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“And after the reading of the law and the prophets, the rulers of the synagogue sent unto them, saying, Ye men and brethren, if ye have ANY WORD OF EXHORTATION FOR THE PEOPLE, SAY ON”- Acts 13:15.

Are we going bankrupt of the word? Can we not have the word and yet speak? Like a sounding cymbal, many are appearing today. There was a tag placed on the preacher from the text above which gave Apostle Paul the privilege to preach his first sermon in the synagogue after he encountered the word.

“If ye HAVE any word of exhortation for the people, say on”

IF YE HAVE– the condition for having the word was the prerequisite to preaching in the synagogue not minding the position of the priest or the overseer of the synagogue. The necessity was on he that has the word. This signals that there can be a time when the priest can go word deficient if he hasn’t gone to the throne of grace to get the word. One can lack the word and yet be reciting many verses of the scripture. The bone of contention on this caption is premised on the instant word for a season. It does not matter how long the priest has been preaching, the question is “does he have the word for today or for a particular service”.

“AND AFTER THE READING OF THE LAW…..”- The priest read the word but doesn’t have the word for the people on the Sabbath day. As a minister or pastor of a congregation, you might not be the one God wants to speak through in a particular gathering. This call for a sharp discernment on who does God wants to use. God can use anybody or anything to speak; He spoke through a donkey to Balaam. You can read the scripture but that might not qualify you for having the word for the people for that day.

“WORD OF EXORTATION FOR THE PEOPLE, SAY ON”- there are some word that God can reveal to us as ministers and pastors of congregations that is not for the people. These words can be for personal consumption, some might not be for the people for that season. Are the sermons we preach for the people? Are we preaching what God wants His people to hear or what we want them to hear? Many calculate the word they preach; after ministering the word somewhere and they discover the result, they store it in there archives and re-fabricate it another time thinking they will to get same result.

May God grant His preachers grace to wait upon Him for fresh word from His throne. Stale word is becoming the order of the day because many think of preserving the word. Like the manna God fed the Israelite with in the wilderness, the word needs to be fresh. If God could feed the Israelite with fresh manna, He expects us to feed His flocks with fresh word and not stale word.

“Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over that which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood”- Acts 20:28.

“So when they had dined, Jesus saith to Simon, Peter, Simon, Son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He said feed my lambs”- John 21:15.

God has placed a demand on His shepherd to feed His lamb but it is necessary for His shepherd to feed His lamb with the right word.

“I am the bread of life”- John 6:48

Jesus the word of God called himself the bread of life. The word can be compared to bread in the contemporary context. Bread is produced in the bakery from a heat process of an oven. The word of the Lord should come fresh from the oven of His presence. No one prefers stale bread to the fresh one, so the word of the Lord must be gotten fresh to feed His flock.

“SAY ON”- Apostle Paul stood up to speak having the word after so many years of being in tarsus to learn and have the world. He spoke and the people were amazed.

“Then Paul stood up, beckoning with his hand said, men of Israel, and ye that fear God, give audience”- Acts 13:16.

When you have the word for the people, you don’t beg for a congregation or a ministration; men will look for you. After Jesus was commissioned, multitudes followed Him from town to town. John the Baptist was in the wilderness yet the people sought him.

“And when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue, the gentiles besought that THESE WORD might be preached to them the next Sabbath”- Acts 13:42.

Paul never had the intention of coming back to preach in the synagogue the next Sabbath but when they had the word, the people needed to be fed. One thing I have discovered about the word is that when the right word is spoken, the congregation will know it. It will come like a sword and hammer, like fire in their bones; nobody would be able to resist it.

“Now when the congregation was broken up, many of the Jews and religious proselytes FOLLOWED Paul and Barnabas: who, speaking to them, persuaded them to continue in the grace of God”- Acts 13:43.

One can learn to inspire people by one’s eloquence and expertise but no one can learn the words that will break and convict men. These words are not always read from books or someone’s sermon, they come directly from the throne of grace and encounter in His presence.

When you have the word, men will follow you. It is not your advert that you need for men to truly follow you, it is the word you need. Men followed Jesus and John the Baptist because they had the word.

“And the next Sabbath day came almost the whole city together to hear the word of God”- Acts 13:14.

After, the word was spoken; almost the whole city gathered to hear the word the next Sabbath. The people did not gather to see the preacher but to hear the word of God. For you to improve your congregation, what you need is the word for the congregation you desire.

After Thought: don’t be word deficient, contact the throne of grace today and get the fresh word in His presence.

For the love of revival, spiritual re-awakening and social revolution.

By a sold out for God- OLAWADE DAVID B.


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Everyone reading this article is my friend but my greatest friend is the truth. We live in a world where ungodliness, immoralities, decadence and obscurity is the order of the day. Those that carry the seed of change end up becoming “decadence projector” all in the sense of suiting the perspiration of others. We end up quoting the unscriptural text that says “if you can’t win them you join them” neglecting the fact that the change we desire has no resemblance of any man’s nature or instinct

Am not attacking any man’s idea, decision or approach to life but I believe we all know the truth and we can discern between good and wrong. We find ourselves in an organization where misconduct is occupying the atmosphere; where you have to change figures, negate the rightful approach to things and yet you complain “I don’t want to lose my job, am only doing what I am employed to do”. We forget the precepts and statures of our ultimate employer “God”


We desire man to appraise us even when we know it’s on the wrong cause. The best appraisal a man can get does not come from the people around him, it comes from his inner conviction and conscience in doing the right thing. Men can celebrate you when you are doing the wrong thing once you are in tune with their gimmicks.

When will the change come?

  • When we come out of the ocean of ignorance and face reality.
  • When we stand out of the crowd and project the truth.
  • When we come out of the river of decadence our society and organization as kept us.
  • When we care less of pleasing men.
  • When ungodliness becomes an insult to us.
  • When we follow our conscience, instinct, discretion and conviction rather than being satisfied with the appraisal of men.
  • When we take it as a burden upon ourselves that we will stand for the truth and the truth alone.
  • When you stop giving excuses for your adhesion to the wrong around you.
  • When we become an example by specific differences and not by majority resemblance.
  • When we take the bull by the horn wherever we find ourselves and conversation we engage in.

Our society is been polluted day by day, how long are we going to be the change. Let’s do what is right and we are sure of something, getting the right result if we don’t compromise.

After Thought: change is real but more real is we contributing to its occurrence. The change you desire and you are not contributing to consciously can never be effected.

Everyone wants a friend but not everyone wants the truth. Everyone wants a better society but not everyone wants to be the change.

For the love of the truth, change and a better today.

By He that is bearing only one burden- the burden of the truth; DAVID OLAWADE.


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“Quench not the Spirit”- 1 Thess. 5:19.

We may not be able to control the outside condition. We cannot regulate the outside temperature but we can keep fire inside. You may meet people who do not have fire, (may be they lost their fire long ago). It is possible to meet a pastor whose fire died long time ago and he sees you, he knows that something is burning inside of you. He knows that something has happened to you. You are moving with a vision, you moving by faith, you are moving with serious understanding that you are going to do something for God. The man may call you inside and say “Brother I was once young like you. There is nothing that you are doing that we have not done. But I will counsel you to cool down”. You will meet such people. They will tell you that spirituality is not as serious as you are taking it.

It’s so disappointing today that some of our so called mentors and fathers in the Lord act as fire extinguisher on our paths. They tell us all we are doing to get more of God is not necessary. They present to us a “survival strategy” to evict and replace our spiritual exercise to get more of God. Because their eyes are now waxing dim like Eli, they intend to reduce our pace for God. May God help us so we won’t fall into their disastrous counsel of Ahitophel to Absalom. The situation of the young prophet and the old prophet, the old prophet extinguished the fire of the young prophet due to the fact that he lost his own fire for God. Beware, maybe we should begin to pray the prayer of David that God should turn every counsel of Ahitophel to turn our fire into ashes to foolishness.

I can remember vividly October, 2012 while I was fasting and praying for a personal retreat and to rekindle the fire in him. I was at my uncle’s place who is a pastor of a church. I felt the need and passion to pray very strong for fire in my bones and marrows that I could not help it than to pray and blast in tongues day and night in day in the room. This continued for period of days but on a particular morning, I felt the presence of God so mighty in the room that I was groaning in the tongues around in the morning for hours. I didn’t realize it was time for family morning devotion. My Aunt came checking on me repeatedly to see if all was okay with me. After I was through to join them for the devotion, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me that my uncle would try to counsel that it is of no great important to pray intensely in tongues. He quoted scriptures out of context that praying in tongues is not the best way to pray. After we finished praying, he called me and told me what the Holy Spirit has earlier said to him. I was amazed but it was too late for him to quench the fire because the Holy Spirit has earlier guided me.

We need to pray for the spirit of God to guide us from those that can act as fire extinguishers on our paths in our fellowship with God that they may not hinder us from sparkling for God.

Some have agreed that it is not every time minister preaches somebody should repent. They have also convinced themselves that they are on the pulpit to mainly encourage. Whereas your own may be to see conversion of soul every week in your congregation. They may counsel you that since you are not called to be an evangelist, only evangelist that evangelizes and can preach and people will be saved.

“But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry”- 2 Timothy 4:5

They may tell you; “don’t be ambitious. Nobody can do what only God can do. If God likes he can save souls, If he doesn’t like, that’s he’s business”. He speaks theoretically, appealing to some few bible verses he has read out of context.

Furthermore, he say to you “brother” don’t kill yourself, preach your message; if people like to repent, let them do so. If they don’t like it go and lie down “don’t make life difficult for yourself”. Such people are fire extinguisher! They are preaching you out of your fire. They will make you feel that you can actually live without fire.

They may even counsel you to copy them. Maybe you decided to take time to fast and pray for three days with one singular request “Lord give me a flaming tongue and cause my word to affect people”. A brother may hear and say to you “is that what you are fasting and praying about, you have not got anything to fast about, but i warn you that you don’t kill yourself, remember that you may likely have ulcer if you continue praying like”

I remember also, February 2013. There was a particular day someone came to my room and saw me kind of weak. He said to me I know that you are fasting but sometimes we need wisdom on some spiritual matters. I wondered how his own craftiness can be compared to the wisdom of God (Jesus), who also fasted during his ministry on earth. He started by telling me a story of someone whom I know after fasted for couple of days and later landed in hospital. As he continued his carnal sermon I realized that he was a fire extinguisher, as I said thank you for the advice just to make him leave my room at that moment.

Fire extinguishers, they may kill your fasting life because they are already tired. Therefore, let your fire be burning “inside”, it is better for people to discover the fire, not because you talk about it, but because it has begun to burn them.

After Thought: Are there fire extinguishers around you? Guide your fire jealously; make sure you are already burning beyond a match stick before sharing anything with people around. Remember when you lite a match, you guide it with your palm so as to help me against the breeze. Make sure you are red hot like coal so the breeze will even help you to burn more and you can survive it.

For the love of revival, spiritual re-awakening and social revolution.

By a sold out for God- OLAWADE DAVID B.

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“And he said unto me son of man, stand upon thy feet and I will speak unto thee.

And the Spirit entered into me, and set me upon my feet, that I heard him that spake unto me”- Ezekiel 2:1-2.

Sometimes he speaks in a still voice (2Kings 19) and at other time he roars from Zion (Joel 3:16). If we can only hear the small still voice, we will miss him when he roars and vice versa. It is not how God speaks that enables us to recognize Him, it is the Spirit who is speaking that we must discern.

God speaks many times but very few hear His voice. There is a frequency we need to be connected to which calls for us to be in the Spirit to His voice. We can’t hear God in the flesh, “deep calleth unto deep”, “what is spirit is spirit and flesh is flesh”. No matter the quality of your radio set, if you are not on the right frequency, you can’t hear what is been broadcast. The spirit had to enter Ezekiel before he could hear the voice of the spirit. Thanks to God that we’re in the era where the Holy Spirit abides with us in intimacy.

“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet”- Rev. 1:10.

John the beloved didn’t hear God because he was on the isle of Patmos as erroneously believe we have to be in church before we can hear God. He simply heard God because he was in the Spirit. Until we activate our spirit, the flesh will continue to lead us irrespective of our fasting. Fasting gives us the privilege to activate our spirit man not the ultimatum to hear God. After Jesus fasted 40 days and night, the first voice he had was the devil to tempt Him. The ultimatum to hearing God is being in the Spirit. Jesus had to cry out for the need of being in the spirit by saying;

“But the hour cometh, and now is when the true worshippers shall worship the father in Spirit and in truth; for the father seeketh such to worship him.

God is a Spirit; and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in truth”- John 4:23-24. 

We are in the era that is predicated on we being conscious of being in the spirit. Jesus said “his sheep knows Him and hears his voice” that means if you say you know God, you should hear His voice. The Holy Spirit is right there with you as you read this article; He craves to speak to you but you haven’t given Him the chance enough. You know how you feel when you try to speak to someone and the person can’t hear you even while making a call.

“Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord neither was the word of the Lord yet revealed unto him”- 1 Samuel 3:7.

Another requirement of hearing God which is the initial is knowing Him which leads to having a relationship with Him. As Jesus said “my sheep knows me and hears my voice”. There is a sheep to shepherd relationship for the sheep to hear and recognize the voice of the shepherd. For example, I can recognize the voice of the people around me even when they speak in the dark because I know them. Samuel was going to Eli for the third time before Eli told him it was the voice of God speaking to Him. You can’t discern what you don’t know.

Are you still going to an Eli before you can hear God? Your Eli can be your pastor, spiritual father or who you choose it to be. God can speak directly to you without an intermediate; your Eli should be there to bear the confirmation. Eli only confirm what Samuel heard for himself, Samuel didn’t go to Eli to ask what God is saying neither did he go to Eli to hear God.

Quoting my beloved brother in the faith, Abaire Olawale Jeremiah;

“Is God too slow to speak or are you too daft to hear?”

A question to all. God speaks in diverse ways; He speaks via an audible voice, by His word, through vision, by inner conviction and so on but it is essential to have a relationship with Him to be able to discern when and how he speaks to us.

After Thought: God is ever ready to speak to you if you desire it, there are so many things He which to tell you that you don’t know. Tell Him where you are “speak Lord, thy servant heareth”.

For the love of revival, spiritual re-awakening and social revolution.

By a sold out for God- OLAWADE DAVID B.

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“In those days, the word of the Lord was rare; there were not many visions”-1 Samuel 3:1

“And the Lord appeared again in Shiloh; for the Lord revealed himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the Word of the Lord –I Samuel 3:21

All the men who did notable thing in their generation apart from the fact that God dealt with their life secretly, God also added His word to their lives. The quantity of ministry is a man can exercise in his generation is in direct proportion to amount of the word of the Lord that comes to him. The quantity of bible to a man has is not a direct reflection of the quantity of the word of God in him.

Why was the word of the Lord scarce? All that were needed in the temple were there up to the ministering priest, yet the conclusion of the scripture was that the Word of the Lord was scarce. It shows that there was a difference between shouting, talking or making noise and having the word of the Lord. When the word of the Lord is beginning to the scarce in the mouth of the preacher, you cannot stop the congregation from misbehaving.

Why would a man be wearing is gown for if there was no word? Jesus told his disciples to sell their garment if they had no sword? It is better to go naked with sword in your hand, than to be well dressed without a sword (Remember Ephesians 6:17, the sword of the spirit is the Word of God). When the word of the Lord begins to break forth from your mouth, people will clothe you. The man that has the word of the Lord has as the instrument that melts people’s hearts. The destiny of any ministry depends on the frequencies of the word of the Lord that comes to the ministers. What keeps men running after a minister is not administration, it is ministration.

“The word of the Lord came unto John in the wilderness; And the word of the Lord is with him”

As soon as the word of the Lord came to John, without advertisement, people knew. It was people including, the Pharisees, went to the wilderness to meet a man not in the regalia of a high priest. Do all you need to do in the area of the human relations but if you do not have the sword, you have nothing to pin men down. Men will like you, and introduce you, as a jovial Pastor but when a man of God, is beginning to be introduced as jovial man, something has gone wrong. Do everything you can, and pray, that the Lord would not deny you the flaming sword.

“There behold, I am against the prophet, saith the Lord, that steal my word everyone from his neighbor,”- Jer. 23:30

The word is so precious, that people can steal it from others. But until the word comes to you, it is not your own, in your mouth. It can never be effective, it is only when something has entered into your spirit that it becomes your own. Whatever God has given you, preach it. Do not be afraid, if you are connected to the source, it will always come fresh. It is fresh fire that matter.



“The Gospel is not an alternative, it is an ultimatum. Our God is not impotent, He is omnipotent. If we want original result, we will preach the original message. We live in the real world, Jesus provides real salvation if we preach the real gospel”- Reinhard Bonke.

Oh! Let the wave to the goods news flow throughout the whole earth that the light of salvation may penetrates in the darkness of the heart of men. Let the wind of revival blow across the world, that they may know the reigning king. There is no other message. With joy in our hearts and assurance in our souls, we can go with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ knowing that it will work. The most desperate character, the man farthest away from God and deepest in sin can be rescued through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The world is not waiting for a new definition of the Gospel, but for a new demonstration of the power of the Gospel. The original Gospel mandate is impossible without the original power. The Holy Spirit can only bless what you say about Jesus. The Spirit cannot bless what you don’t say about Him. Jesus does not save unless you preach the Saviour, He does not heal unless you preach the Healer. He does not deliver unless you preach the Deliverer.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of the Christ, for it is the power God unto salvation to everyone that believeth, to the Jew first and also to the Greek” -Roman1:16

Woe onto us if we preach not the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is the remedy. There is no other. You and I must realize that and never turn to anything else. This must be our message. God’s gospel is man’s only hope in this perverted generation. The gospel is the best thing that can bring a great change in all spheres in the world.

You and I are the only ones who have the solution, and our solution is the gospel. The gospel solves all problems. The gospel is effective when nothing else is. It is as effective as in the days of the early church, as it was during the Pentecostal and charismatic movement. The gospel meets all needs. Nothing else can. Therefore, it is the gospel that we must preach. Thank God we can preach it with the utmost assurance.

Beloved, until we believe that the gospel is the solution and that there is no other, we will not get far in our evangelistic work. If God calls a man to preach the gospel, he should live by the gospel. The gospel should be your lifestyle not only our message.

The Gospel not your wisdom, training, education, talent or gift, the gospel is the power and the dynamic God. Beloved, let not worldly wisdom blind you to the glories of the gospel, nor deceive you as to its power.

An unpreached Gospel is useless. The Gospel is not the good news to peoples who don’t hear it. An unpreached gospel is not gospel at all. The gospel changes from generation to generation, but the gospel remains the same.

Ministers emphasize healing. Others; prosperity, family values, prayer, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, salvation, and so on. Each of these is part of gospel, but none of them is whole truth. For example, some churches preach the gospel of salvation without teaching about transformation of the society for Christ. They get people saved but they do not train them in any relevant activity. They preach one aspect the kingdom. But the kingdom and its gospel is a totality. The gospel is a totality. The gospel of salvation, in isolation, will not change the earth.

After Thought: we always have Jesus to give everyone that comes our way; the good news abides with you.



“Then said Ahimaaz the son of Zadok, let me now run, and bear the king tidings, how that the Lord hath avenged him of his enemies”- 2 Samuel 18:19.- 2 Samuel 18:19.

“Then said Ahimaaz the son of Zadok yet again to Joab, but howsoever, let me, I pray thee, also run after Cushi. And Joab said, wherefore wilt thou run, my son, seeing thou hast no tiding ready?

But howsoever, said he, let me run. And he said unto him, run. Then Ahimaaz ran by the way of the plain, and over ran Cushi”- 2 Samuel 18:22-23.

Many desire to run at the expense of going word deficient. They wish to be enlisted in the race without a sense of absolute concern for the barton of the word. They desire to be seen as a container in expense of having the content.

Why Pleading to Run?

From the text, Ahimaaz pleaded to run, Joab his father told him not to since he had no tidings. He persisted with his plea to run and Joab allowed him. Many desire to minister the word, they desire to be seen as occupant of a spiritual position without been occupied by the word. John the Baptist was in the wilderness until he had the word.

“And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his shewing unto Israel”- Luke 1:80.

He didn’t run until the appointed time; no wonder his mission on earth was impeccable. Jesus did not run for 30 years until He had the word; he never pleaded for His father to allow Him run until He had become the word for the generation. Paul the apostle had to return to tarsus after his conversion for his training to run with a word. It was revealed that for years he was learning the word before he was reinstated back to the church and had the privileges to speak.

The Shut up Ministry

Many of us are still in the “shut up” ministry. This is the first stage for the metamorphosis of running with a word. Jesus operated in this ministry, the apostles did, John the Baptist did. Jesus had a message initially; He was a regular customer in the temple since he was a lad at 12 years old. He had been reading the scriptures, yet at 30, the spirit still led Him into the wilderness to remain in the shut up ministry until his calling was confirmed. John the Baptist was also in the wilderness, when the Pharisees came to ask for his identity. He responded after the Pharisees pestered him to speak, he simply responded that he was a voice. Imagine someone who was conscious he was a voice could be doing alone in the wilderness. He understood he had to start with the shut up ministry, there was no one in the wilderness when he started yet remained until the appointed time to run.

“He said, I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord, as said of the prophet Esaias”- John 1:23.

Why speak when God has not prompted you to?

Many are sharing today what God is teaching them not to share for the moment. Like Ahimaaz they want to run yet God is saying “it’s not time, let others proclaim the glad tidings for the now I haven’t enlisted you, continue with your training”. Many are already sharing what God deposited to be delivered in time to come due to anxiety and curiosity.

“While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased; HEAR YE HIM”- Matthew 17:5.

When the appointed time came, God the father had to make the disciples understand that Jesus had been commissioned to speak. Jesus had repeatedly told them he does not do anything on his own. Until he was commissioned he didn’t graduate from the shut up ministry.

“…….Over ran Cushi”

“And the king said unto him, TURN ASIDE AND STAND HERE. And he turned aside and stood still”- 2 Samuel 17:30.

Ahimaaz at first thought he had over ran Cushi forgetting the fact that he had no tidings. Like an athlete in a relay race taking the lead without a baton though the audience may be applauding him but he is not legible for the race. When Ahimaaz got to finish lane before the king, he was asked to turn aside and stand still until Cushi with the word came. When we don’t have the word and yet running the race of ministry, God turns us aside even when men are celebrating us.

After Thought: We might still be occupying the position like Eliab without the word when God as turn his side to a Samuel. When you miss your shut up ministry, you end up been shut from the presence of God.

For the love of Mankind, Revival and a Revolution today.

To reach out, restore hope and proclaim liberty.

By a sold out for God- Olawade David B.

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