#Read closely
“I am only a vessel that God is using to reveal His might and power”
“Then he said, Go, borrow thee vessels abroad of all thy neighbours, even empty vessels; borrow not a few”- 2 Kings 4:3.
While meditating on this caption in my closet, I saw in the spirit, a sign post in-printed on it with the blood of Jesus; “where are the empty vessels”. With a burning in my heart, I can’t but write the mind of God on this note. May our eyes may be open to the requirement of emptiness in our quest to fulfill the mandate of God on earth. Follow closely, precepts upon precepts; lines upon lines as we will be expounding the caption together and I strongly believe that the Holy Spirit will dissect the current state of your heart to see the blessedness of emptiness in our faith triumph.
Emptiness is a state of transparency of nothingness both to the observer (God) and the observed (we) which provokes a filling (reference Holy Ghostinary). It means a complete absence of pride, a complete absence of self-assurance and of self-reliance. It is consciousness that we are nothing in the presence of God. It is a tremendous awareness of our utter nothingness as we come face with God.
It is we looking for God in utter submission to Him and in utter dependence upon Him, His grace and mercy.
“The more emptiness you can present to God, the more of His fullness you can receive”
From the passage in 2Kings 4:1-7, the more the empty vessels the widow presented by the instruction of the prophet, the more they are been filled. Our filling from on high is in direct proportion to the level of our emptiness in the sight of God. God desires men that will present all the vessels of their life to him in adornment of His sovereignty. He desires our absolute dependency on Him by presenting our ministerial vessels, career vessels, academic vessels, marriage vessels, business vessels empty before Him so He can fill it up. He wants us to invite Him to our boat.
“God runs and owns a filling station that renders service only to empty tanks; God fills on the absolute”.
God does not desire you to bring your expertise, prowess or intellectual dexterity to him; He requires your nothingness so He can fill you up.
“And when thou art come in, thou shalt shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons, and shalt pour out into all those vessels, and thou shalt set aside that which is full”- 2Kings 4:4.
Review of the text;
“When thou art come in, thou shalt shut the door upon thee…….”
Our emptiness is best presented to God in the closet, where no man can see us. God fills men in the secret place not in the open where all men can see you. You need to go to your inner chamber in earnest prayer, fasting and agony to present your emptiness. Your fullness in God should be seen when we appear before the congregation not your emptiness. Many people’s emptiness has been revealed while ministering with little or no anointing because they feel they are already full. They thought they don’t always need to pray to minister, they think they can approach and preach the word without waiting upon God. I have made it a burden upon myself never to minister without waiting earnestly upon the Lord for the anointing. No matter how short the notice is, the duration of the ministration, nature of ministration; I will never minister until I feel the anointing fresh in my spirit which is a product of me presenting my emptiness always to God before ministering.
“……thou shalt set aside that which is full”
As discussed earlier, “the more emptiness you can present to God, the more of His fullness you can receive”. Vessels that are full are set aside either for immediate use so that they can return for filling or they remain in the same level because they think they can remain full.
I can remember vividly some years ago while having a personal retreat with God as an undergraduate; I was feasting on Smith Wigglesworth late journals. From his diary, he said one of his favourites quote that made me remained hungry and thirsty for more of God was “BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT”. He said this made him desire God per time; he couldn’t be silence within the time interval of fifteen minutes with praying in tongues. While I was feasting alone in the room during the retreat praying for this requirement for perpetual filling from on high, I was caught up in a vision. The Lord showed me different ceramic mug kind of a bit bigger than the one we use to have around us. They were arranged to a source of flowing water; some were already full, some were overflow, some were still at the base, some were empty. I also discovered that the rate at which the water was flowing to the vessels were quite different; the water was flowing heavily into some and was dripping in drops to another. The Holy Ghost told me that is the way we are in the spirit. There are levels in the spirit (Ezekiel 47).
The biggest problem with most of us is that we’re already full; full of our own strength, our own ability, our own wisdom, our own insight, our own giftedness which means there is very little room left for God who should be the landlord. This is the reason God chooses weak, base, empty vessels because the He can pour His life. If we consider ourselves up to the task, God will strip, empty us out and drain us of our own resources. If we really want to follow God, He will bring us to the place where He strips us totally and completely of every capability in the natural, so that He can fill us with all the resources of Heaven.
“And it came to pass, when the vessels were full, that she said unto her son, bring me yet a vessel. And he said unto her, THERE IS NOT A VESSEL MORE AND THE OIL STAYED”- 2Kings 4:6.
Notice from the text above; when there were no more vessels the oil stayed. This means that the measure of the anointing is in function with our emptiness. The anointing will not come until there is a vacuum to contain it.
”Instead of yelling; God anoint me rather cry God empty me”.
The moment you begin to draw from your own strength, your own resources, your own ability, that very moment; we are sending God a clear message that He is no longer needed and that we can handle things alone.
After Thought: God wants to pour His spirit into us, but we have to be empty. We’ve got to recognize this need. It is essential that we embrace this principle upon which to build our lives. We constantly need to recognize our utter dependency upon Him and Him alone.
Prayer: our prayer should be; “Lord, I don’t have but you do, Lord, here is my cup, fill it up”.
If you are one of those people who have been working in your own strength and ability, say, “Lord, I am tired of trying to do it my way; I want to learn to do it your way, I want to be like the pattern son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who could do nothing of Himself, who didn’t initiate a single thing. And Lord, I want to humble accept and proclaim the statement of Jesus in John 15:5 ‘apart from you, I can do nothing’”.
You can also read the follow up piece “spiritual beggar”@masterpieceph.wordpress.com on how you can long and thirst for this requirement.
For the love of Mankind, Revival and a Revolution today.
To reach out, restore hope and proclaim liberty.
By a sold out for God- Olawade David B.
Masterpiece Publishing House.


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