“Quench not the Spirit”- 1 Thess. 5:19.

We may not be able to control the outside condition. We cannot regulate the outside temperature but we can keep fire inside. You may meet people who do not have fire, (may be they lost their fire long ago). It is possible to meet a pastor whose fire died long time ago and he sees you, he knows that something is burning inside of you. He knows that something has happened to you. You are moving with a vision, you moving by faith, you are moving with serious understanding that you are going to do something for God. The man may call you inside and say “Brother I was once young like you. There is nothing that you are doing that we have not done. But I will counsel you to cool down”. You will meet such people. They will tell you that spirituality is not as serious as you are taking it.

It’s so disappointing today that some of our so called mentors and fathers in the Lord act as fire extinguisher on our paths. They tell us all we are doing to get more of God is not necessary. They present to us a “survival strategy” to evict and replace our spiritual exercise to get more of God. Because their eyes are now waxing dim like Eli, they intend to reduce our pace for God. May God help us so we won’t fall into their disastrous counsel of Ahitophel to Absalom. The situation of the young prophet and the old prophet, the old prophet extinguished the fire of the young prophet due to the fact that he lost his own fire for God. Beware, maybe we should begin to pray the prayer of David that God should turn every counsel of Ahitophel to turn our fire into ashes to foolishness.

I can remember vividly October, 2012 while I was fasting and praying for a personal retreat and to rekindle the fire in him. I was at my uncle’s place who is a pastor of a church. I felt the need and passion to pray very strong for fire in my bones and marrows that I could not help it than to pray and blast in tongues day and night in day in the room. This continued for period of days but on a particular morning, I felt the presence of God so mighty in the room that I was groaning in the tongues around in the morning for hours. I didn’t realize it was time for family morning devotion. My Aunt came checking on me repeatedly to see if all was okay with me. After I was through to join them for the devotion, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me that my uncle would try to counsel that it is of no great important to pray intensely in tongues. He quoted scriptures out of context that praying in tongues is not the best way to pray. After we finished praying, he called me and told me what the Holy Spirit has earlier said to him. I was amazed but it was too late for him to quench the fire because the Holy Spirit has earlier guided me.

We need to pray for the spirit of God to guide us from those that can act as fire extinguishers on our paths in our fellowship with God that they may not hinder us from sparkling for God.

Some have agreed that it is not every time minister preaches somebody should repent. They have also convinced themselves that they are on the pulpit to mainly encourage. Whereas your own may be to see conversion of soul every week in your congregation. They may counsel you that since you are not called to be an evangelist, only evangelist that evangelizes and can preach and people will be saved.

“But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry”- 2 Timothy 4:5

They may tell you; “don’t be ambitious. Nobody can do what only God can do. If God likes he can save souls, If he doesn’t like, that’s he’s business”. He speaks theoretically, appealing to some few bible verses he has read out of context.

Furthermore, he say to you “brother” don’t kill yourself, preach your message; if people like to repent, let them do so. If they don’t like it go and lie down “don’t make life difficult for yourself”. Such people are fire extinguisher! They are preaching you out of your fire. They will make you feel that you can actually live without fire.

They may even counsel you to copy them. Maybe you decided to take time to fast and pray for three days with one singular request “Lord give me a flaming tongue and cause my word to affect people”. A brother may hear and say to you “is that what you are fasting and praying about, you have not got anything to fast about, but i warn you that you don’t kill yourself, remember that you may likely have ulcer if you continue praying like”

I remember also, February 2013. There was a particular day someone came to my room and saw me kind of weak. He said to me I know that you are fasting but sometimes we need wisdom on some spiritual matters. I wondered how his own craftiness can be compared to the wisdom of God (Jesus), who also fasted during his ministry on earth. He started by telling me a story of someone whom I know after fasted for couple of days and later landed in hospital. As he continued his carnal sermon I realized that he was a fire extinguisher, as I said thank you for the advice just to make him leave my room at that moment.

Fire extinguishers, they may kill your fasting life because they are already tired. Therefore, let your fire be burning “inside”, it is better for people to discover the fire, not because you talk about it, but because it has begun to burn them.

After Thought: Are there fire extinguishers around you? Guide your fire jealously; make sure you are already burning beyond a match stick before sharing anything with people around. Remember when you lite a match, you guide it with your palm so as to help me against the breeze. Make sure you are red hot like coal so the breeze will even help you to burn more and you can survive it.

For the love of revival, spiritual re-awakening and social revolution.

By a sold out for God- OLAWADE DAVID B.

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