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My Passion, My Compassion.


My Compassion, My Passion.
My compassion sings;
After spending days in the land of Benue state, the Song by Margeret Clarkson,
published by Songspiration, 1954 ignited an unusual burning in my heart;
“So send I you to labour unrewarded,
To serve unpaid, unloved, unsought, unknown,
To bear rebuke, to suffer scorn and scoffing;
So send I you to toil for Me alone.
So send I you to bind the bruised and broken,
Over wandlring souls, to work, to weep, to wake,
To bear the burden of a world aweary;
So send I you to suffer, for My sake.
So send I you to loneliness and longing,
With heart hungry for the loved and known,
Forsaking home and kindred friend and dear one;
So send I you to know my love alone.
So send I you to hearts made hard by hatred,
To eyes made blind because they will not see,
To spend, tho’ it be blood, to spend and spare not;
So send I you to taste of Calvary”.
Only one life will soon be passed;
only what’s done for Christ will last;
And when I am dying, how glad I shall be;
That the lamp of my life;
Was burned out for Thee.”.
My Passion declares;
“Take my life, and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee;
Take my moments and my days,
Let them flow with ceaseless praise.
Take my hands, and let them move,
At the impulse of Thy love;
Take my feet, and let them be,
Swift and beautiful for Thee.
Take my voice, and let me sing,
Always, only, for my king;
Take my lips, and let them be,
Filled with messages from Thee.
Take my silver and my gold,
Not a mite would I withhold;
Take my intellect and use,
Every power as Thou shalt choose.
Take my will, and make it Thine;
It shall be no longer mine;
Take my heart, it is Thine own;
It shall be Thy royal throne.
Take my love; my Lord, I pour,
At Thy feet its treasure store;
Take myself and I will be,
Ever, only, all for Thee.
Song by William, Booth
“While women weep as they do now, I’ll fight;
while little children go hungry, as they do now, I’ll fight;
while men go to prison, in and out, as they do now, I’ll fight;
While there is a drunkard left, while there is a poor girl upon the streets;
While there remains one dark soul without the light of God, I’ll fight;
I’ll fight to the very.
Burning In the wilderness.
“Only one life will soon be passed.
Only what’s done for Christ will last.
And when I am dying, how glad I shall be.
That the lamp of my life,
Was burned out for Thee”


REVIVAL QUOTES : What is Revival?

of God! If  you grieve Him  away  from  yourselves,  or  hinder  His  visit,  then the poor  perishing  world  suffers  sorely! –  Andrew Bonar  
God’s  time for  revival  is  the very  darkest  hour,  when  everything  seems  hopeless.  It  is  always  the Lord’s  way  to go  to the very  worst  cases  to  manifest  His  glory. –  Andrew Gih   We often have a  tinted  view  of revival  as  a  time of glory  and  joy  and  swelling  numbers  queuing  to enter the churches.  That  is  only  part  of the story.  Before the glory  and  joy,  there is  conviction;  and  that begins  with  the people  of God.  There are tears  of godly  sorrow.  There are wrongs  to put  right,  secret things  .  .  .  to be thrown out,  and  bad  relationships,  hidden  for  years,  to be repaired  openly.  If  we  are not  prepared  for  this,  we  had  better  not  pray  for  revival. –  Brian  Edwards  
Oh! men and  brethren,  what  would  this  heart  feel if  I  could  but  believe that  there were  some among  you who would  go  home and  pray  for  a  revival—men whose faith  is  large  enough,  and  their  love  fiery  enough  to lead them  from  this  moment  to exercise unceasing  intercessions  that  God  would  appear  among  us  and  do wondrous  things  here,  as  in  the times  of former  generations. –  C.  H.  Spurgeon  
Revival  is  a  renewed  conviction of  sin  and  repentance,  followed  by  an  intense desire  to live in obedience to God.  It  is  giving  up  one’s  will  to God  in  deep  humility. A  revival,  then,  really  means  days  of heaven upon  earth.   –  Charles  Finney   –  D.  Martyn  Lloyd-Jones 
Does  it  grieve  you,  my  friends,  that  the name of God  is  being  taken in  vain  and  desecrated?  Does  it grieve you that  we  are living  in  a  godless  age? .  .  .  But,  we  are living  in  such  an  age,  and  the main reason we should  be praying  about  revival  is  that  we  are  anxious  to see  God’s  name vindicated  and His  glory  manifested.  We should  be  anxious  to see  something  happening  that  will  arrest  the nations, all the peoples,  and  cause them  to stop  and  to think  again. –  D.  Martyn  Lloyd-Jones  
Revival  awakens  in  our  hearts  an  increased  awareness  of  the presence  of God,  a  new  love for  God,  a  new hatred  for  sin,  and  a  hunger  for  His  Word. –  Del  Fehsenfeld  Jr. 
Revival  is  not  just  evangelism,  excitement,  or  emotionalism.  It  is  the extraordinary  movement  of the Holy  Spirit! –  Del  Fehsenfeld  Jr.  
A  baptism  of holiness,  a  demonstration of  godly  living  is  the crying  need  of our  day. –  Duncan  Campbell  
A revival  almost  always  begins  among  the laity.  The ecclesiastical  leaders  seldom  welcome reformation.  History repeats  itself.  The present  leaders  are too  comfortably  situated  as  a  rule  to desire  innovation that  might require sacrifice on their  part.  And  God’s  fire only  falls  on  sacrifice.  An  empty  altar  receives  no fire! –  Frank  Bartleman  
We cannot  organize  revival,  but  we  can  set  our  sails  to catch  the wind  from  heaven  when God  chooses to blow upon  His  people once again. –  G.  Campbell Morgan  
If  revival  is  being  withheld  from  us,  it  is  because some idol  remains  still enthroned;  because we  still insist  in placing  our  reliance in  human  schemes;  because we  still refuse to face the unchangeable  truth  that  “It  is  not by  might,  but  by  My  Spirit.” –  Jonathan  Goforth
I  read  of the revivals  of the past,  great  sweeping  revivals  where thousands  of men were swept  into the Kingdom  of God.  I  read  about  Charles  G.  Finney  winning  his  thousands  and  his  hundreds  of thousands of souls  to Christ.  Then I  picked  up  a  book  and  read  the messages  of Charles  G.  Finney  and  the message of Jonathan  Edwards  on “Sinners  in  the Hands  of an  Angry  God,”  and  I  said,  “No wonder  men trembled;  no wonder  they  fell in  the altars  and  cried  out  in  repentance and  sobbed  their  way  to the throne of grace!” Revival  is  when God  gets  so sick  and  tired  of being  misrepresented  that  He shows  Himself. –  Leonard  Ravenhill   –  Leonard  Ravenhill  
A  spiritual  awakening  is  no  more than  God’s  people  seeing  God  in  His  holiness,  turning  from  their wicked  ways,  and  being  transformed  into His  likeness. –  Lewis  Drummond 
An  awakening  is  ready  to burst  on the dismal  scene  when  Christians  have a  deep,  profound  Spirit  of prayer  for an  awakening. –  Lewis  Drummond  
In  the Irish  Revival  of 1859,  people  became so weak  that  they  could  not  get  back  to their  homes.  Men and  women would  fall  by  the  wayside and  would  be found  hours  later  pleading  with  God  to save their souls.  They  felt  that  they  were slipping  into hell and  that  nothing  else in  life mattered  but  to get  right with  God.  .  .  .  To them  eternity  meant  everything.  Nothing  else was  of any  consequence.  They  felt  that if  God  did  not  have mercy  on  them  and  save them,  they  were doomed  for  all time to  come. –  Oswald  Smith  
Revival  is  not  the discovery  of  some new  truth.  It’s  the rediscovery  of the grand  old  truth  of God’s  power  in  and through  the Cross. –  Sammy Tippit  
Whether  it  be  in  the personal  life,  or  in  the church  life,  or  on the mission field,  we  need  revival— we  need  revival  urgently—we  need  revival  desperately! –  Stephen  Olford 
Revival  is  the manifestation of  the glory,  power,  and  blessing  of the Son of  God  among  His  people. –  Stephen  Olford   Revival  is  ultimately  Christ  Himself,  seen,  felt,  heard,  living,  active,  moving  in  and  through  His  body   on earth. –  Stephen  Olford  
Revival  is  not  some emotion  or  worked-up  excitement;  it  is  rather  an  invasion  from  heaven which brings  to man  a  conscious  awareness  of God. – Stephen Olford 
Perhaps  the greatest  barrier  to revival  on a  large  scale is  the fact  that  we  are too  interested  in  a  great  display. We want  an  exhibition;  God  is  looking  for  a  man  who will throw himself  entirely  on God.  Whenever  self-effort, self-glory,  self-seeking  or  self-promotion  enters  into the work  of revival,  then God  leaves  us  to ourselves. –  Ted  Rendall  
Revival  is  falling  in  love with  Jesus  all over  again. –  Vance Havner   God  loves  with  a  great  love the man  whose heart  is  bursting  with  a  passion for  the IMPOSSIBLE. –  William  Booth  
Let  Christians  remember,  that  in  a  season of  revival  as  well as  in  a  season of  coldness,  the evidence of piety  is  to be sought  in  the fruits  of the Spirit.  And  let  sinners  remember  that  no degree  of attendance or  means,  no degree of fervor,  can  be substituted  for  repentance  of sin  and  faith  in   the Savior. –  William  Sprague  
Revival  is  that  strange and  sovereign  work  of God  in  which  He visits  His  own  people,  restoring,  reanimating, and  releasing  them  into the fullness  of His  blessings. –  Robert  Coleman
Revival  is  the time when cold  Christians  are restored  to their  first  love for  Christ,  when  sham  and hypocrisy  are exposed,  when  bitterness  and  strife which  exist  in  the Body  of Christ  are revealed  and repented  of under  the pressure of the Holy  Spirit’s  convicting  power,  a  time when such  changes  are effected  in  the lives  of Christians  that  sinners  are brought  to Christ  in  great  numbers. –  Harold  Voekel
A  revival  is  the renewal of  the  first  love of  Christians  resulting  in  the awakening  and  conversion of  sinners  to God.  It  presupposes  that  the  church  has  sunk  down  into the backslidden state,  and  a  revival  consists  in  the return of  a  church  from  her  backsliding,  and  in  the conversion of  sinners. –  Charles  G.  Finney
Revival  is  having  our  experience to catch  up  with  our  theology. Revival  is  God  purifying  His  church. –  Ralph Sutera –  Erwin Lutzer Revival  is  simply  the Spirit  of God  fully  controlling  the surrendered  life.  It  is  God  at  work  restoring  His church  to health. –  Walter  Boldt
Revival  is  that  spiritual  season of  expression  when many  believers  simultaneously  experience deep  Holy  Spirit conviction calling  them  to make private and  public  confession of  sin,  along  with  a  renunciation of  it,  and  the whole  experience bearing  fruit  in  the salvation of  the lost. –  Richard  DeHaan
Revival  is  the Church  falling  in  love  with  Jesus  all over  again. –  Vance Havner
Revival  is  God  breaking  into the consciousness  of men in  majesty  and  glory. –  Arthur Wallis
Revival  is  ultimately  Christ  Himself,  seen,  felt,  heard,  living,  active,  moving  in  and  through  His  Body  on  earth. –  Stephen  Olford
A  revival  means  days  of heaven upon  earth. Revival  is  a  community  saturated  with  God. –  D.  Martyn  Lloyd-Jones –  Duncan  Campbell
A  true revival  means  nothing  less  than  a  revolution,  casting  out  the spirit  of worldliness  and selfishness,  and  making  God  and  His  love triumph  in  the  heart  and  life. –  Andrew Murray
Revival  is  God  revealing  Himself  to man  in  awful  holiness  and  irresistible  power. –  Arthur Wallis
Revival  is  a  work  of God  among  Christians,  bringing  them  to conviction,  repentance,  confession, restitution,  reconciliation,  and  submission to  the lordship  of Christ. –  Vance Havner
Revival  is  God  touching  minds  and  hearts  in  an  arresting,  devastating  way  to draw them  to himself.   –  J.  I.  Packer
Revival  is  when  people  are eating  at  a  restaurant  or  walking  through  the mall when  they  suddenly begin  to weep  and  turn  to their  friends  and  say,  “I  don’t  know  what’s  wrong  with  me,  but  I  know  I’ve got  to get  right  with  God.”   –  Tommy Tenney
Revival  is  a  community  saturated  with  God. –  Duncan  Campbell
Revival  is  the inflaming  of love to Christ.  When I  pray  for  revival,  I  pray  first  for  the most  radical  thing: the utter  devotion and  allegiance of hearts  to Christ. –  John Piper
Revival  is  the sovereign  work  of God  to awaken His  people with  fresh  intensity  to the truth  and  glory  of God,  the ugliness  of sin,  the horror  of  hell,  the preciousness  of Christ’s  atoning  work,  the wonder  of salvation by  grace through  faith,  the urgency  of  holiness  and  witness,  and  the sweetness  of worship with  God’s  people. –  John Piper
Revival  brings  an  explosion  of  power  and  intimacy  with  God. –  Gregory  Frizzell  
When revival  comes,  men and  women are concerned  to be holy,  they  are serious  about  integrity,  they  embrace genuine self-denial  and  learn  to love. –  D.  A.  Carson
Revival  causes  the church  to look  up  to the throne of God,  in  to their  own  desperate need,  and  out  to the need  of the nation. – David Smithers
Will  we  settle  for  the status  quo or  will we  reach  out  for  what  God  can  supernaturally  do through  us? –  Jim  Cymbala
Revival  causes  the church  to look  up  to the throne of God,  in  to their  own  desperate need,  and  out  to the need  of the nations. –  David  Smithers
If  you want  the Kingdom  speeded,  go  out  and  speed  it  yourselves.  Only  obedience rationalizes  prayer. –  William  Carey
Do not  have your  concert  first  and  then tune your  instrument  afterwards.  Begin  the day  with  the Word of God  and  prayer,  and  get  first  of all into harmony  with  Him. –  James  Hudson
Taylor Religious  feeling,  as  such,  never  amounts  to much.  It  needs  nailing  down  to a  life of commitment  to God. Repentance provides  the hammer  and  nails. –  Eugene  Peterson
It  is  my  conviction that  we  are never  going  to have a  revival  until God  has  brought  the church  of Jesus Christ  to the point  of desperation. –  Stephen  Olford
Revival  is  a  work  of God  among  Christians,  bringing  them  to conviction,  repentance,  confession,  restitution, reconciliation,  separation from  the world,  and  submission to the lordship of  Christ. –  Vance Havner
Revival  is  that  which  changes  the moral  climate of a  community. –  A.  W.  Tozer
Revival  is  a  church  word—it  has  to do with  God’s  people.  You  cannot  revive a  corpse,  but  you can  revitalize where there is  life. –  Douglas  Brown
This  nation cannot  be saved  unless  the Church  is  first  revived.  Renewing  the Church  is  the key  to saving  America. –  Chuck  Colson
Revival  is  a  going  of God  among  his  people.  An  awareness  of God  lays  hold  upon the community,  moving  men and  women who,  until then,  had  no concern  for  spiritual  things  to seek  after  God. –  Duncan  Campbell
A  Christian  is  a  person who,  with  all the honesty  of which  he is  capable,  becomes  convinced  that  Jesus Christ  is  the most  trustworthy  person in  the entire universe. Elton Trueblood
Storm  the throne of grace and  persevere therein,  and  mercy  will  come down. –  John Wesley
Revival  is  the work  of the Holy  Spirit  in  restoring  the people of God  to  a  more spiritual  life,  witness,  and work—by  prayer  and  the Word  after  repentance. –  Evangelical Dictionary  of  World  Missions The biggest  billboard  for  revival  is  a  changed  life.