I was invited to speak to some youths and teenagers, about academic excellence, at the Bestspring foundation Youth fiesta. The bios was said: Jedidah studied biochemistry and graduated with a First Class grade. from covenant University at age 19. Hmmmn! At that point I began to remember all I went through in school, and I told myself; if it was by mere applying academic principles I would have been a wonderful failure; but the fact that GOD had me covered is my greatest testimony. 
*I came from a low class family. They couldn’t afford to pay the school fees for federal schools, talk less of private school. * I was attacked *I had partial loss of memory in 200 level

* I usually fall sick 2 weeks to the time of exam and finish the exams with sickness.

*I usually resume at least 3-5 weeks after resumption because of the increasing school fees

*I had two cases of poisoning, the last was extremely terrible.

*I had my first F in 300 Level because of system error. It was rectified

*I had my second F in 400level first semester, because I was hospitalized. I wrote the exam later in the second semester

*I had several occasions of no food, no money. *several happenings, I can’t even put up now.
Although I read and studied a lot; the point of my whole story is that God was too faithful to me. You can see why I take Jesus too seriously, He has been my strength in series of weaknesses. If it was by my strength, I would have given up; because it was not by my strength, I can’t take any part of the glory.
I overcame sickness finally .In my final semester, I danced round the chapel 7 times in faith. The good thing about this journey was that God placed men on my path that helped me in prayers, finance, love and encouragement.
It doesn’t matter the kind of storm, He is always there to calm the storm. He want to take the glory like He did in the case of Lazarus. I am preparing for a second bachelor’s degree, but this time around it is going to be two in one. I am confident of the fact that He has cleared the way; super academic excellence is my testimony, because I now understand better, my place In Christ. I love you Jesus. Just trust him and you will never be disappointed.


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