48 years ago, a hero was born in a small city of Ijebu-ode called Idomila, Ogun state, Nigeria. He grew up in wisdom, strength and favour despite the fact that he had to sail through the voyage of challenges. He was poor but he discovered his riches in Christ; he was naked but discovered his covering in Christ; he had no shoes but now the sole of his shoes is possessing nations for God; a was a corn pap seller now a kingdom carrier.

A need arose in heaven on whom will deliver the citizens of the then soviet union (USSR) from communism and God said; “whom shall I send?”. He was 3 months in the Lord after he encountered Jesus while viewing a t.v programme by the renowned Pastor W.F Kumuyi. God saw a communism deliverer in him as God has proposed before he was formed in his mother’s womb.

He got a scholarship to study in America and U.S.S.R, “Where should I go” was his heart cry. His passion was to make others partake to the stage of metamorphosis that stated three months ago in his life. “should I go to America or U.S.S.R?” he pondered and God spoke to him through his pastor; “if you survive in the communist society, you can survive anywhere”. He took the challenge; he arrived at the promise land. He saw the giants, “why do you send me here Lord” he cried in desperation. He trusted God for an answer and God spoke to him through a vision to commission him for the harvest of the communist society.

With an option to go to a renowned bible college, he remained in the wilderness. After in wilderness experience as a student, with distinction in journalism and the call upon him, he went to the media to speak the good news. The result he expected was not forth coming then he trusted God for a direction. The direction came as a definition to what genuine ministry means; “TOUCHING LIVES WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST”

He left his confide, removed his jacket and ties, took away the pulpit and started touching lives. He went to the outcast, the drug addict, the alcoholics to fill the vacuum in their hearts. He touched them with the love of Christ and the truth of the word. “The solution we need is around us” the people yelled. He overcame the persecution of the government and heralded the orange revolution

He is the light the darkness of communism could not comprehend. He is the solution to the waste cities and desolate land. He is a repairer of the breach. In him was the love the outcast needed. In him was the fullness for their vacuum. He has subdued and still subduing kingdoms with the light of the gospel.

He is the initiator of the communist revival, he is a hero of faith, a walking gospel, a kingdom imposer, an impact maker, a trailblazer and a world changer. He is heralding his world and still fully active in subduing the whole earth for God as an harvest.

He is 48 today, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, the initiator of Communist Revival.

You are my Hero

For the love of my mentor, embassy of God and Ukraine.




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