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Heart-felt Message from Oke Mayowa Joshua On Reaching Out to The Needy

#My heart quaked when I got this message this morning from my belove brother in the Lord “Joshua Mayowa Oke”;
” What a life we live in this country? Sitting at a restaurant table right now at lafia, Nassarawa state for breakfast, I saw a gang of young boys between ages 12-15 holding potty (yoruba call it POO- ‘latrine bowls’) I wondered what they wanna do with them.
Just one minute into my imaginations, the men directly opposite my table finished eating and I saw one of the boy’s moving towards the table. He JOYFULLY packed ‘ALL’, I mean ALL leftover/reminants into his potty/bowl. These left over included Ogbono soup, bones and few bolus of the food. As soon as he was done, he hurriedly ate it with is collegues! YE! Almost screamed before I realised I was in a public place. Right now as I sit, I don’t know what to do? I grew up thinking I was poor; I thought my mum wasn’t doing her best. But now, I see. Listen, you are not poor. You are blessed. Your current PROBLEM is another man’s PRAYER POINT”.

Olawade David.
For the love of Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global Revolution.
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There is a tragedy in the world today. A tragedy which has rendered the old ones among us useless, the youth among us frustrated and now, it is eating deep into the future of our generation. This deadly and sadden situation is the tragedy of Comfort being preferred above passion.
Passion is a drive imputed into every one of us to help us live our life in peace, satisfaction and fulfillment. The passion in us is to make us see how life feels good when we do what we love doing with our time, mind, energy and resources.
More so, the key that opens the door to fulfillment and impact is the master key called passion. Many who has the latter, only wished for the former, but they love to stay in the “comfort zone”, rather than paying the price for what they wished for. For our passion to produce result, it is always accompanied by a price to pay.
Here is a list that tells us we might be in tragedy of the comfort zone rather than paying the price for passion;
1. When your past achievement appears more glorious to you than the present.
2. When you no longer ask questions: result-oriented questions.
3. When you start seeing yourself as though you have arrived at your final destination at every slight accomplishment.
4. When what fires up the passion in you seems to have died out; things which use to motivate you no longer has meaning to you.
5. When you keep believing that God will DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU, without you doing anything.
6. When your attention is shifted from people oriented goals and generational impact, to Self materialization and self-gratification.
7. When people who surrounds you are people who encourages your relaxed and complacent state.
Friends, make up your mind today to live your life with passion, with enthusiasm, believing that you are not to add up to the world number but to multiply yourself in everyone through impact, motivated by passion.
Copyright © 2016 ABAIRE OLAWALE

“One of life’s great tragedies is never limited to our experience. Population is composed of individuals who have negotiated an agreement with mediocrity, signed a contract with average and pledged allegiance to the ordinary”- Myles Munroe.
We are in a generation dominated by people who are comfortable living an average life. The believe of; ‘I have done my best to get to where I am is the order of the day’. No one thinks of the better they could have done compared to the good they had done.
We aspire to get to do things without a sense of the extraordinary. The extraordinary things we desire requires adding extra effort to the ordinary things we have been doing. Are you comfortable with your life? Are you comfortable with your job Is there a passion in you?  Are there potentials in you that are untapped?

The account of Enoch from the scriptures comes to mind as I imagined the mentality he had. Before his opportunity to live, there had been different personalities like his ancestors who lived hundreds of years only to fulfill a goal of multiplying by child birth (Gen. 5 14-24). Enoch came with an extra goal of walking with God; he decided not to be ordinary. He was not comfortable with the status quo; his passion drove him to seek God. He wanted to live rather than existing.
Many are also fulfilling same goal with Enoch’s ancestors. They think the best they could offer nature is to get married and give birth to children. I had a discussion with a female corp member of recent. I asked her a question; what are your goals and plans after NYSC, She responded by saying ‘I want to get married and settle down’. I was dazed and asked her; ‘is that all’, she said ‘yes’.
If the only thing that comes to your mind is to be comfortable without challenging the status quo then you are not fit to live. Nehemiah wasn’t satisfied with the state of the broken walls of Jerusalem. Daniel couldn’t afford to exchange his desires of making an impact in Babylon for the pleasures of the king’s meal. David wasn’t comfortable remaining on the field with the sheep when an uncircumcised philistine arose against the people of God. Are you satisfied with the status quo around you?

Tragedy 1; Negotiated Agreement With Mediocrity.
Mediocrity is a state of living below the capacity of your true potential. Many have negotiated an agreement with mediocrity. They can’t just do beyond what they have been doing. They wake up in the morning with little or no thought of what they could have achieved and fail to achieve. They complain and give excuses for the reason why they can’t and fail to succeed on what they do.
Why live below the standard/ my heart bleeds when I see young people give in to mediocrity just because they don’t know who they are and fail to harness their potentials. God has given every man gifts, talents and potentials but gave everyone the responsibility of exploring it.
It is tragic that many die with their potentials untapped. You need to disagree with mediocrity. Don’t give reasons why you can’t, give reasons why you can. There are no limitations to fulfilling your dreams except the one you create for yourself. The world is full of dreamers and mediocre who can’t see behold the ordinary.

Tragedy 2; Signed Contract With Average.
Average is a level of belonging for commoners. By observation, I have discovered from academic result statistics that the number of students with average scores and percentages are always more than that of those who has distinctions and those who failed. Many are the number of average people but few are the successful.
You can’t be an average personality and be the best in what you do. Note, being average is cheap but being the best carries a cost. Don’t be comfortable being an average buddy; allow your passion drive you in maximizing your potential. Don’t settle for less when the power of being the best is at your disposal.
Engage more of your time, strength, dexterity and expertise to your average efforts and don’t be satisfied until you see yourself attaining your best. Make an affidavit in your mind today for new contract with the best you can be.

Tragedy 3; Pledged Allegiance To The Ordinary.
Ordinary things don’t change the world because the world is dominated with ordinary people. Ordinary is a product of your conscious acceptance and decision. You need to stretch and pace yourself in this new season as you continue on your quest of impacting the world.
You need an extra effort in making impact. What skill do you think you need to make your job transcend from ordinary to extraordinary/ what approach do you need achieve your goals/ what branding does your product need to attract people for purchase/ all these require extra effort.
Say no to comfort and embrace your passion.

Olawade David.
For the love of Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global Revolution.
Masterpiece Publishing House.

SPIRITUAL INVESTMENT: present in the Spirit and absent in the flesh.

“For I verily, as absent in the body, but present in Spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, concerning him that hath so done this deed.” (1 Cor. 5:3)
I remember an old raggedy register book used by our class teacher in our primary and secondary school for keeping records of our class attendance. This book attested to our presence for class activities for each day. It was marked twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon.
In the same vein, there is a necessity for believer to identify with the requirements for being present in the Spirit and absent in the flesh. There is an attendance going on in the Spirit realm momentarily that ascertains whether a man is alive or dead in the flesh. The qualification of being present in the Spirit requires putting the flesh under subjection and giving the Spirit expression to dominate your actions.
“I affirm, by the boasting in you which I have in Christ our Lord, I die daily.” (1 Cor. 15:31)
“But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.” (1 Cor. 9:27)
Apostle Paul was a punctual student in the School of the Spirit as he identified himself as being in the Spirit daily. One of the secrets he shared was dying daily and living in the Spirit. The flesh presents to man pleasures, comforts and immoralities in order to make us dead in the Spirit. It is hard to believe today that many who claim to be saved are living dead.
“For to be carnally minded is death, nut to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” (Rom. 8:6)
For us to be present in the Spirit, our mentality needs to be aligned with the Spirit. This offers us a triumphant life as believers. Peace and eternal life is a product of being spiritually minded while death and destruction is a product of being carnally minded. Make your choice!

“Life outside your ideal environment will destroy your potential because a wrong environment always means death.” -Myles Munroe
A fish can’t be at its best on land. It has been created to live in water because there are conditions that the aquatic habitat offers it that guarantees its ideal performance. If you leave your ideal habitat you will end up in an ordeal.
All manufacturers establish the ideal conditions required for the maximum performance of their products. For example, some products are kept at a specific temperature and relative humidity. As long as the product remains in its specified range, its potency is active but if there is a deviation from this range, the product can be destroyed. Similarly, you were created by to function under specific conditions established by God. These conditions are created in your habitat which is the Spirit.

“For he who sows to the flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will reap everlasting life.” (Gal. 6:8)
There is a sowing we need to observe. There is an investment we need to perform just like in our secular routine by investing our resources, such as money in order to get a required result. It is necessary for us to sow and invest in the spirit to get a result of living a consecrated life.
“No man can withdraw higher than the deposit he has in the Spirit.”
The realm of the spirit is different from the secular realm. For example, banks offer overdrafts which permit a man to withdraw beyond what he has in his account. Also, banks grant loans when we don’t have anything at hand to do what we need to so far as we can provide necessary collateral. Contrary to the secular ream, in the spiritual realm such transactions cannot be done. God runs a bank that operates with the principle of proportionality of deposit equating withdrawal. While on earth, Jesus was always retreating to the mountain daily to make deposits in the Spirit. He knew this principle and realized that necessity will be laid on Him to withdraw in the afternoon to heal, preach, cast out devils and perform miracles. It is easy for a man to withdraw hundreds of dollars when he has a deposit of thousands of dollars in his account.
Many believers are spiritually bankrupt. Their account in the spirit is empty because they had concentrated and spent their time investing in the flesh. The account from the Scripture when the disciples of Jesus couldn’t cast out the demon in the demon-possessed man was as a result of this principle. Jesus could cast out the devil because He is spiritually buoyant. He told them about their spiritual deficiency due to lack of investment in fasting and prayers.
Relating to His statement: “O ye of little faith…” we can infer that when you invest in fasting and prayer, you increase your deposit in your “faith account”. There is a spiritual price tag in getting things done both physically and spiritually. Many times, at crusades organized by great men of God, we observe that when they declare the Word of God, miracles happen- the lame walk, the blind see, diseases disappear and so on. All these are as a result of their investment in the spirit. Their faith account, combined with the will of God, could afford the miracles, signs and wonders. Miracles, signs and wonders, exploits and Kingdom prosperity become automatic when our investment in the spirit is aligned with the will of God.
Masterpiece David Olawade.

Olawade David.
For the love of Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global Revolution.
Masterpiece Publishing House.


One of the greatest principle I have ever learnt about leadership is that “true leadership is not a reward or an entitlement but is direct product of influence’’. It is quite unfortunate that so many people today; especially political office holders, have the wrong mindset about leadership. They see leadership as a title, office or position where they sit on a throne with people under them who they can command and control as they will. They fail to recognize that true leadership is about influencing and impacting people, and leadership by position or title is one of the least ways to lead people. John C. Maxwell in one of his book The 21 irrefutable laws of Leadership states it clearly: “The true measure of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” Any leader that cannot lead a volunteer group is not a true leader, because the test of leadership is when people follow you even when they have the option not to. At this point, they become what is described in the bible as bond-servants. If you want to be an effective leader you must learn to operate in the following five (5) levels of leadership:
Positional Leadership
This kind of leadership is as a result of an appointment, election or selection. Many people fall into this level of leadership. The leader is respected only because of the position or title he is occupying at the moment and if for any reason he loses his position, he automatically loses his influence. The loyalty of people at this level is not really genuine. Leadership is hardest at this stage because the people are not really loyal to the person carrying the title or position but the position the person is occupying. It is a good starting point for every leader but the leader must realize that people will respect him only for his position. When you keep telling your followers or the people you lead to respect you, you know that you are still in this level of leadership. The influence of the leader and the loyalty of the people to the leader is at its minimum. Most leaders at this level of leadership result to leading people by force and cruelty instead of influence. The longer you stay in this level of leadership, the lower the morale of the people and sooner or later they will begin to rebel against you.
Relational Leadership
Leadership is all about people, without people it is impossible to lead. A leader who cannot relate well with his people cannot influence them and by extension cannot lead them. At this level of leadership, people follow you not just because they have to, because of your position but because they want to. The loyalty of the people is based on the relationship you have developed with them over time. The secret to developing quality relationship with people is to have a well-developed people skills. You must realize that people are psychological beings and they greatest psychological need of any man, is the need to feel loved, valued, celebrated and wanted. Anybody that can meet this needs of people will earn their loyalty. The danger of remaining at this level of leadership for too long as a leader is that people; especially the highly motivated ones will become familiar with you and will start developing negative feelings about you, when they notice you’re not productive and cannot solve the problems in and around their lives.
Leadership by Productivity
A leader who is able to produce results and solve problems will be greatly admired by his followers. How do you know a good tree? You know a tree is good if its fruit is good. In the same way, good leaders produce good results. At this level of leadership, people will follow you majorly because of what you have done and can do. The loyalty of the people to you is at the mercy of your ability to solve their problems. The more the results, the more the respect and honor. Never call people to participate in anything if you do not have anything to offer them. On your journey to become a great leader, you will meet several obstacles and challenges on the way. Your ability to solve this problems effective will give people reasons to follow you. One of the biggest disappointment that can happen to a leadership setting is that the leader is clueless. To reach this level of leadership, you must commit to adding value to yourself to get the required skills and knowledge to solve problems and provide solutions.
Leadership by Reproduction
Reproduction here is in your ability to impart and add value to the lives of your followers. Your influence is increased here because of others that are changed by the epistle of your leadership. At this level of leadership you are gradually becoming an agent of change by empowering others to do and become the best they can be. Leadership is the ability to harness and coordinate human and natural resource to meet a common goal/objective. You must be willing to identify potentials in people and develop it.  Passing it on, the power of legacy by Dr. Myles Munroe is a powerful book on this subject. You must take time to reward those who help you. People will be loyal and love you, if they know they are partakers of your success. You must do whatever you can to achieve and stay on this level. Only insecure leaders will be afraid of raising other leaders, because they fail to understand that one of the purpose of leadership is to raise other leaders and not maintain followers.
Leadership by Absolute Loyalty
This level of leadership is a reward for spending years developing your leadership by reproduction, empowering followers to become leaders and leaders to become agents of change. At this point people have total trust in the leader and will act like him, dress like him and do whatever he does or wants them to do. Three (3) good examples of people who have attained this level of leadership are; Jesus Christ, Pope and Satan.
The more you grow as a leader, the longer it takes to move from one level of leadership to the other. You do not outgrow any of the levels of leadership, you build on them. You must work to carry other leaders up in your leadership structure – Rise alone, crash alone. You must earn the right to lead individually with everyone you meet. You don’t have to wait for a position or a title to become a leader or starting leading. Wherever you are now: salesman, security man, trader, driver and so forth, is your position or title, so you can as well start leading from there. You must realize that at any point in your life, you are influencing someone and you’re been influenced by someone. The good news is that whatever your current position is, it doesn’t matter, because leadership is all about influence. Start increasing your influence today by developing your people skills, solving problems and empowering others as you rise from one level of leadership to the other.

Olawade David.
For the love of Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global Revolution.
Masterpiece Publishing House.


As a secondary school teacher, teaching mathematics in the school where I am currently serving as a Nigerian youth corps member. There is a topic I teach my students known as variation which says that, if the value of something changes ; usually a variable changes with respect to another variable, the two variables can be related directly or indirectly by a formula. This formula can be represented on a 2-dimensional graph. These principle of variation is applicable to the life of every man. The unit of life is time. When we waste time, we are by extension wasting our life, because our life is a function of time. Therefore, by the principle of variation we can say that, our life is related to or varies inversely with time. That is, as time passes by our life becomes shorter.  We can generate a mathematical equation from this relationship, from which we can plot a graph of life against time. By the law of variation, if two variables (in our case, life and time) are indirectly related, the equation relating them can be written as follows;

In our case the constant of proportionality is the fact that everyman has 24 hours in a day, we choose what to do with it. It is quite alarming to know that if you sleep for 8hrs a day, in 30yrs time you would have slept for 10yrs. The graphical representation of the equation relating life and time – The graph of life, is shown below and I have divided it into the 4 major stages of life for better explanation and for easy understanding;

Figure: The graph of life

STAGE ONE – Learning Stage (0 – 25yrs)
The first 25yrs of your life is the phase of your life where you’re expected to know God, understand His principles and how He operates. You should have discovered your purpose and be walking in it. The keyword in this stage is preparation. This is the stage where Satan tries to terminate people’s destiny. You can make mistakes at this stage and go scot free. Although this stage is the first stage of the graph of life, it should be a continuous process as you go through the other stages.

STAGE TWO – Earning/Investment Stage (25 – 50yrs)
You are strongest at this stage and should have acquired the requisite knowledge to start taking bold steps in life. This is the stage where you buy a car, build a house, invest your money, get married, raise children and so on. This stage is known as the stage of execution and it is the stage where you are expected to make your maximum impact. You will be remembered for either of 2 things in your life, the problems you solved or the ones you created.

STAGE THREE – Consolidation/Legacy Stage (50 – 75yrs)
At this stage you are adding to what you have done. You are supposed to be documenting your persuasions, mindset and convictions in form of books, audio and video tapes, articles and so on to mentor the other generation and raise people after you. Never die with your persuasions, raise and build institutions that will outlive you. One book that discusses deeply on this subject, is Passing it on – The power of Legacy by Dr. Myles Munroe.

STAGE FOUR – Rest (75yrs and Above)
This is the stage where you enjoy the goodness of God before you die. You can go on vacation with your family and friends, tour the world and so on. At this stage you have lived a successful life and have maximized your potential to a great level, even if you die at this stage you really have nothing to do. This is the stage where you say, I came – I saw – I conquered.
Now, that you have seen and understood the graph of life. Which stage are you now? Is the quality of your life proportional to the stage you find yourself? It doesn’t matter what stage you find yourself, all you have to do is to admit that you’re not living your life up to the expectations of God and be ready to make a conscious decision to change and be willing to act on your decision. There is a Chinese proverb that says “The best time to plant a tree is 20yrs ago, but the second best time is now.” Decisions are the seed for change. If you want to live a better life, you must be prepared to pay the price for a better life. Read books, listen to audio messages, attend seminars, talk to successful people and learn from the best. You never get successful by default, you must do something about your present situation to change it.
Please note that this graph of life is not specific to everybody, it may vary depending on the individual. Some people may transit from one stage to another faster than others. Whatever the case may be, this graph is the commonest and ideal graph of life for any individual.

Olawade David.
For the love of Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global Revolution.
Masterpiece Publishing House.



Have you ever felt like you are not been understood by the people you’re having a conversation/discussion with? You try all you can to make them understood you, but they just seem not to understand you, or are even willingly to pay attention and understand you. They keep on interrupting you when you’re still talking. Soon you become frustrated and begin to lose your patience, then you begin to shout or speak at the top of your voice, the other person or persons also begin to shout back at you. At the end of the day, what you guys started as a harmless conversation soon turns out to become a hostile argument that if not tamed can even lead to a fight.
Reading, writing, speaking and listening are the four (4) major ways of communication. They are the key elements for receiving and passing out information. Right from the day, we are born, our parents and other people around us begin to teach us how to speck. As we grow older, we are been taught how to read and write in our schools by our teachers, but; what about listening? Who teaches us how to listen? Everybody wants to be heard but nobody wants to listen, and even when we decide to listen it is not with the intent to understand, but we’re only listening so that we can reply.

A very important principle I learnt early in my life, is that, we tend to see the world as we are, not as it truly is. Everybody sees the world from their own perspective and when they speak, they expect their listeners/audience to also see from the same perspective as they do. When there is a contradiction between how they interpret things and how other people interpret them, they become unhappy and try to use force to make the other person understand what they are saying. The greatest psychological need of every man, is the need to feel loved, respected, wanted and to be heard/listened to. Human beings are generally selfish and will do anything to satisfy their own needs even at the detriment of the needs of others.

Nobody likes to be controlled and as humans we tend to build a wall of defense to preserve our self-esteem when people try to force us to accept their own ideals and to see things from their own perspective. On the other hand we tend to feel accepted, loved and appreciated when people listen to us with empathy even if they do not really understand what we are saying, and subconsciously we tend to drop/lower our guard or wall of defense and hence, we become open to their influence.

John C. Maxwell is popularly known to say “to influence you must first learn to be influenced”. This principle is corollary to the law of “do unto your neighbor as you would want them to do unto you”. You must learn to seek first to understand people and then you would be understood. By simply listening to people, you’re indirectly sending them a message that you respect and value what they are saying, and by doing this, you gain their trust and they become open to you.
When you listen to people, it does not necessarily mean you have to agree with or affirm everything they are saying, but you’re will to see the world from their own lens or perspective. This way, you get to learn from them.
In summary, here are 3 major benefits of listening
You avoid the tendency of changing a peaceful conversation to a hostile argument which can lead to a fight, hence, a lose-lose situation
When you listen to people, you create a platform to influence them, since they feel loved and accepted and lower their defensive wall to protect their ego
Finally, you get to learn from the other person or persons since you can now see things from your own perspective and from their own perspective resulting in a win-win situation.
Whatever the case may be, you must realize that you can never really influence people until you can make them trust you and feel respected. You must make them feel important and understood, this way they will open up to you and you can begin to influence them. However, to develop the habit of listening requires great discipline and consistency. You must decide and consciously pay attention to the psychological needs of people, and learn to first listen to them with the intent to understand them if you want them to listen to you.

Olawade David.
For the love of Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Global Revolution.
Masterpiece Publishing House.