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When writers emerge, there would be harvest of regenerated minds, potential harnessment, ignited passion and initiated burdens in the lives of men which would in a long run bring about a better mankind and a transformed generation.

I met a young man at NYSC orientation while serving as NCCF, Benue state prayer secretary on my quest of doing the needful for the then new corp members. The Holy Spirit ministered to me that he would succeed me in continuing with the assignment of been the fore intercessor for Benue corp members. Handing over the barton of leadership to him is one the greatest things that happened to me in Benue state as a corp member.

Many of my brothers in the faith (Bethelites) attested for the fact that we have similar traits. Often times, he loves to call me his father but I always like to avoid been addressed as such as I told him we are brothers in the faith. I think I was refusing being his spiritual father because I was kind of shying away from the fatherly responsibilities (LOL). 

When I started observing and getting more conscious of the similar traits we share, such as; passion for intensed prayers, speaking in tongues after sighting a well prepared delicacy, speaking in tongues in bathroom, passion for writing, speaking in tongues and laughing in the Holy Ghost while looking at the mirror and so on, I couldn’t run away from my responsibilities and commitment to him.

As God the father addressed Jesus after confirming His sonship on earth, I say today to Adeniran Samson Paul (A.P Samson as I prefer to call him), “you are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”.

Samson Paul, ADENIRAN, a passionate founder and president of “The Lamblions”. His mission is to bring  hope, set hearts ablaze and impact lives with what it takes to turn a generation around for God.

I was privileged to train him on writing, editing, blogging and publishing during Masterpiece Publishing Training months ago. Ever since then, I have been bewildered at the exploits he is doing via his writing ministry. I got this response from him this morning after I read one of the best articles I have come across this year “A TO Z OF CLASSIC CHARACTER BY ADENIRAN SAMSON“. He said the writing grace is one of the impartations he received from our relationship.


Masterpiece Publishing House International (CEO, OLAWADE DAVID) would be collaborating with The Lamblions Publications (Founder, Adeniran Samson Paul) on an article coming soon. It’s going to be father and son release indeed. Get ready!

Masterpiece Publishing House cries for the love of Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global revolution.

The Lamblions cry for liberation and transformation of lives and destiny in all the nations of the earth.

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I typed my last message, “It’s okay… goodnight”. Yet it was far from okay and I woke up the next morning having the same thoughts on my mind. We have been friends for years, “friends for life” we like to call ourselves, but something was wrong, I suddenly started feeling unimportant.

This was a friend I held in such high esteem. I often thought to myself, “He cannot do anything to hurt me”. Yet here I was, feeling bad about last night and the pictures of many nights came flashing back. “Is something wrong with me”, I thought, “am I expecting more than is necessary?”

I remembered how secure I felt, knowing my friend valued me and I mattered much in his life. That seemed like years ago now and I am wondering, “What went wrong?”

We had gotten so used to each other that we were no longer careful to assure each other of how much we valued our friendship!

We had this thoughts, “oh, she/he knows she/he is important to me” and we forgot that it had become so faint in our memory that it gets easily choked away by little offences.

That is how God feels when you fail to appreciate him!

I am not talking of telling Him thank you for waking you up this morning or granting you your requests. No! I am talking about appreciating Him for being your friend, for the value He places on you and for the unconditional love He has for you.

Such psalms of appreciation always endears the Holy spirit to us the more. He sees that we value his person and we truly appreciate His effort in our lives.

I had learnt that the Holy Spirit becomes distant when we fail to appreciate His intimacy with us. When we relegate Him to the background before men and fail to acknowledge His effort in all we have become.

You know how excited you get when a dear friend appreciates you before other friends to your hearing, same way the Holy Spirit is delighted when we do not only appreciate His intimacy in secret, but in the open before men.

I had also learnt that when I talk about the Holy Spirit to other men, He always shows up, manifesting His awesome presence, bringing the Father’s love with Him.

It is important to take time to acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. Appreciate His friendship, thank Him for being there as your comfort and most intimate friend and you would see how easily He manifest in your life.

Are you struggling with your relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Are you finding it difficult to discern His presence?

Does he seem silent while you are in confusion?

Have you stopped enjoying his intimate secrets?

Does He seem so far away?

It is time to ask, have you really appreciated His friendship and help?

Have you truly acknowledged Him as the source of your strength?

When was the last time you told Him you cannot do anything without Him?

Or has He become the last one you call when you have lost it amongst your human friends?

He is always by your side waiting for you to recognize He is there. He would like to help you but He would not force you. He has comfort to give you but He cannot pressure you. He desires a constant fellowship with you but He cannot force you to desire Him.

He is the manifest presence of the Father and the Son. He bears on His wings the heart of the Father. He is here to help you bring glory to the Son. Yet He would not function perfectly if you do not appreciate Him. Just as no friendship last if we do not continually appreciate and acknowledge each other.

The first key to a beautiful and lasting relationship with God through the Holy Spirit is to acknowledge His presence in your life. Appreciate His presence, continually tell Him you value his friendship and can do nothing without Him. 

That way, you would always have Him with you, for He told me sometimes ago “I always go to the place I am celebrated”.

The Holy Spirit is always there to teach you how to appreciate him and maintain a lasting relationship with Him but He needs you to ask Him to.

Appreciation, my friends is the key to a lasting friendship with man and most importantly with the Holy Spirit.

Appreciate your friends today, but most importantly, appreciate your most intimate friend, The Holy Spirit.



The vision to create man was conceived with the provisions to sustain him in the heart of God. In fact, the provisions were perfectly and completely settled first before the creation of man. Gen 1:1-25. Every vision of God and from God comes with provision so God did not create any man to be stranded and swim in lack in his entire life.

The good news is, as genuine Christians we have access not just to the natural provision but supernatural one. We have access to *”all these things”* according to the book of Matthew 6:33 which we don’t have to labour for, they are meant to be added unto us. But I am seeing something evil under the sun like the preacher would say – I am seeing Christians living and swimming in abject poverty, I am seeing so called “pastors, Apostles and prophets” who are struggling with meeting ends of life, I am seeing believers who signs and wonders should follow but turned to the seekers and followers of signs and wonders. All these things which are supposed to be added unto us as Christians have become what we spend our lives chasing around yet we don’t have them. What shall we say then, shall we say God’s word is not true? God forbid.

Any man that takes God’s word for granted shall be stranded in life. God said *”But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”*. This is the first thing. It is the major thing. It is so sadden that we misplace priority most times. Many Christians are in lack today because they are majoring on the minor and minoring on the major. What we want to eat and become has taken the place of seeking the kingdom of God first.
Many of these so called “men of God” are not seeking God’s kingdom, they preach gospels according to there belly and pockets.

Let me conclude with this, as Christians, whatever we will eat, become and lay hold on is rapped up in preaching the gospel, in other words, from provision to the manifestation and fulfilment of your purpose and destiny in God is in preaching the gospel. 

The solution to the problem of this nation is not in spreading the bad news of recession or what somebody did but in declaring the  good news to both the leaders and the followers. 

The answer to that long prayer request may be a connection to that unsaved young man drinking and smoking in the club, the financial breakthrough or “cutthrough” you have been praying for is in the mouth of a fish in the stream so get up and go fishing.

Now you should understand why Apostle Paul said *”woe is me if i preach not the gospel”*



Ok! Let’s discuss this. What is the holyspirit teaching you personally? We wait for what Apostle, Bishops, pastors will say about every spiritual issue. We read all their literature’s, we listen to all their messages, this has always been our major source of inspiration and catching Rhema as we often say. 

Infact the verdict of these highly placed Men of God pertaining many spiritual issues tends to be the Final. We take all they say hook line and sinker, they back up all their teaching with strong scriptures. When a fellow in the faith comes to you about a particular spiritual matter, the first thing you say is have you read this written by pastor AX? Have you listen to this message by so so Powerful man of God? 

I’m not saying it’s wrong to do so, I read and listen to some myself but we tend to make the Holyspirit take the back seat while we give preference to humans to take the lead role. No wonder it’s much easier to spread false teachings. No wonder false preachers tend to have more disciples and flourish more. 

Imagine Apostle Paul and the others had to rely and books and Audio messages before they can teach and address spiritual matters, we won’t even have the full scripture we have today. Sit  back, ask your self, “What is God really saying about this particular doctrine or issue!” 

We take so many risk, even when we are not sure we still take the risk to follow their teachings anyway since it’s easy. More Confusion! Different Views!! Yet *One God!!!* and he changeth not. Enough of being lazy, enough of feeding on what preachers give in audios or literatures. 

Spiritual literatures are good and edifying but trust me not all is addressing God’s real mind about those issues. When we all get to heaven and you want to give account oh, you will say; “Lord, it was Bishop Ax that said it’s scriptural to do that? oh, Lord, it was Apostle prophet Bishop XY that said You spoke to him that you said it’s okay to do that!” Can you just imagine yourself. Even those apostles and prophets will face their own business giving their own account just like you. 

Their will be no excuse on the last day, take a break ask yourself ” *What is God saying?*”



Friends, I really want you to know this, God is not an author of confusion. Don’t let anyone deceive you into doing anything you do not have peace or conviction about. If God can say it to him/her, God can also confirm that to you.

It is astonishing to witness some of the things people do in the name of God this days. People have mastered manipulating the emotions of others using the name of God. They even cover up their laziness with a big Bible in their right hand and their mouth ranting about the visions they have just received from God. It is a amazing to know that as common as wooing a woman is, “many Christian brothers” do not know how to do it. They will rather come and tell you “God said.”

I will never forget one of the numerous experiences I had while still single. I was invited to minister in a church program. After my ministration, it was quite late before I could return to my hotel room because of the several people I had to see for Counseling. I patiently saw all of them and gave my direct mobile contacts to all those who asked for it thinking I was being nice. A mistake I made, that would later cost me my peace.

After I returned back to my base, of course my kindness was abused by the reckless calls I kept receiving. There was one from this particular pastor who believed God told him I was his wife. Maybe there are people they use that for and it worked for them but definitely this time around, he met the wrong person. This pastor called me up and told me God said I am his wife. I said it was ok, that was fine but God did not tell me anything concerning that.

I thought I had passed my message clearly to this young man but that was the beginning of my nightmare. After so much disturbance and endless calls, I called this pastor up and told him, “I do not want to see any calls from you again, wait until God tells me you are my husband too, then we can be on the same page. But until then, I forbid you from ever calling my phone to tell me about what God said and did not say. If God can speak to you, He can also speak to me. If you think you are so close to God that is why He will only speak to you, please go back to God and tell Him to speak to me too or better still marry God.”

Wow! That was harsh, yes I know. I have zero tolerance to those who manipulate others all in the name of God. Who knows how many other ladies have become victims of this deception and are now in hell all in the name of marriage because someone told them God said? Why can’t you go to God to ask Him too for yourself? Are you not a child of God? Why will God only speak to him and not you? Wake up and stop letting this wolves in sheep’s clothing deceive you.

A friend once told me of a Pastor who asked for her hand in marriage. The sister told the man of God no, that she was not interested. And the man of God just exploded, “WHO ARE YOU TO SAY NO WHEN GOD HAS SAID YES?” I laughed when I heard this story until my stomach was hurting me. How fake! How superficial!! So apparently, the sister does not have a right to decision or choice making, she has to say yes because you said God said yes?

Is this not madness of the highest order? It is high time all this people get off their high horses and learn how to woe a woman. Drop the ignorance and laziness and stop hiding behind God said to deceive others. Why should you even open your mouth to say God said when God has not said?

Please my dear ladies, do not be deceived. You are not obliged to marry anyone you do not have conviction about. Just because they say they are convinced should not make you ignore your lack of peace. At the end of the day, there is no one particular person God made and said this is the person you must marry. Be Wise!!



I am tired of life was the loud scream I heard that faithful Saturday. Kill me and let me just die. This is not life, why don’t you just kill me. Why are you bent on tormenting me all day long? What wrong did I do to you? Did I commit an offence by marring you? This shame is too much for me to bear, I want to die, kill me.

After those words mixed with sounds of crying and shouting did I hear the sound of a man on the background in response to the helpless woman crying. “If you say you want to die I will kill you and burry you and nothing will happen”. Not even your father can do anything about it. No one will even question me. Who do you think you are? A low life like you? You should be grateful I married you.

The next thing I heard was a sound of slaps, hitting and screaming I could not keep calm anymore. This was a new neighborhood I came to visit on one of my trips to Nigeria. I didn’t really know anyone in the compound except for the people I came to visit. I beckon on my host to intervene in the situation before someone gets killed. They asked me not to border that I should forget about it. That is how they always fight every time, disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.

They changed the topic and starting discussing something else. But I could not concentrate because of the screams of the woman I was hearing. It was as though someone or something was ribbing my heart off. I told them I am sorry but I cannot seat down here and act as though nothing is wrong when I can hear someone in pain.

I walked out of the house after they could not dissuade me from going, they followed me. We Started towards the direction where the noise was coming from. What I saw was a horrible sight. I could not believe my eyes as I walk towards the window of the house that was half open. This clown of a man was beating his wife with his belt. She was already bleeding from the cut he gave her on her four head but he was still beating her.

When I saw it I went straight to the door to push, but discovered it was locked. I started knocking but this man refuse opening why he continue beating the wife and she screaming. I was knocking on the door together with my host and wife who were his neighbours, but this man refused to open. So I told him that if he does not open this door now, I will call the police. He told me to go to hell.

So I called the police on him, and begged three other young men from the neighborhood to force the door open, to at least safe her life before the police arrived. So they came broke down the door and rescued the woman. He turns to the young men to fight them and they gave him the beating of his life.

The moment they were able to get her away from him, we called for a first aid kit to dress her wounds, why the police came and arrested the man at my request.

But what amazed me the most was that, that was not the first, second, or third time this man was unleashing this kind of brutality on his wife, yet she didn’t live.

So I asked her, what exactly are you still doing with this man? Are you waiting for when he will truly kill you before you know this is not a place for you to be?

But her response even broke my heart the more. Where will I go? How will I start? To whom will I run? Everyone believes is my fault if my husband is beating me, that I do not know how to be a good wife. I have tried my best to be a good wife to him, but my best seems not to be good enough for him. The more I try the worst he gets. He beats me up at every slight opportunities. Leaving me with different bruises every time.

He does not have any regards for my parents. They have talked to him, begged him to stop beating me but to no avail. My parents have warned me that they are Christians, have position of authority in church and do not believe in divorce. That is why I am still here. I am helpless. She burst into tears. The stigma from my church for anyone who divorces is even alarming I don’t know what to do. I am tired, I want to die.

I was able to counsel this young woman and helped her to be separated from her so called husband. Today she is living happily well with her kids. The most amazing thing was, she was the bread winner of that home. Why she decided to live with such brutality because of the fear of what people will say, is what I do not understand.

Dear Friends, it is better to be divorced than dead. I am not a believer in divorce, but you need to be alive to stay married. Don’t put your life in danger and risk because of the fear of public opinion. Remember your children need you alive!

Domestic Violence Destroys… Say no to it.



You will see a young man whose background is fairly better than that of a pauper, leading his class and keeping the flag flying throughout his secondary school days. Suddenly will just change like APC (smiles) and begin to act as if he’s the one with excellence know how.

What a foolish wisdom!

Seeing a young lady, pleasant to behold that even her parents bear witness that they have got a paragon of beauty as daughter. Endowed enough with steel crowns as the queen of her constituency, in a moment will just start putting on attitude of a goddess (most often as they are properly called), demanding sacrifices of worship and special regards from everyone around. Some will even enter the city and turn to “slay girls”, “miss endowed as stripers in clubs “.

What an ugly beauty!

Imagine an engraced man working in reality of divinity/walking in the miraculous. Years later will just put on cloak of pride and arrogance (holy boasting). No AC, no ministration, no huge honorarium – no appearance, as if he’d earned the gift from God where others are unqualified.

What a shameful honour!

See a guy born with silver spoon in his mouth (unlike some of us born with plastic spoons but will definitely lay down gold as dust). He does to everyone with lesser opulence as if they have committed a crime, when he’s reaping where he has not sown.

What a poor wealth!

Listen Sir! Hear this Ma!!

Why do you think you deserve extra and flamboyant treatment over others always? Why have you decided to use your privileges as a license to take advantage of others?

You demand sex because you are in a position of help, you ask for bribe because you’re the one on a sit older than you, you can’t talk politely again because you’re putting on suit and counting other people’s money Sir, you claim that no student can have an A in your course because you became lecturer with a result lower than your expectation in 1st degree, you brag with several vehicles (latest models) that you have driven because you drive someone few years older than you, you press her genitals to raise a sensation because she’s your patient, you don’t listen to electorates again because you’re now in upper chamber (forgetting that without them you are just a loser). The list is endless…….

But excuse me, what have we that we’ve not received Sir?

1 Corinthians 4:7

For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive? now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?

Ajisafe Olawale M. 20/02/17