Complimentary Message From Olawale Abaire

Meeting him wasn’t accidental
God ochestrated our paths to cross each other
We had learnt to love, correct and rebuke each other
I had loved him like a man would love his own mother

We had spent times together;
even in different kind of weather
Moment of laughter
Joking like nobody’s business;
Other times, too serious to be called a jester
Days of tearing my room apart in prayers
I had loved him; even forever

Thought I had a soft heart
Until I met someone with a softer heart;
Never mind the container of my dear friend;
his content is too rich for that container he carries; Very compassionate; Highly intelligent; A great visionary;
A friend and a brother;
Make some noise, as we celebrate this great and wonderful, exquisite, exceptional, indomitable, brave, brilliant, anointed son of the Prophets,Olawade Olabamidele David(C.E.O Masterpiece Publishing House International, HQ Igando Lagos state, Nigeria )
Brother! Grace! Grace and exceeding grace.

I may not have too many words to say to you today, but I will pray this one prayer for you;
May the LORD who had guided you thus far see you through to the end (Amen)
One more time, Happy birthday, dear friend!


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