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Dear Mother, Happy birthday.

Dear Mother, Happy birthday.
Even though I have been far away, despite the fact that I haven’t been faithful in my desire to hear from you, deep down my heart, I care about you. I acknowledge your unfailing care for me from the time you carried me in your womb for nine months. I took your sleeping time, your strength and appetite as you divided them for me in your womb so I can have life. I costed you pains as I can feel the way you travailed in the Labour room to bring me to this world.
“Where is my son? ” was your first yell when I can out of your womb. I made you lose blood as you bleeded profusely during my birth. Your blood was over me, I was drenched in it. Despite the energy you expended, you embraced me and gave me a kiss. Your first kiss signals to me that no matter the pain that I may cost you, you will always love me. You breast-feeded me so I could grow as required, this gave me a conviction that you have an undeniable trust in me by investing part of you in me. You carried me about at your back whereever you went even when it was not convenient, to show the world that I am your seed and you won’t be ashamed of me.
I can imagine back then when you fed me with your fingers. When my tooth began to grow, I tested the firmness and sharpness of my tooth on your fingers. I bit you even in pains you continued feeding me and pet me to continue eating from your fine sir. I urinated and deficated on my body but you are always happy to clean up my mess. I cry and deny you sleep, I can still remember the melody of your sonorous voice as you sing to my little ears that I may sleep. Your back was like a water bed to me when I slept behind you and each time you try to lay me on the bed I cry.
As I began to crawl, you watched me move and observed my movements in the house. When I tried walking , you were always on my side to observe my progress. When I fall, you lifted me up and you stood at the other end beckoning to me that I can do it. You encouraged me, you held my hands and walked with me.
You observed my growth from the numbers of my hairs to the numbers of my teeth as I began to grow. I can imagine the way you watched over me when I was asleep with your caring heart. I can still feel the warmth of your hug when you embraced me saying “David,oko mi”.
I remember the story you told me when I thought I could help myself get water from the flask while I was a year older. I intended helping you as I observed the routine you went through daily: washing my clothes, breast-feeding me, carrying me at your back, bathing me and so on. I never knew I would be costing you more pain as I turned the flask on my leg and the hot water from it poured on my leg. I cried as we both wept that day, I remember your word “iwo omo yi oni pami”. You ran to the hospital as if you were going down the street, the scar still present on my legs.
I remember long time ago when Daddy intended to disown me as he told never to return home again due to my atrusities. I saw you through the window of the seating room as you knew down on my behave to plead. I can’t just continue to remember them all because there are series of accounts of your unfailing love to me. Against all odds, you will forever be my Mother. I love you, Happy birthday mummy.
For the love of my Mother, my family and the entire Olawades.
David Olawade.


Young minds with great International Exploits

Young minds with great International Exploits- These are the six youngest most influencial Millionaires in Nigeria as they continue heralding this generation and harnessing their potentials.
I was amazed reading this profiles and Privileged to speak with some. Earnestly waiting to see the names of every one reading this inprinted in the sand of time as men and woman of great Exploits.
That we will all be the status quo for this generation to challenge, may we be the paradigm shift the world has been waiting for, the quantum leap that will provoke an unusual turn-around in our nations and a durable change of lasting memory.
1. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji (Founder, Andela): Aboyeji, 23, is a co-founder at Andela, a
global talent accelerator that trains young intelligent Africans to be world-class
developers and then connects them with top employers around the world
looking for top technical talent. Andela’s backers include the founders of
Facebook, eBay, and AOL.
Iyinoluwa Aboyeji Iyinoluwa Aboyeji
2. Abiola Olaniran (Founder, Gamsole): Olaniran, 26, is the founder and CEO of
Nigerian gaming company, Gamsole. Olaniran founded the company in 2012,
and it has venture backing from 88mph, a Kenyan seed fund. The company’s
games now have more than 9 million downloads both locally and internationally
on the Windows Phone store.
Abiola Olaniran
3. Rex Idaminabo (Founder, Achievers Media): Idaminabo, 29, is the founder and
CEO of Acheivers Media, the organization which hosts the popular African
Achievers Award, an annual event that recognizes individuals and organizations
that have distinguished themselves in their contribution towards the growth and
development of Africa. The event generates in excess of $1 million in
sponsorship revenue annually. He is also the co-founder of Young CEO’s
Business forum and was recently appointed as an Advisory Board member of
the World Leaders Forum in Dubai.
Rex Idaminabo
4. Uche Pedro (Founder, BellaNaija): Pedro, 30, is one of Nigerian most popular
new media entrepreneurs. BellaNaija, the Nigerian lifestyle, entertainment and
fashion website which she founded, attracts more than 10 million page views
every month from readers all across the world.
Uche Pedro
5. Mark Essien (Founder, Essien, 31, is the founder of,
Nigeria’s largest hotel booking website. The online portal allows users from all
over the world to book rooms from a selection of over 6000 hotels. The
company has so far raised more than $250,000 in funding from Spark Fund
among other investors.
Mark Essien
6. Edose Ohen (Founder, Alfa O & O Networks; Glazed the Doughnut Cafe): He
is the 28 year old founder of Alfa O & O Networks, a fixed wireless internet
service provider focused on connecting homes in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria
to the Internet in order to reduce the digital divide. He also owns Glazed the
Doughnut Cafe, Houston’s first 24 hour doughnut shop. Glazed is on track to
pull in revenues of $1.2 million this year and is listed as a top doughnut shop
in Houston.
Friends, this is not a Call to competition, envy, discouragement or jealousy. These factors has difused into our mentality. It is a Call to achieve a goal “global revolution”.
Ink will fail me as I trust the grace of God upon the lives of hundreds of people around me- Abaire Olawale, Ayodele Tosin, Olorunsola Samuel, Samuel Renner, Dr. bien Sufficient, Showore Samuel, Akinsumbo Kolawole, Aremo Olakusibe, Jedidah Moses, Fasan Nifemi, Daniel Olawande, Oke Mayowa, Lincoln Bunmi, Tobi Ige, Adeyemi Olaolu,Oyewole Pelumi, Ibitoye Ayodeji(youngest prof.), Ajisafe Olawale, Ikeh Maurice, Ikuomola Olaniyi, Olabanji Mayowa, Ifeanyi Anthony, Ebiesuwa Adebayo, Akosile Olukayode, Olukayode Crown and many more reading this. Many reading might be wondering why was  my name not mentioned or probably there is an hierachial arrangement, every one is recognised as we all put our hands together on The table of change in heralding this generation and harnessing our individual potentials maximally.
To our fathers, you have done a great job. You are our Moses, we wont only be failing God even you because you have prepared the way- Pastor E. A Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Pst. andriy Kuksenko, Evang. Sola Oki, Pastor Olaniyan Peter and many more.
To our colleagues with the profile above, may God enlarge your coasts. We are connected.
For the love of Revival, spiritual re-awakening and Global revolution.
By a sold out for God – David Olawade.
Masterpiece Publishing House International.
Please feel free to share on your pages, blogs, groups, sites with out altering the content.

I Believe In The Supernatural: The Testimony Of A.A ALLEN.

I believe in the supernatural.
The Testimony of Evangelist A.A Allen.
Oh please find time to read this.
Amazing But True Stories
Evangelist R. W. Schambach writes:
“I’ll never forget, the greatest miracle I ever witnessed began with an offering. It
happened under the ministry of Brother A. A. Allen.
I was with this man of God for about five years in the fifties. . .”
“. . . . A woman brought her child, who had twenty-six major diseases, to our meeting.
I’ll never forget this as long as I live.
The boy was born blind, deaf and mute. Both arms were crippled and deformed. His
elbows protruded up into his little tummy; his knees touched his elbows. Both legs were
crippled and deformed; he had club feet. When he was born, his doctors said that boy
would never live to see his first birthday, but they were wrong; he was approaching four
years of age. Of course, his condition was breaking his mama’s heart. She came to our
meetings all week, and I got concerned about that boy. In those crusades, we had
each person with a need fill out a prayer card, and as the Holy Spirit moved, we would
pray for the needs God inspired us to pray for. And the Holy Spirit didn’t seem to be
moving us to pray for that little boy.”
“The following Sunday, his mother came to me and said, ‘Brother Schambach, I’m down
to my last twenty dollars. I’ve paid the hotel bill, but we’ve been eating in the restaurant,
coming to three services a day and giving in every offering. All the money has run out.
My baby has not been prayed for.’ She was very upset, and she was ready to give up
and go home.”
“I said ‘Ma’am, I can’t apologize for the moving of the Holy
Ghost. I know you have to leave tonight, but if you come to the service and, once
again, the Holy Spirit leads in another direction, and your son’s prayer card is not drawn
for prayer, I will personally take your baby to the man of God’s trailer house and see
that he lays hands on your baby. You will not leave disappointed.’ And I meant that
from my heart.” “That night I came out, and I led the singing in that evening service.
Then I introduced Brother A. A. Allen, and he came bouncing out on that platform and
said ‘Tonight we’re going to receive an offering of faith.’ I had never heard him use that
expression before, and I saw eyebrows lift all over the congregation. He went on, ‘Now,
if you don’t know what I mean when I say an ‘offering of faith,’ I mean for you to give
something you cannot afford to give. That’s a good definition, isn’t it? If you can afford
it, there’s no faith connected to it. So give Him something you can’t afford to give.'” “As
soon as Brother Allen said that, I saw that boy’s mother leap out into the aisle and
come running. Three thousand people were watching her in that Birmingham
Fairgrounds Arena as she threw something in that offering bucket. I never saw anybody
in such a hurry to give, and, I confess, I was nosy. I came down off that
platform to see what she had given. You know what I saw in that bucket? A twenty
dollar bill.”
“I knew that was all she had. She had told me that. She had driven from Knoxville,
Tennessee, to the meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. She didn’t know how she was
going to get home or what she was going to use to feed herself and her baby on the
way. I went behind the platform and wept. I prayed, ‘Lord, I’ve been trying to teach that
woman faith all week. But now I’m
asking You to give me faith like she’s got!'”
“. . . Brother Allen went on and collected the offering and
launched into his sermon. But about fifteen minutes into his message he stopped and
said, ‘I’m being carried away in the Spirit.'” “I said to myself, ‘Here we go again on
another trip.’ This is how God used him: he said he could see what the Holy Spirit
wanted to communicate to him like he was watching it on a television screen. He would
describe it as he saw it. That night he said, ‘I’m being carried away to a huge white
building. Oh, it’s a hospital.’ Of course, I heard this kind of thing every night that I
worked with Brother Allen so I was sitting there unmoved.” “Then he said, ‘I’m inside
the hospital, and there’s no doubt in my mind where I’m heading because I hear all
these babies crying.
It’s a maternity ward. I see five doctors around a table. A little baby has been born.
The baby was born with twelve, no, sixteen, no, twenty-six diseases.'”
“When he said that, I started getting chill bumps up and down my spine. I said, ‘Oh, my
God, tonight’s that baby’s night!” “Brother Allen continued, ‘Twenty-six diseases. The
doctors said he’d never live to see his first birthday, but that’s not so. That boy is
approaching four. Now I see the mother packing a suitcase.
They’re going on a trip. Another lady’s with her. The baby’s in a bassinet. It’s in the
back seat of an old Ford. They’re driving down the highway. I see the Alabama/
Tennessee border. That automobile is driving in the parking lot. Lady you’re here
tonight. Bring me that baby! God’s going to give you twenty-six miracles.'” “That woman
came running again for the second time that night. She put the baby in Brother Allen’s
arms. I jumped up to stand beside him, and everybody in the audience, 3,000 strong,
was standing. Brother Allen must have wanted to be sure that the
audience was agreeing in faith for the miracle because he said, ‘Everybody, close your
eyes.’ But I thought, ‘Not me, mister. I’m going to be scriptural on this one. I’m going
to watch and pray. I’ve been waiting for this all week. ‘” “That little boy’s tongue had
been hanging out of his mouth all
week. The first thing I saw as Brother Allen prayed was that tongue snapped back in
the mouth like a rubber band. For the first time in four years, the little guy’s tongue was
in his mouth. I saw two little whirlpools in his eyes, just a milky color. You couldn’t tell
whether he had blue or brown or what color of eyes.
But during the prayer, that whirlpool ceased, and I saw two brand new brown eyes! I
knew God had opened his eyes, and if God opened the eyes, I knew He had unstopped
the deaf ears.” “Then those little arms began to snap like pieces of wood; and for the
first time, they stretched out. The legs cracked like wood popping. All of sudden, I saw
God form toes out of those club feet as easily as child forms something with silly-
putty. The crowd was watching by this time going wild! I’ve never seen any people
shout and rejoice so much in all my life.”
“I saw that baby placed on his feet, and he began to run for the first time in his life. He
had never seen his mama before, never said a word, but he began running across the
platform and I was running right after him to catch him. He leaped into his mama’s
arms, and I heard him say his first word, ‘Mama.'”
” . . . . The following Saturday after his healing, I received a
special delivery letter from his mother. . . She said ‘Brother
Schambach, I took the baby to the hospital Monday morning, and the doctors won’t
give him back. They kept him all week. They have called in every doctor from all over
the country who has had anything to do with the case. They have pronounced my baby
cured of twenty-six major diseases.’ Of course, we went on to get the copies of the
affidavits from the doctors certifying that boy’s
life was a genuine miracle.”
“Her letter continued, ‘You remember that last Sunday when I told you all I had was
twenty dollars? God knows that was the truth.
But when that man of God said to give something you can’t afford, I leaped into the
aisle. The moment I hit that aisle, for the first time in my life I heard the devil talk. The
devil told me, ‘You can’t give that; that’s not yours. Fifteen dollars of that goes to the
doctor. Five dollars is for gas to get home.’ The faster I ran, the faster he talked. But
as soon as I turned loose of that money, he stopped talking.’
“‘Brother Schambach, all you saw was those twenty-six miracles, but there is one you
don’t know anything about. After you were gone, people were staying there. They
wanted to see the baby and see what God had done. People shook hands with me.
When one lady shook my hands, I felt a folded piece of paper between
my palms. I opened it up and saw it was a twenty dollar bill. As I shook hands with
the people who had lined up, every one of them had a folded paper in their hand. I
went into the ladies room and counted $235!'”
Schambach, R. W. You Can’t Beat God Giving

Pastor Andriy Kuksenko Forward for the book “The Clarion Call For Revival”.

Pastor Andriy Kuksenko Forward for the book “The Clarion Call For Revival”.
I read the book very quick, “on one breath”. It is very easy to read, but has very deep insight.
I see this book as a prophetic call. The call and the voice of one crying to our christian generation:
“Stop living, just believing in God! Start your life for Him and with Him! Experience the fullness of life with Him and life, that is full of Him!”
It is not right to read this book as an information… There is no NEW information within it, but … there is something better within it – the prophetic passion of true life of A MAN and GOD!
It is a medicine for those, who has turned onto living a christian style of living, BUT has lost the very taste and passion of Christ-driven life!
It is the book for those, who want to live and feel the taste of every second of the life that is lived with God and for God!
It is a cry, prophetic cry…
Pastor Andriy Kuksenko
“New Time” Christian Social Center, Kiev, Ukraine
You can download the books “The Clarion Call For Revival” and “Divine Lifting” on
You can also read over 50 articles on
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Oh! We love to celebrate the anointing. We love to be labeled with it. We desire it more than other virtues of the kingdom. We know its need and efficacy in our Christian triumph. It makes an ordinary man to be extraordinary and a natural man to be a supernatural man. Have you ever thought of carrying and possessing this requirement for a lifetime? Have you ever reasoned why many lost it and few sustained it? So demanding to climb the ladder of unction, but very easy to fall from it. God has promised every man going into the ministry a safe landing but He never promised a smooth sailing. He beckons on many and embraces few that survive the conquest.


Great is the commission delivered to you. Great are the heavenly visions you have seen. Great are the deposits of the Holy Spirit in you. Great is the ministerial office or position you occupy. Great is the bible school you attended. Great are the impartations you received from the word, Holy Spirit and people. However, greater is sustaining the anointing in fulfilling God’s mandate in your life.


He was the anointed Cherub who covers (Lucifer, Ezekiel 28:14). He wanted to be like God. Pride was found in him. The anointing left him, along with everything he once possessed. He was the beginning of the fall of the anointed, since then, tens of thousands have followed. Lucifer went being the “star of the morning” (Isaiah 14:12) to the “prince of darkness”. From “favoured to fallen”. Since that time, the devil has plotted, schemed and deceived, seeking whom to rob of what he lost. He is forever determined to take down any and all that he can.

He robbed Adam and Eve their inheritance in paradise.

Solomon started out loving the Lord as his father David but he ended up a lover of strange women. He was seduced from his devotion to God to the worship of idols, despite his God-given wisdom and anointing.

Saul began as God’s first anointed king of Israel. He prophesied along with other prophets and yet he ended his life saying “I have played the fool…..I have erred exceedingly” (1 Samuel 26:21).

Gehazi that was supposed to succeed Elisha exchanged the anointing for leprosy.

Samson began by terrorizing the philistines but ended up tortured and taunted. Samson who was a fear to the philistine became a comedian; an anointed of God became an entertainer to the enemy.

Demas flirted with the world and left the ministry. The one that Apostle Paul once celebrated as a brother in the Lord became a brother in the world.

Judas traded his throne in heaven for some petty cash. The list is endless.


God is in need of a prophet that can sustain the anointing not sons of prophet (Ask Elisha). I wonder what also happened to the first servant of Elijah that gave the news of the rain (1 Samuel 18:43). God instructed Gideon to blow the trumpet for the call, twenty two thousand men gathered, only 300 survived and qualified (Judges 7:3-7). 500 believers saw Jesus ascending to heaven after he told them to wait for the promise of the Holy Spirit. Only 120 people passed the test of time despite the fact that it was the Sabbath day which calls for every believer to be in Jerusalem. Out of the 10 lepers Jesus healed, only one returned to give the testimony.

One million people came out of Egypt. They started the race, yet only two people out of that one million made it to the promise land; Joshua and Caleb. They were recorded as men with another spirit (Numbers 14:24). The Israelites were surrounded by the supernatural; they saw signs and wonders on a daily basis as God provided manna for them to eat. They saw water flow out of a rock, and yet only two made it into God’s purpose.


This question comes with a burning in my heart. Many a time, I hear a numerous ramifications that ripple across not only the local church but the church at large. It is imperative that we stop this needless loss of anointed men and women of God. We might suffer casualties but not loses of anointed men. There has been reduction in the number of dead and wounded soldiers. God’s armies of soldier are dying at a faster rate than ever before. According to John Maxwell, only one out of every ten people entering the ministry today will still be in it at the age of 65. That’s a 90 percent drop-out rate. Dr. James Dobson estimates that there are some 1,500 ministers a mouth leaving the ministry. If the body of Christ continues to hemorrhage at this rate, we’ll soon be the laughing stock to the world. Daily, it seems we hear of another “fallen soldier”.

There are men who come to the scene for a brief period of time. Great men of God; may be everybody is reading their books or everybody is listening to their tapes or everybody is going to their conferences. They seem to have full attention of the Christian world but tragically it is only for a moment and they are gone. You say; “what has happened to the great healing evangelist” or “what has happened to that great teacher” or what has happened to that great singer or song writer? Someone answers and says, “Oh! he has turned his back on God”, or He divorced his wife, drifted off into some false teaching, or became involved in some type of sexual addiction

God’s grace and anointing transforms you from what you once were into a person with the ability to do things you had previously dreamed of. You now possess the ability to preach, teach, sing, and function in the realm of the spirit through prophesies, healings, word of knowledge or wisdom and so on. But can you maintain this new-found wealth? Do you know how to steward this precious giftings and privilege?


  1. BLESSEDNESS OF DEPENDENCY– God seeks to bring us to this place of dependency on Himself. The secret to longevity and continued blessing in the Christian life is to remain in the place of absolute and total dependency upon God. Jesus who had the privilege of been baptized, with the heaven opened and a voice to confirm his call. Also, after His wilderness experience, returning in power, healing the sick and delivering the oppressed. He said; “I can do nothing on my own” meaning “I do not initiate a single thing”. “I am poor in taking my action but rich in following my Father”.

“…….who is adequate for these things?” ( 2 Cor. 2:16).

Apostle Paul proclaimed that he was called from his mother’s womb (Gal. 1:15). He was trained a Pharisee of Pharisees, circumcised, learnt under the greatest teacher of his day (Philippians 3:1-6). He made know his spiritual pedigree yet he said “I am not capable”. I am not sufficient to effectively minister the gospel but my sufficiency is God. It is he that works in me both to will and to do of his good pleasures. If that is true of Apostle Paul, how much is it true for you and I?

  1. Effectual fervent prayer- The disciples discovered a need to survive the anointing throughout their lifetime. They were only privileged once to ask Jesus to teach them something. They never asked Jesus to teach how to preach powerful sermons. They saw Jesus heal the sick, cast out devils, fed thousands. They saw Him walk on water. They never asked for the method to suspend Archimedes’ principles but they requested for the sustaining power (Luke 11:1). They have observed the Master gathering momentum daily on the mountain and they concluded that prayer was the key. The night there master was to be taken away; they could not survive because they could not pray for an hour.

A praying man will stop sinning while a sinning man will stop praying.

  1. The Glory of the Secret Place: any man that out grows his secret place will die secretly. Any man that out grows his quiet time will lose fervency quietly. The secret of praying is praying in secret. The reason why many renowned personalities fail on the platform of popularity and the peak of their achievement is mostly because at a point they neglect the effect of the secret place. Many have failed in the secret and want to be famous in limelight “Impossible”. Even if their fame is going anywhere, since they are already failing in the secret, their lives will soon collapse. Do not deceive yourself; your secret praying is the only prayer that God sees to reward you in the open. As many that have no secret discourse with God, God sees nothing to reward them opening that will sustain them. Withdraw from these public arrangements! Put your mouth to the dust, come inside, shut the door on yourself and upon your prayer partners and pray for God to open the heavens over your head.

The journey to anointing is first of all a journey downward in humility. It is a journey from the climax of attention to obscurity and aloneness with God.

This caption is a call to take heed, watch and vigilance. The trial for surviving the anointing is never a once for all experience, it keeps coming, each victory we obtain gives us a measure of stability. This is not only for church leaders but it is for each and every one of us. May we finish the course in grand style. May we be worthy to hear this word at the end; “well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into my rest” (Matthew 25:21).

For the Love of Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening and Social Revolution.

By a sold out for God- Olawade David B.


Complimentary message from my beloved brother- James Olawade

How do you properly or sufficiently honor someone who has taught you many good thing you know? How can you possibly detail all of the lessons he’s taught and the example he has been? Is there really any way to celebrate the life of such a man? The answers cannot be found in words. Not mine anyway, but I will still say few words.
You are the epitome of a man,
You embody all that is noble,
All that is good and all that is right.
You are strict but fair, tough but loving.
You are an excellent brother, You taught by example.
As leaders, we are called to be an example. It is by our actions, not our words,  that others are changed and led to action, and that’s how my Bro has always chosen to encourage and inspire others…
My loving brother, I’m so glad to have you and you’re such a friend whom I’ll be loving throughout my entire life!
I never could’ve made it through childhood without you, uhmmmmmm, how time flies little Bro, I vividly remember our growing up, the times we strain our ankles on field, the fights, rain-plays, buying food in small plates from local food sellers, the pranks, attending parties and all that (smiles), growing up was fun with you.
Your valuable advises have led me safely. Your love is the most precious item to me and your words is my guidance.
Every brother is special, but for me there is no other brother who can be compared to your qualities and abilities.
To show you how important you are to me, I’d choose you over a visa lottery, love you so much and I want you to know that I can’t survive without you.
Am so proud to call you my BROTHER and my PASTOR.
My wish this day for you is that you will not disappoint God, you will fulfill purpose, the heavens will not weep over you.
Sir, with a Humble heart I say Happy birthday to my very own Brother, Olawade Olabamidele David (C.E.O Masterpiece Publishing House International, HQ Igando Lagos state, Nigeria )

Complimentary Message From Olawale Abaire

Meeting him wasn’t accidental
God ochestrated our paths to cross each other
We had learnt to love, correct and rebuke each other
I had loved him like a man would love his own mother

We had spent times together;
even in different kind of weather
Moment of laughter
Joking like nobody’s business;
Other times, too serious to be called a jester
Days of tearing my room apart in prayers
I had loved him; even forever

Thought I had a soft heart
Until I met someone with a softer heart;
Never mind the container of my dear friend;
his content is too rich for that container he carries; Very compassionate; Highly intelligent; A great visionary;
A friend and a brother;
Make some noise, as we celebrate this great and wonderful, exquisite, exceptional, indomitable, brave, brilliant, anointed son of the Prophets,Olawade Olabamidele David(C.E.O Masterpiece Publishing House International, HQ Igando Lagos state, Nigeria )
Brother! Grace! Grace and exceeding grace.

I may not have too many words to say to you today, but I will pray this one prayer for you;
May the LORD who had guided you thus far see you through to the end (Amen)
One more time, Happy birthday, dear friend!