my Hero D.S.A.

Note, all capitalized letters with the parentheses are titles of Dr. Sunday Adelaja’s books. You can get them on amazon.

For the love of my mentor, embassy of God and Ukraine.





Luke 24:49, KJV: “And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.”

Acts 1:8, KJV: “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth”

Your Jerusalem is your origin; where you master the principles of walking with God; where you experience storms of discouragements; where you make most mistakes and feel like giving up; where you practice the things of God.

How you see and respond to your Jerusalem would determine how far you would go in life and fulfill God’s mandate for your life.

Your Jerusalem is your “going through location” that takes you to your “going to be destination” that God has prepared for you.

Be careful how you handle your Jerusalem. Don’t despise the day of little beginnings, because your Jerusalem is your launch pad into greatness. Don’t toy with the dealings of God for you at your Jerusalem.


Acts 2:42, KJV: “And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.”

You must continue steadfastly in your Jerusalem, it is not a once for all experience. It is a passing through phase for a breaking through.

Your Jerusalem can be your undergraduate or post graduate experience in the university, your present place of work, mission field, a ministry God gave to you and so on; it is meant to prepare you for your uttermost part of the earth.


Acts 2:2, KJV: “And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.”

Five hundred people saw Jesus ascend to heaven when he gave the instruction “tarry he in Jerusalem” (Luke 24:49), but when they were assembled in Jesrualem to yield to the instruction, only 120 people was there.

What happened to the 380 people that were not there? It was the sabbath day, the day of Pentecost. Every Jew are present in Jerusalem for worship, so they were in Jerusalem but decided to heed to something else.

Have you left your Jerusalem? A moment of deep thinking would do. What’s that instruction God gave you long time ago that you have not given attention or gave up on?

Don’t run away from your Jerusalem, the rushing mighty wind is on the way that would send you to the uttermost parts of the earth.

The 120 stayed in the upper room for days waiting for the sudden transformation. They didn’t not know how long it would be but they were determined, desperate and endured. You have to do the same because you don’t know when God would transform you with the full capacity to reach your world.

May be you are trying to calculate it and you are saying “I have waited so long to get this and that, I am tired of not seeing a trace of the result of my efforts over time”. 

Are you comparing yourself with someone else? As the gestation time of animals differ so is the manifestations of individuals. What you are carrying is different and might require more time. That you are not making the headlines now does not necessarily mean you are lazy. There is an appointed time for the manifestation of man who is conscious of and responsible to his Jerusalem.

When you are responsible to your Jerusalem, you are waiting in hope but if you are off it, you will be waiting in vain. 

“…Though it may tarry, wait for it for it shall surely come to past..”- Hab. 3:1-4

Romans 8:25, KJV: “But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.”

Hold forth your patience, when you are losing your patience convert it to endurance. Hold forth your endurance, when you are losing your endurance lay hold of longsuffering. Hold forth your longsuffering, you won’t lose your longsuffering because between the periods of your patience and longsuffering lies your sudden transformation. Have you forgotten? All these are fruit of the spirit that we must possess and allow to have their roots in our life.


Mark 3:15, KJV: “And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach”.

Our uttermost part of the earth is our place of stardom, limelight and exploits when the results of our waiting in Jerusalem because evident for all eyes to see.

After Jesus waited after he had fasted and prayed for 40 days in his Jerusalem, He returned in power and reached out to His uttermost part of the earth (Luke 4).

Ultimately, the first call of a man in the faith is to be in his Jerusalem (at the feet of Jesus). That was the difference Jesus observed from the account of Mary and Martha. One was concerned about her Jerusalem (sitting at the feet of Jesus) while the other was concerned about her uttermost part of the earth (doing works for Jesus).

Unfortunately, some has considered being in their Jerusalem as the only necessity and they lost sight on the need of reaching out to their uttermost part of the earth.

Don’t allow your “going through” stop you or be a yardstick from “reaching out”.

Be faithful here (Jerusalem) so that you can get to the there (uttermost part of the earth) God has prepared for you.

Will you stay in your Jerusalem?

Let us pray!



Children are praying for prosperity, while adults are praying for capacity …

There is something you will never become until God increases you from inside…

There are many prophecies on your head that are still silent…

It is not the economy of the country that is stopping it…

You are the problem…

You don’t have capacity to carry what God wants to use you to do in our time…

Until you increase in capacity, nothing can ever get Better..

God is not only depending on good preachers for what He wants to do in our time…

The pulpit is already over populated…

Right now, He is going from office to office….

From school department to department…

From market to market…

From pew to pew…

Looking for ‘hungry’ men …

Who are ready to be used to usher in a mighty move of His Presence in the land…

They might not know all the verses of the Bible in their heads…

They might not have gone to any bible school…

But as long as they are hungry for Him, He will use them to bring about a social revolution and spiritual revival in the land…

Few years ago when I was going all over the place, looking for men who are known in the Land…

From pillar to post…

Disappointed and abandoned by many… Neglected by others…

Used, abused and accused by some…

God spoke to me in the midst of that chaos:…

“Look for Me and I will cause men to look for you…If there is any grace you desire in anyone, cry to me, I will show up… If you can pay the price for the prophecies on your head, I will give you a name among men “…

Friends, we have not started yet, but, so far, God has shown us that nobody that puts his trusts in Him shall be put to shame..

On the 28th of this month, 50 people or less are coming to pray in PORT – HARCOURT RE – AWAKENING …

We have talked too much…

We have preached too much….

We have even written the vision down…

The next thing we need might not be empty hall ..

It might not be money…

It might be that what we need is capacity to carry God’s agenda for our generation…

It is time to pray…

In case there is something God showed you in the dream He wants to use you for in our time, which you are yet to start seeing…

In case there is a passion burning in your heart…

Maybe, your prayer altar is dead or it is dying…

You want to be quickened again …

Join is in this prayer meeting …

Iyke Oriaku is not going there to preach…

I am going to pray for capacity…

The road is still very far…

There is a generational demand on this head…

We still remembers what God showed us….

Where we are doesn’t look like where we saw…

We need to enlarge our capacity if we must accommodate the next move of God for our lives…

I don’t know who is telling you to forget prayer and start using packaging…

Any Kingdom project going on anywhere in our time, that is not back up with serious prayer lifestyle might not be seen anywhere in the next five years…

Lord, please, help this weak man, Iyke…

Because the road is still very far…

Sir, that you prayed and people fell under anointing is not glory…

Sister, that you have 2 cars and your husband has his is not glory…

The real glory is still hanging …

It is painful that this is a generations that has not understood what glory is all about…

They think glory is crowd and billboard and bank account…

But friends, glory is what attracts men to you even without seeing crowd with you…

Glory is what makes people look for you even when they have never seen you in any billboard …

Glory is what is left when there is no car ….

Glory is what makes men abandon people richer than you and still be following you even when you are trekking ….

John the Baptist had crowd, but the moment Jesus showed up, His men began to follow Jesus…

He was not angry, because he understood the rules, in the school of glory…

‘That He might increase, that I might decrease”…

He surrendered!…

You cannot carry glory and not see increase…

If you are the one blowing your trumpeth, you have not seen glory yet…

If you know any man who is begging people to talk about him, tell him to surrender, so that the spirit of glory will work on him…

If my generation of prophets will understand the ‘local’ dialect of glory, this competition we are doing will die a natural death…

Our mouths are too small to talk about what God has shown us in His secret place…

It is time to pay the price in the place of prayer …

Few ‘hungry’ people are coming from Lagos and other states to join us…

Let us know inbox if you are interested …

I am sure He will pour water upon who is thirsty and flood upon the dry grounds…

Fire will be added to fire…

Oil shall be added to oil …

If you can, friends, let us see on 28th of May…

God bless you!



We all like to quote scriptures but we don’t do what it says.

It’s not by quotation but by believing and doing.

Act 1:1 The former treatise have I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach.

We like to teach it, preach it, but never do it.

My generation likes glory but we hate the groaning.

David said his soul follow HARD after God.

Psa 63:8 My soul followeth hard after thee: thy right hand upholdeth me.

We don’t follow hard, we follow soft.

There is no soft ware for destiny, it takes hard ware.

You cannot be at ease in zion and expect to carry the glory of Zion

Zion is a place of power and glory not for jokers

Wait there is an army rising, an army of hungry people.

A people who will not rest until they carry God’s glory and power

A People who will press into the word and take it raw.

A people who will fast until they carry fire

A people who will pray in the Holyghost until they lay hold on power

A people who is not title driven but purpose driven

A people who will be passionate for souls

A people who will be passionate for God.

David said he is jealous for God.

A people who will be angry at the Devil

A people who will take the battle to the devils gate.

A people who will send the devil back to hell.

A people of prayer.

Speaking in tongues is a lifestyle to them.

Holiness in not an option, a compulsory course.

Soul winning is their motivation not money.

We are rising.

We will take over from the kingdom of darkness.

We will not rest until the glory of the Lord cover the earth as water upon the sea.

We will live in grace and never taken it for granted.

Enough is enough

Cancer must bow

Sicknesses must bow

Oppression must stop

How can you be here and devil is dominating.

Enough is Enough

It’s time to rise

Are you hungry for great glory

Revival is not an event but a life.

# FireInMyBones

# fireeverywhere

Daniel Olawande P.dan

Creating Your World By Nurudeen Oluwasegun Saliu

Creating Your World By Nurudeen Oluwasegun Saliu

Text: Hebrews  11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed (Kat-ar-tid-zo) by the word (rhema… That which is uttered) of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

There’s one truth I’ve come to understand that all creatures of God both living and non-living has two abilities in common. They all can hear (Matt. 21:19, Num. 16:31) and speak (Rev. 5:13, Num. 22:8). You need to stop talking, soliloquizing, murmuring… and start speaking. 

When the Lord saw darkness in Gen1:2, God didn’t keep quiet he spoke and it happened. Anything that has the ability to shut your mouth possess the ability to shut you up in life. The bible says let the weak ‘say not pray’ I’m strong!!! Why??? 

Because words from the mouth of a carrier of the holy ghost has the ability to create. So, when you see an unfavorable situation, you’ve the license to declare what you want to see. The best was that the holy spirit was hovering upon the waters Gen. 1:2 and this is a symbol of many lives but nothing happened until the Lord spoke. 

Friends, when will you start speaking, when will you start creating???

Psalms  107:20, He sent his word…. One thing guaranteed that can get to your future before you is your word… Prophesy may fail  “Gen. 15:13, Exo. 12:40” but words won’t. Job  22:29, When men are cast down, then thou shalt ‘say’, There is lifting up;…The bible didn’t say ‘thou shall pray…but thou shall say’. 

There’s creative power that you’ve either left idle or have been using in a  wrong way. Never allow any evil prophet or anybody’s decree hold the forte of your life. I say “you’re the greatest prophet of your own life’ arise and create your life. 

Stop waiting for the future stand and create one. You today is a product of the words you sowed yesterdays and your future will only yield in commensurate to what you’ve said into it.  Job 19:26   And though after my skin worms destroy this body, ***yet in my flesh shall I see God***: this was Job’s word and it was fulfilled in Job 42:5   I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: **but now mine eye seeth thee***. Stop allowing your situation determine your utterance.

Numbers  14:28, Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the LORD, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you:

Even Gabriel understood this, that was why he shut Zechariah’s mouth. The priest could hear and do everything else but he couldn’t speak. Why??? Gabriel understood that Zechariah being a priest, if he began speaking in unbelieve, he might tamper with the counsel of God so he shut his creative power (Mouth), Luke 1:20 till the child was born.

 Receive grace to keep speaking….